New Super Mario Bros DS Star Coins locations guide (Nintendo DS)

4 March 2010
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Coins Hidden In Level 8-1

1. Slightly before you hit the halfway point, you’ll find Star Coin #1. There will be a flying Question Mark Block that will float over a gap in the main pathway through the level. You want to hit the block from below. Do this by jumping from one solid block to the next. From out of the Question Mark Block will pop a spring. Carry the spring to the two platform block to the right and use it to get some air and collect the coin in the sky.

2. The second coin is above a step with two Bullet Bill Cannons. Use one of the Bullet Bills and jump off it to reach the coin.

3. Right after the second you’ll find the final coin. You’ll need to navigate your way through some flying Bullet Bills where you see the gigantic Bullet Bill Cannon. The coin is hovering on the platform below the giant cannon, so you’ll need to wait until it fires, then jump down to get the coin and Wall Jump off the Giant Bullet Bill Cannon to get back up.

Coins Hidden In Level 8-2

1. About a third of the way through the level, you’ll enter an area that is almost completely full of blue breakable blocks (fans of Super Mario Bros. 3 will remember a room similar to this). Go over to the final stack of brick blocks . . . Now get ready for the king of all Butt Stomps! You’ll want to stand on the fourth brick column (counting from the right). You’ll then need to jump into the air and HOLD Down on the DS to perform a Butt Stomp. Only keep the button held down so you that you tear through a ton of bricks in your path. You should be in the right spot to hit the coin. You can also do this slowly, one block at a time. But where is the fun in that?

2. The second coin is found in the fourth area. Which is right after the brick area where you found the first coin. You’ll see two Skeeter enemies skipping along the water and a switch above. Don’t kill the Skeeters. Leave them there and hit the switch. This will cause the water to rise. You will then need to jump off the backs of the Skeeters in order to reach the coin. If you’re Mini Mario, you can also Wall Jump to reach them.

3. The third coin is found when you encounter two yellow Face Blocks with two Skeeters above you. You’ll need to hit the switch in the center and then keep going to your right. You’ll need to be quick to grab the coin before the water lowers.

Coins Hidden In Level 8-Tower

1. The first coin is found early on in the stage to the left side. You’ll need to wait for a gray platform nearby to slide left and then use it to reach the coin.

2. You’ll find the second Star Coin well past the Checkpoint Flag on the left side. You’ll notice it just below the low spiked ceiling, where a couple Spiked Beetles are walking around a blue/purple-colored block. You’ll need to wait for them to be safely away from you then run along the bottom where the gray platform is sliding. Duck to fit into the small space and let the sliding platform carry you to the other side. Now jump and get the coin when it is safe.

3. The final Star Coin is located in the last room where the big red Boss Door is. Above that door you’ll find some invisible blocks. Jump straight up in the center of the door (Be careful not to press Up on the DS or you’ll enter the door!) These will make the blocks appear. You can then Wall Jump off of the wall to the left and land on the newly made block platform. You’ll then be able to reach the final coin.

Coins Hidden In Level 8-3

1. In this dangerous Red Eel stage, you’ll find the first Star Coin near the bottom of the screen at about the halfway point.

2. After you grab the first coin, stay towards the top of the screen as you continue through the level. You’ll find coin #2 above two breakable brick blocks, smash them to get the coin.

3. The final coin is found near the end of the level at the bottom of the screen between a Horizontal Green Pipe with some breakable bricks above it.

Coins Hidden In Level 8-4

1. The first coin is located at the top of the level. You’ll simply need to run and jump to get it. Leap from the platform on the left.

2. Beyond the Checkpoint Flag you’ll find the second coin near the top of the screen with gray platforms that move up and down. As Big Mario, you’ll need to leap from the platform when it’s at its top height to reach the coin.

3. The easiest way to get this final coin is to bring a Mini Mushroom into the stage. You’ll notice at one point that there is a Mini Pipe underneath a gray platform. Activate the Mini Mushroom here (instead of trying to make it through most of the stage as Mini Mario) and leap to the Mini Pipe from the left platform as it moves closest to the pipe. Be careful of the spiders, which can only be dealt with via a Butt Stomp when you are Mini. Once inside the pipe, hit the Question Mark Block to make a Starman appear. Collect it and run through the Goombas to reach the second Question Mark Block on the far right side. Hit the block to get another Starman, after which point you can make your way through the small space at the top and to the final Star Coin.

