Battlefield Bad Company 2 M-Com Locations Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

7 March 2010
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Battlefield Bad Company 2 M-Com Locations screenshot
Looking for the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 M-Com Locations? This M-Communications Satellite Uplink Stations guide will show you all 24 locations!

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  • New Page: Walkthrough
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  • For Fun: Knife Glitch
  • M-Com Stations are spread throughout the single player maps and give the game more replay value for those players willing to hunt them down to unlock the “Complete Blackout” and “Communication Issues” Achievements / Trophies.

    How to find all Battlefield Bad Company 2 M-Com Locations:

    There are 24 M-Com Locations in total. Here are the locations of the first 12 M-Com stations that you must blow up by arming the explosives on each one. They can be found here: 2 on Heart of Darkness, 2 on Upriver, 2 on Crack The Sky, 2 on Snowblind, 2 on Heavy Metal, and 2 on High Value Target.

    This video is part 1 of 2, it walks you through M-Com Locations 1 to 12.

    The last 12 can be found here: 4 on Sangre Del Toro, 4 on No One Gets Left Behind, and 4 on Zero Dark Thirty.


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