New Super Mario Bros DS Star Coins locations guide (Nintendo DS)

4 March 2010
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How to unlock World 7?

This New Super Mario Bros DS video guide will show you how to unlock World 7 at the end of World 5 using Mini-Mario.


In Part 2 of unlocking World 7 I’ll show you how to beat Petey Piranha.


Coins Hidden In level 7-1

1. For the first coin, you’ll want to STAY on the moving platform that automatically moves across the black line. Stay on it until it passes the coin. It will swing back around and drop off to a second trackline below. Now ride this track left until you can more easily get the coin.

2. Coin #2 is found where you see the platform on the circle track, where the platform is moving around in a circle itself. Stand here and wait until you see a Flying Question Mark Block appear. Instead of hitting the block from below, jump and stand on it and let it carry you up. It will take you up to a pipe that in turn takes you to the area where the coin is collected.

3. After the first main area of the level, a pipe will take you to the second main area. At the start of it here, you’ll have a choice between two rideable platforms. Take the upper one and it’ll ride along to a higher path that allows you to easily obtain this third Star Coin.

Coins Hidden In Level 7-Ghost House

1. The first Star Coin is easily found within the very first room of the level. Under the doorway will be two bricks. Hit the left brick from under to reveal a P Switch. Pressing this switch will create 5 new doors to appear. Go inside the diagonal upper lefthand door. This will take you to the coin.

2. The second coin continues on from the first. After entering the diagonal up-left door from the out of the five, enter the door at the top. You’ll then need to use your Butt Stomp (Jump up and press Down on the DS D-Pad) several times to get through the liquid on the left side and to the Star Coin #2 on the bottom of the screen.

3. Finally, you will want to go into the diagonal lower-righthand door in the ring of five doors from the P Switch. After going through the next room and entering the third room, there will be a group of coins with a P Switch on the platform above you. Press the P Switch to turn the coins into solid blocks, and then run as fast as you can to the right, following the brick platforms upwards on the right wall. Do this fast enough and you’ll find a hidden alcove in the upper-right of the area that holds the final Star Coin.

This video will show you how to get the Level 7-Ghost House Hidden Exit.


Coins Hidden In Level 7-2

1. To nab the first coin, you’ll want to hug the right side of the screen with the directional platform going upwards. You should see the Star Coin enclosed with breakable blocks. If you are Big Mario (Super, Fire, etc.) then you’ll be able to break the bricks to get the coin. If you aren’t Super, you can attemp to use one of the Koopa Shells nearby.

2. The second Star Coin is located a little further than the Checkpoint Flag, but it is encircled by unbreakable bricks. To bust them, you need a Koopa Shell from nearby. Toss it into the breaks and you are home free to grab the coin.

3. Star Coin #3 is within a gaggle of Koopas/Paratroopas as you near the end of the level. Toss a Koopa Shell into the crowd to collect the coin, or alternatively, jump off the Koopas to touch the coin yourself.

Coins Located In Level 7-3

1. You’ll encounter the first coin on top of a platform of breakable bricks, with a Boomerang Bros. on top, standing guard. The easiest way to take out the Boomerang Bros. is from below as you ride the giant Wiggler. Just be sure to run and jump up to get the coin before the screen scrolls and you miss it.

2. Later on in the ride on the back of the giant Wiggler, you’ll come across the second coin. Just take a running leap off Wiggler at the right time to collect this coin.

3. At the end of the level, you’ll see a set of brick blocks that move downward like stairs. Butt Stomp the first brick in the line to reveal a downward vine! You can then Butt Stomp the other bricks to break them and gain access to the vine, which will take you to the final coin.

Coins Hidden In Level 7-Tower

1. There won’t be any searching for the first Star Coin as you’ll see it eeasily. It is located to the right, tucked in a tight spot of moving gray blocks with spikes on one side. You need to make sure the blocks don’t push you towards the spikes and time your drop correctly to gain the coin without death. Then hide in the enclave until you can make your escape.

2. You’ll see coin #2 on the right side of the screen soon after the Checkpoint Flag. It’ll be located between a series of moving blocks. Drop on them as they fall to collect the coin and avoid being pushed into the spiked roofs.

3. The final Star Coin for the Castle is found in the last room with the red Boss Door. The coin is on the far left side of the room. Be careful of the shifting block. You’ll want to speedily jump across to the coin as quick as possible as the block is heading down. Then stay still until it’s open again and you can safely get to the door.

Coins Hidden In Level 7-4

1. You’ll see the first coin on the right side of the level. Use the Spin Blocks to get it. It is located right above the last column of mushroom platforms.

2. Right to the left of coin #1 you’ll find coin #2, although it is higher up. Once again, use a Spin Block and the pink trampoline-like mushroom to reach the coin.