Coins Hidden In Level 8-Castle 1

1. The first coin is easily spotted as soon as you start the level. You’ll see it high up on the right. You’ll want to go passed the coin on the second set of tracks. Now jump to the solid platform. Press the Red Block and it’ll form a new platform on the upper track. You can then ride this back to the first coin.

2. Beyond the first coin you’ll find a second Red Block. This is the key to getting the next Star Coin. Hitting the Red Block will cause the position of the platform to the right to change. Hit the Red Block until the platform has moved to the top track. Now jump up to the platform and ride it to the right. Stay on the platform until it drops off and lands on the bottom track. This will take you left to the second coin.

3. In order to get the third coin you’ll need to hit the Red Block directly after the one mentioned in the description for the second coin (note that this isn’t the same Red Block but a different one). Use this Red Block to change the position of the platforms. Make sure to move the platform to the bottom track. Ride it to the next part of the stage. Now when you reach the end of the level, at the room with the big red Boss Door, there should be a platform on a tarck below you (this will only appear if you hit the Red Block mentioned above). Ride this platform to the right and make your way across the rotating platforms (safely . . . don’t fall in the lava!) and grab the final coin. To get the coin safely, make sure a rotating platform comes up from the lava below the coin, and leap to collect the coin when the rotating platform is in the vertical position.

Coins Hidden In Level 8-5

1. The first Star Coin is located near the floor of the stage. You’ll need to drop onto a rock platform from above, then jump off before the rock crumbles into the lava.

2. Slightly beyond the halfway point you will spot coin #2 hovering above the lava. There are no platforms below it in order for you to reach the coin. So how do you get it without dying? Simply grab a Koopa Shell from one of the Koopa Troopas nearby and toss it off the platform and to the right, where it should hit the Star Coin. Allowing you to collect it.

3. The final coin is located near the end of the level. You’ll see a series of rocks above the lava. All of them will crumble after you step on them. You’ll need to jump on these rocks and make your way up them towards the top of the stage. You’ll then need to make a leap towards the final Star Coin that is located near the roof in the upper right-hand corner.

Coins Hidden In Level 8-6

1. This is a tough stage where lava will constantly be rising to roast you. The first Star Coin can be found on the right side of the screen. You’ll need to jump onto the Green Cannon Pipe, use it to launch you up and over the left wall. You’ll then need to walk left. Keep walking and you’ll appear on the right side where you can grab the coin.

2. About halfway through the level you will be able to see the second coin. It is located on the left side of the screen. In order to grab it, you’ll want to Butt Stomp the blocks that encase the coin from the top. A quicker way to do this is to launch off the Spin Block nearby then hold Down on the DS D-Pad to drill through the blocks and collect the coin. It’s also worth noting that normal-sized small Mario cannot break the blocks with a Butt Stomp, but he CAN break them if he drills down after being shot into the air by a Spin Block.

3. A little beyond the second coin listed above, you’ll find Star Coin #3. You’ll find it at the top of the spring platforms guarded by some Spiney enemies. To get the coin safely, make your way to the top via the hole on the right side.

Coins Hidden In Level 8-7

1. You’ll find the first coin beneath the bridge at the beginning of the stage. You’ll need to commandeer a Koopa Shell and use it to kill the Hammer Bros. guard. After that, use the same Shell and toss it to the right in the direction of the small blocks that lead to the coin. The Koopa Shell will skip along the blocks and hit the coin, collecting it for you.

2. You’ll find the second coin well beyond the Checkpoint Flag, near a pair of platforms that rise and lower. To the far right of these platforms you’ll see a Boomerang Bros. Once again, you’ll want to use a Koopa Shell. Toss the Shell onto the nearest platform just as that platform starts to move downward. The Shell will slide along and hit the Boomerang Bros enemy., which will also collect the second coin for you or allow you to easily reach it without worry.

