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4 March 2010
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Coins Hidden in Level 6-1

1. You’ll find the first Star Coin after having to use your sidling move on the first wall. You’ll see a ledge to the upper right that overhangs the steps. Leap up there and then Wall Jump of the side to reach the first coin.

2. The second coin is located right after the first. In order to reach it, you’ll need to Wall Jump once to continue. But instead of moving on to your right, after performing the Wall Jump, turn left and you’ll see the coin.

3. The final coin is really easy to get. As you are sidling up against the final wall, you will notice the coin right below you. Simply press Down on the DS to make Mario drop and hang from the ledge. He will then grab the coin. Just be careful to avoid the Bullet Bills!

Coins Hidden In Level 6-A

1. Use the first tornado you see to help you reach the first Star Coin. Simply hold Right on the DS. Mario will launch into the air and this will make him immediatly float to the right and into the coin.

2. The second coin is hidden within a column of quicksand. You’ll notice the column because it sticks out and is made of stone on either side . . . Down beneath the quicksand is a hidden pipe, simply stand in the quicksand and wait for Mario to sink downward . . . and you’ll warp (once Mario has sunk far enough). Once in the new area, time your Wall Jumps to grab the coin.

3. Beyond where you exit from getting the second coin, you’ll be ambushed by three Lakitu enemies at once! Before things get messy, run ahead to the multi-colored pipe area and enter the Yellow Pipe (next to a lower Green Pipe of the same heighth). This will take you to the final coin.

Coins Hidden In Level 6-2

1. You’ll find the first Star Coin in this level in the first area with the water that raises high and sinks low. At the top there is a hidden invisible block located above the first Palm Tree. Hitting the block will cause a vine to appear. You’ll then reach a brick block with a P Switch. Pressing the P Switch will create a platform of brick blocks that appears to your right.

2. The second coin is located about half way through this watery stage. You’ll find the coin located over a wall with a Green Pipe. In order to get over the wall you’ll need the water to have risen to it’s top height in order to carry Mario over the edge and to the area with the coin.

3. You’ll find coin #3 located below the main path through the level. You’ll spot a whole swath of Spineys guarding the area nearby to the coin. In order to make it through all of the spikey pests, you’ll need to get a Starman to become Invincible Mario, enabling you to simply plow through them. There is a Question Mark Block nearby that contains the Starman. After becoming invincible and making it through the enemies, run speedily to the right to find an opening that contains the coin.

Coins Hidden In Level 6-Tower

1. Coin #1 is located at the very end, the tip of the extended fourth spiked column. You’ll need to wait for the spiked column to retract. When it does, run to the left side of the screen and quickly grab the coin before ducking to avoid being hit by the spikes.

2. You’ll be able to collect the second Star Coin without too much trouble as it is in plain view. However after going through the tower and through the first door, you’ll be tempted to run straight to get the coin when you see it. Instead continue the quick jumps up to the top of the platform above the spiked column. Wait for the spikes to come out and then start retracting. As they do, this is your cue to jump down and get the coin.

3. The final coin is located near the end of the level. Be sure you DON’T go into the boss door. Instead stomp on the Dry Bones enemy nearby and use walkway in front of the door to give you enough room for a running leap. With this run, jump against the right wall and Wall Jump using the wide passage above you. In order to successfully Wall Jump up the wide passage, you’ll need to have great timing of your jumps. However if you do it you’ll find a secret pipe at the top. In order to get the Star Coin though be careful of the spikes and wait for them to retract before attempting to grab it. To do this, drop down to the platform in the middle and avoid the columns as they shoot out at you again.

Coins Hidden In Level 6-3

1. The key to getting the first Star Coin is the swinging Question Mark Block. There are two ways you can do this, either by jumping off the block as it swings, or by hitting it from below to stop it. If you choose the latter, just be sure you stop it close enough so that you can jump up and reach the coin.

2. The second coin is located as you emerge from the underground part of the stage (where you found the Red Ring). You’ll find a second Green Pipe that you can enter which will contain the coin.

3. After you have made it through the second underground area you’ll come out next to a spinning block. You need to hit this block from below (being careful not to hit the spiked-side), this will stop the block from spinning. Now that the block is stopped, you can leap from it to reach a tall Green Pipe to your left where you can reach the final coin. You’ll then have to wall jump back to reach the main pathway through the stage.

Coins Hidden In Level 6-4

1. You’ll find the first Star Coin up high in an upper area to the right of a spinning fire rod. Be careful to avoid the fire while leaping up to the area. You’ll see the coin at the top.

2. The second coin is found halfway through the stage when you come across a Red Switch. Hitting the switch will create two blocks close to you. Now use the blocks or Wall Jump to reach the next section and continue up. Once you’ve gotten above the rod of fire, continue left and you’ll find the Star Coin.

3. The final coin is located within an area with a humongous wall and a series of short platforms. Move up the ledges. As you make your way to the right, you’ll find a hidden pipe. After this you’ll need to sidle your way through a number of small rods of fire until you find the third Star Coin.