3. The final coin is found high in the clouds above all of the mushroom platforms. In order to get it you’ll need to make use of the highest Spin Block. You’ll need to shoot up into the air from said Spin Block and float to a mushroom trampoline that is to the left of the Spin Block. Bounce off that and Mario should reach new heights. Enough to get himself the treasure.

This video will also show you how to get the Level 7-4 Hidden Exit.

Coins Hidden In Level 7-5

1. You’ll see the first Star Coin on a high up horizontal breakable brick platform with a Bob-Omb guarding. Before trying to get up onto the platform, you’ll want to use the Bullet Bills to bounce on the block below the Bob-Omb to take him out. You can then get onto the platform and grab the coin through the blown out bricks.

2. Coin #2 will be the requirement of Mini Mario. You’ll come across a Mini Pipe that requires the equally small Mini Mario to fit into it. However the Mini Pipe has unbreakable blocks enclosed around it, for which you’ll need a Bob-Omb. When a Bob-Omb is close enough, Butt Stomp him, then run away as he explodes so you don’t get hit by the blast. Once underground, you’ll find a Mega Mushroom to your right. Use it to turn into the giant sized Mega Mario and bash through everything including the Green Pipe that blocks the Star Coin.

3. You’ll find the third coin in a tricky position in between two rotating Bullet Bill cannons. To get it safely, wait for two of the shooters on the left side to be facing left. At this point, drop down from the bricks above and quickly grab the coin before jumping back up.

This video will show you how to get the Level 7-5 Hidden Exit using a Mega Mushroom.


Coins Hidden In Level 7-6

1. The first Star Coin is located shortly after the Checkpoint Flag where you will see two rolls of breakable blocks with Koopa Paratroopas under them. You’ll want to break the top layer away before hitting the bottom row. This way the vine that comes out of the third block will be able to fully grow. It’ll take you to where you’ll find the first coin.

2. You’ll easily come across this coin, just be careful getting it because of the two green Koopa Troopas. Wait for them to bounce off each other before you jump in to get the coin.

3. Directly after coin #2 is Coin #3. Look for a Yellow Pipe directly afterward from getting the second coin. It’ll take you to an area full of Question Mark Blocks. Right of you are several flying Paratroopas with a pipe beyond them that will take you to the third Star Coin area. To reach the pipe, bounce off of the Koopas by holding down the A Button on the DS.

This video will show you how to get the Level 7-6 Normal & Hidden Exits.


Coins Hidden In Level 7-A

1. Near the beginning of the stage you’ll find a row of invisible blocks on the right side of the pink platform. You’ll need to hit them to make them appear. The blue blocks that appear will allow you to walk directly into the horizontal Green Pipe. Where you’ll find the first Star Coin.

2. Located directly above coin #1 is coin number 2. You’ll locate the coin via an angled Cannon Pipe on the far right side. As Mario is coming down, hold Right on the DS D-Pad to make Mario slide against the wall. You can now Wall Jump to another pipe up top that will take you to the second coin.

3. The third Star Coin is located near the end of the level. At the point when you come face to face with a Piranha from a pipe, head to your right. You’ll find a Question Mark Block containing a Mini Mushroom. Go back to where you where, and Wall Jump between pipes to find a small Mini Pipe at the top (hold Up on the DS D-Pad to enter it). You’ll then be able to get the final coin.

Coins Hidden In Level 7-7

1. The first coin is in plain view. Just ride the Wheel Device and allow yourself to ride it at it’s lowest point. This will be necessary to get some of the coins.

2. You’ll notice the second Star Coin located in between two unbreakable blocks with a line of Donut Blocks on top . . . and the abyss beneath you. To get this coin, you’ll want to stand on the Donut Block until it starts to fall, then slide against the longer wall. Slide until you get the coin, then Wall Jump to get out alive.

3. The third Star Coin starts to get tricky. The screen will start to scroll automatically upwards as you navigate a series of platforms that fall away. You’ll find the Star Coin in the upper left hand in the sky, and you’ll want to leap over to it before the screen scrolls. Jump from the Donut Blocks above, just be careful that you don’t fall to the abyss below.

Coins Hidden In Level 7-Castle

1. The first Star Coin is located soon into the level as you are riding a green snake-like moving platform. You’ll see the coin at the bottom of the screen with only a single block below it. Leap to this block then back onto the “snake” in quick fashion.

2. Coin #2 is located along with the second “snake” platform. The snake will move over the second coin, but you’ll want to wait directly over the coin until the snake moves out from under you. This will drop you directly onto the coin.

3. You’ll find the final Star Coin right before the end of the level in the room with the Boss Door. To get it, you will want to continue standing on the last snaking platform until it comes to a stop. It will then start to drop. You’ll want to be at the very right edge of the snake and then jump as soon as you touch and collect the third coin.


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