3. Coin #3 is located below you in between two rows of breakable bricks that are protected by a Heavy Hammer Bros. foe. Use the Heavy Hammer Bros. enemy to your advantage and have him bust through the first row of blocks (or you can do it yourself with a Butt Stomp, but that’s more dangerous). After the first row has been busted by the heavyset Hammer Bro, hurry and hop on his head to kill him before he begins to toss his hammers at you. This will allow you to easily collect the final Star Coin.

Coins Hidden In Level 8-8

1. You’ll notice the first coin in this volcanic level high above you. When you see it, keep going passed it to the right. There will be a platform that will allow you to get up to the walkway where the coin is located. But before you move to get the coin, wait for some lava rocks to rain down from above. Wait until they are stopped before running to get the coin to avoid being hit.

2. Immediatly beyond the Checkpoint Flag you’ll find a stretch of ground that breaks away from the volcanic activity and the falling rocks. At the floor you’ll notice the tip of a Mini Pipe. You’ll need to be Mini Mario, wait for the rocks to destroy the blocks covering the pipe, and then drop into the pipe. You’ll then easily be able to get the second coin.

3. Coin #3 is encased in breakable blocks. The easiest way to get this coin is to wait until the Volcano Rocks fall and break away some of the bricks.

In Part 2 we really do make it to the end of the very difficult Level 8-8.


Coins Hidden In Level 8-Tower 2

1. The green “snake” platform returns in this tough stage. The first Star Coin is located before you reach the Checkpoint Flag for the level. You’ll need to leap between the spikes to grab the coin from a small aclove above and in between spikes on all sides.

2. The second coin is found beyond the Red Ring. Where the snake will turn into stairs that will lead you upward and to the left. You’ll need to follow beyond the rods of fire and then jump from the snake to an upper ledge that holds the coin. You’ll then want wait until the snake moves to your right where you can safely jump onto it and continue the level.

3. The final coin is located late into the level, where you’ll find spiked balls that will fall and roll on the snake. After the third ball falls, you’ll need to jump over it and onto a ledge that has the Star Coin. As soon as you grab the coin quickly leap back to the snake. Then quickly run to the tip and ride the snake up to the boss door.

Coins Hidden In Level 8-Bowser’s Castle

1. After flipping the castle a second time in this complext stage, you’ll go through a door and end up in a room of small Thwomps. As you move up the stairway you’ll spot the coin on your right. You’ll need to dodge the Thwomps smash attacks when you spot a clear path to the coin and get through them unscathed to collect it.

2. Again, after the castle has been flipped for the second time, you’ll need to go through a door beyond the Thwomp which will take you to the normal version of Bowser’s Castle (unflipped) in the previous area. Before you enter the door directly to your right, go to the far left side of the room and hit the brick block to reveal a switch. Press the switch in order to create a platform that will appear on the other side of the wall to your left. This platform will be used later on, when you are back in the room with the first coin. At which point you will flip the castle a third time. You will now need to continue through the next door you see. You’ll notice on the left side of the room a rising platform (this is the one we created with the switch). Ride this platform up to a door on your left. Go inside and you’ll find the second Star Coin in the lower-right-hand corner of the empty room. Just be sure you don’t fall off the ledge.

3. The final coin is found after you progress through a maze about halfway through Bowser’s Castle. You’ll need to be Big Mario so that you can Butt Stomp through some breakable blocks that are in the front passage that leads to the coin. You’ll need to get a running start, then crouch and immediatly jump so that you land and slide through the tiny gap. Then, while still holding Down on the DS D-Pad to keep crouched, you’ll want to repeatedly tap the A Button on the DS to make Mario jump. This will slowly wiggle him out of the gap and to the other side. Where you can claim the FINAL Star Coin in the game.

This final Star Coin guide will show you how to get the last three Star Coins, the Ending, and the Credits.

CONGRATULATIONS! Give yourself a hardy pat on the back for completing the game with all the Star Coins!

Now what are you going to do with all those Star Coins you collected? Spend them of course! Because once you finish the game, a Toad Shop Market gets added to World 1.

And don’t forget to check out our New Super Mario Bros. DS walkthrough.

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