Nintendo DSi XL comparison

Nintendo DSi XL handheld comparison picture
The Nintendo DSi XL system launches in America on March 28th.

The new portable is a supersized version of the regular DSi with screens that are 93% larger than the DS Lite’s screens. At a cost of $190, the new system is designed to allow for easy viewing for groups of people around the player, with screens that are crisp and clear no matter what angle you view them at (though it’s worth noting that the resolution is the same as on the other models). And since they are larger, you can much more easily share your portable gaming experience with someone next to you or those around you.

Let’s start you out with an official video from Nintendo that shows the new features of the DSi XL and improvements over the regular DSi. Watch it here:

Two colors will be available on launch day, Burgundy and Bronze, and the system includes a glossy top section with a matte-finished bottom half. This allows players to easily grip the system and avoids the fingerprint issue of the DS Lite.

DSi XL comparison to original DSi system:

Screen Size – The DSi features the biggest portable screens for a handheld gaming system yet. The TFT-LCD screens (top is regular, bottom is touch-screen) are a whopping 4.2 inches as compared to the DSi’s 3.25 inches. The original DS and DS Lite had 3 inch screens.

Stylus – The DSi XL comes with a large, thick, literal pen-sized stylus (129.3mm long) instead of the small, skinny one (96mm long) that you are used to with older DS systems. Although it also comes with a longer regular stylus (yep, that’s two styli in one box).

Battery Life – The DSi XL has an improved battery life of 13-17 hours (if you have it on the lowest brightness level). This compares with the 9 to 14 hours of the regular DSi. Although it’s still not as high as the DS Lite’s 15-19 hours.

Dimensions – This is the longest, widest and heaviest DS model yet. It’s dimensions are: 161mm wide x 91.4mm long x 21.2mm thick while weighing 314 grams. In comparison the DSi weighed 214 grams. And was 137mm wide, 74.9mm long, and 18.9mm thick.

DSi XL release date is March 28, 2010. Screens are 93% larger than DS Lite!
The DSi XL also includes the following features:

* Comes with two cameras, one facing you, and one facing away for easy snapshot taking.
* The DSi XL features a menu interface where Apps, games, etc. are shown as selectable icons.
* Like with the previous DSi, the DSi XL can connect to the DSi Shop where you can download DSiWare games and additional apps, game demos, etc.
* Photos can be taken with the cameras and viewed via the camera gallery, which also allows you to edit and play with the photos using ten different “lenses”. And photos can be directly uploaded to Facebook via the built-in Facebook app in the DSi XL.
* The DSi XL contains an SD card slot which allows you to save and few specific files. You can listen to music on the SD Cards (supported formats include AAC, .mp4, .m4a, and .3GP. MP3 IS NOT supported) using the DSi Sound app. Where you can play with the audio. You can also record ten second audio clips using the DSi XL’s built-in microphone.
* Pictochat allows you to paint-chat with up to 16 users with a direct wireless connection (no online support), as was provided on previous DS models.
* Includes Flipnote Studio. An app which allows you to create word and picture-based notes using your stylus and the touch-screen. You can then add sounds and use your drawings to create frame-by-frame flipbook-style animations.
* You can browse the Internet using the DSi XL’s built-in browser and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
* Includes 3 pre-loaded games: Brain Age Express: Math, Brain Age: Arts & Letters, and Photo Clock. The latter allows users to customize the pictures that appear on the background of their clock.

Also launching alongside the system are the games “America’s Test Kitchen: Let’s Get Cooking” (where users help multiple chefs prepare delicious recipes) and WarioWare: D.I.Y. (where players finally get to create and share their own WarioWare microgames!)

See all of the new features of the DSi XL and how it compares to past DS systems in this European video, where the system was released in early March 2010.

Ahead of the DSi XL launch, Nintendo thought it would be fitting to find out what things, places or emotions real people would make 93 percent bigger if they had the chance. The responses ranged from the humorous (“my arms”) to the heart-warming (“human compassion”).

Where to buy the new Nintendo DSi XL handheld:

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