Coins Hidden In Level 6-Tower 2

1. Coin #1 is found to the far right of the screen a little before you reach the Checkpoint Flag. You’ll see it hovering above a conveyer built that will push you into a wall.

2. You’ll find the second coin halfway through the level via a Cannon Pipe that will launch you high into the air and into a new part of the tower. You’ll need to land on a low platform on the left. Stay here and wait for the spiked beetles to pass the area above the conveyor belt. You’ll need to be Super Mario so that you can break the bricks, by crouching and riding the conveyor belt below the blocks. You can then break them and nab the coin.

3. The final coin is located at the very top of the tower. You’ll shimmy your way across a rope and over some deadly spikes to get the coin. You’ll then need to be careful to drop to the conveyor belt below. As soon as you do, hold Down on the DS D-Pad in order to duck and have the conveyor built move you pass the spikes without hitting them.

Coins Hidden In Level 6-5

1. This swimming level has the first coin easily obtainable near the top of the screen. You’ll see two Green Cheep Cheep fish near the coin. Try to stay low in order to lure them down towards you and out of your way so that you can grab the coin safely.

2. You’ll find coin #2 just beyond the Checkpoint Flag, it is found within an alcove at the top of the screen. Once again you’ll need to dodge some green Cheep Cheeps in order to safely get the Star Coin. If you are Fire Mario you can get this coin much easier by simply plowing through the fish with well-timed balls shots of fire.

3. You’ll find the third and final Star Coin located within the last whirlpool in the stage. If you have a watchful eye, you’ll notice that the base of the whirlpool has a few blocks missing. Try to be careful of the Cheep Cheeps and allow the tornado to suck you in and through the gaps to the hidden area below that contains the coin.

Coins Hidden In Level 6-B

1. The first Star Coin in this level is located after the three poles that you swing yourself across. You’ll find a downward hill with the coin at the end. Also on the hill is a Goomba and a Koopa Troopa. The Koopa Shell is your key to getting this coin. Stomp on the Koopa and grab his shell. Now throw the shell down the hill, so it slides down and hits the coin.

2. Coin #2 is located above the second Cannon Pipe. As it shoots you into the air, you’ll need to edge Mario to the left and bounce him off a flying Koopa Paratroopa. By bouncing off this Paratroopa you’ll be able to grab the Star Coin. As soon as you come into contact with the coin, hold Right on the DS D-Pad so that you fall to the ground safely.

3. The final Star Coin is obtainable at the end of the stage as you are swinging across the poles. When you reach the second pole, stay on it instead of swinging off. Make sure that the pole raises to the top of the circle. When it’s at it’s peak, you can then swing off of it and to the platform that contains the third coin.

Coins Hidden In Level 6-6

1. The first Star Coin is easily found to the left side of the stage. However it is encased in a wall of breakable bricks. In order to get it, use the Spin Block nearby to reach the top of the brick column (or Wall Jump). Then break through them to find a P Switch at the bottom. Hitting this will, naturally, turn the bricks into Coins. This allows you to walk through the once-solid-wall and grab the first coin.

2. Coin #2 is located in the upper left-hand corner of the level. You’ll find a Chain Chomp chained to a post guarding the coin. Before using the Spin Block to get over the tall wall on your right, instead float left to grab the Star Coin without being bitten by the “guard dog”.

3. The final coin is located at the bottom of the second half of the huge area that contains two Spin Blocks. You’ll notice that there is a Green Horizontal Pipe that is blocked by two columns of breakable bricks. If you look up, you’ll notice that there is a P Switch at the top. The way to get this coin is to use the Spin Block nearby to launch into the air, then float down onto the red Koopa Paratroopa and use it to boost you into the P Switch. Directly from pressing the P Switch you’ll want to float down and to the right in order to land on the red walking Koopa Troopa. Finally, this will launch you up through the coins and to the Green Horizontal Pipe. Now that you are in the new area from the pipe, you’ll need to use the Spin Block in order to reach the top of the wall. Once up there, you’ll need to jump and then slide down the right wall. You’ll see the Star Coin as you do and you’ll need to press the A Button on the DS to Wall Jump over to the left side to grab the coin. Phew! It actually is a lot easier to get than reading the instructions make it look.

Coins Hidden In Level 6-Castle

1. The first Star Coin is easily found and obtained by using a Koopa Shell and kicking it into the coin in order to snag it. This will help Mario risk burnage to his rear-end in the lava!

2. The second coin is found around the bottom of the screen before you reach the halfway point of the level. You’ll need to stand on a solid platform that is directly above the coin. Now you’ll want to drop down when the lowest platform has moved all the way to the left. But in order to make the jump you’ll want to hold Down on the DS to crouch and let the platform carry you to the coin.

3. You’ll find the final Star Coin soon after the Checkpoint Flag. You’ll need to Wall Jump to the upper section of the platforms. To your far right you’ll notice a Koopa. To get the coin, you’ll need to jump onto and off the Koopa while holding Right on the DS D-Pad. This will need to be timed exactly as the two smashing platforms reach their lowest points. This will launch Mario above them! You can then run to the right to find the coin.


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