Lego Batman Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PC, Mac)

Level 5: Penguin’s Lair

When you arrive in this level you will need to destroy everything around you. You will need to look for an orange and green round Lego piece, when you interact with these two pieces you will form a carrot.

Make your way to the right where you will see a suit charger, take down all the objects and build the ladder that will take you to your suit charger.

Make your way across the gap and you will see a large red item that is missing some pieces. You will need to have a look for the missing items. Once you have replaced the items you will need to make your way over to the green button to inflate the life boat in the water.

Once Batman and Robin have made their way across and you will need to break those icicles that are hanging down. You will need to build the Lego pieces to make a heater. This will melt the ice that is blocking your door. Once you have made it inside you will need to get the water suit and head into the water and pull the lever. Make your way across the bridge and make a new grapple point from the Lego items on the floor.

Once you have made your way through the cave, you will need to take on Penguin and Catwomen.

You will just need to hit catwomen and she will start to run away, you will need to aim your batarang at the four targets that are located around the Penguin.

Once you have hit all the targets, you will need to watch out as he will start to throw bombs at you, you will then need to move the green panel in the middle of the room. You will need to aim the bombs at the purple objects that are around the walls. Once you have blown up the objects you will need to keep shocking the penguin and aiming the bombs at the purple objects until you have taken out all four.

The penguin will then float down, you will then need to use your Batarang, you will need to do this a couple of times before you defeat him.