New Super Mario Bros DS Star Coins locations guide (Nintendo DS)

4 March 2010
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Coins Hidden In Level 5-1

1. The first coin is located high into the air and is only reachable if you use the solid Question Mark Block as a jumping off point to reach it.

2. Likewise to the first, the second Star Coin is also high in the air, located soon after you hit the Checkpoint Flag. In order to reach the coin, using a Koopa Paratroopa that is flying in the air or use the Flying Question Mark Block, and hit it close enough to the coin to make a platform out of the Question Mark Box for you to reach it.

3. The third coin is easily reached. You’ll see a yellow Face Block with a Snow Spike enemy that throws snowballs at you. Hit the yellow Face Block from below to create more blocks above it. This allows you to easily reach the coin.

Coins Hidden In Level 5-2

1. Coin #1 is easily seen at the top of the screen, between two Vertical Green Pipes and sealed off by breakable bricks. Make sure you are Super (Big Mario) and simply jump to break the blocks, being sure that the ice doesn’t slide you into the Piranha Plants that come out of the pipes.

2. To find the second coin, enter a Yellow Vertical Pipe that is located at the top of the screen next to a Red Pipe. Hold Up on the DS Directional Pad to enter the pipe. To get high enough to enter the pipe, look for a spring that is located just beyond. Pick up the spring and place it underneath the Yellow Pipe. Once inside the pipe, work your way to the right of the area and Wall Jump to reach the coin.

3. The third Star Coin is found in between two unbreakable blocks, with breakable blocks beneath and two Spike Top enemies walking around the sides of the unbreakable bricks. In order to reach the Star Coin, use a nearby spring. Just be careful not to hit the spiked guys.

This video will show you how to get the Level 5-2 Hidden Exit.


Coins Hidden In Level 5-A

1. After passing the Checkpoint Flag, you’ll notice the first Star Coin in an area below the main pathway through the level. It is just to the right of a Red Switch on the ceiling. Below the coin is a platform that stretches, you need to be careful and make sure that it is stretched out enough for you to safely land and get the coin. Be sure to hit the switch to fill in the dotted line blocks to your left so that you can safely get back from getting the coin.

2. You’ll find more stretching blue platforms beyond the first Star Coin, and near the top you’ll find a single block that when hit creates a vine. Climb the vine and it’ll lead to the clouds where you will find a P Switch. After pressing the switch, use the nearby Spin Block to shoot Mario into the air. Land on the brick platform above you. From here you should be able to jump and reach the coin.

3. The final Star Coin is within sight near the end of the level. Use the stretching blue platform, waiting for it to contract itself into a small platform, then drop down from the lowest platform above onto it to get the coin.

Coins Hidden In Level 5-Tower

1. This Tower stage features a rising wooden platform that continously rises throughout the stage. You’ll find the first coin without trying on the right side. Just be on your toes and avoid anything harmful.

2. The second coin is also in clear view and obtainable without any instructions. Just be careful of enemies.

3. Ditto for the third coin. Just relax and let the rising platform take you to your treasure.

Coins Hidden In Level 5-3

1. You’ll find the first coin after a large hill. Instead of sliding all the way down the icey hill, jump to the cluster of Ice Blocks with the Red Koopa Troopa atop. You’ll find the first Star Coin located up here.

2. Coin #2 is located in a narrow horizontal ice passageway. In the upper left corner you’ll see the coin encased by breakable blocks. Simply break them as big Mario (Super, Shell or Fire) and grab the easy to reach coin.

3. The third coin is similar to the second one but you’ll find a vertical gap in the ice with coins that lead up. At the top in an enclave is the third coin. Wall Jump to reach it.

Coins Hidden In Level 5-B

1. You’ll discover the first Star Coin a bit before the Checkpoint Flag. It is located underneath an Ice Block platform. In order for you to reach it, carefully drop from the small Ice Hill to the right and take a small leap to the tiny platform under the coin.

2. The second coin is located at an area with some normal breakable blocks (brown colored) within an Ice Block platform. You can get up there by using the ice to the right. Hit the P Switch to turn the normal blocks in the line of Ice Blocks into coins. You can then go down through the bricks and get the coin.

3. The final Star Coin is located below the main path and is close to the end of the stage. Use the downward path left of the snail enemy and follow right to get the coin.

This video will show you how to get the Level 5-B Hidden Exit using Shell-Mario.


Coins Hidden In Level 5-C

1. You’ll easily encounter the first Star Coin but it is encased in Breakable Blocks. To easily nab it, lure the boxing ghost known as a Broozer and have him smash the bricks for you. Just be careful not to get KO’d by him yourself. You can also use a spinning Beetle and kick him to break the bottom bricks. Slide under them and you can get the coin.

2. You’ll find coin number two on a lower section of the level tucked in the corner floating directly above a pit. Seemingly impossible to get, right? WRONG! In order to get this one, use a Buzzy Beetle enemy. Jump on the enemy and pick him up while he is inside his shell, run to where the coin is located and carefully jump. Let go of the B Button on the DS in order to kick the beetle shell into the coin. This will collect the coin for you. Just be sure not to fall into the chasm yourself when kicking the beetle.

3. The final coin is found just beyond the Checkpoint Flag but before the Red Switch that is on the floor. Before the Red Switch you’ll see a row of bricks. Hit the far one on the lower section to spawn a climbable vine. Before hitting the block with the vine though, break the bricks above it. This will allow the vine to fully grow. Take this vine and you’ll be in a new area. Head right and you’ll see the Star Coin next to some breakable gray blocks. But it is sealed off by some unbreakable blocks. In order to bust them, you must lure a boxing Broozer enemy to do the job for you.

Coins Hidden In Level 5-Ghost House

1. The first coin is located after the third staircase, to your right you’ll notice a wall. This wall can be broken by Broozers. You’ll need to lure a Broozer to break it for you. You can then Wall Jump to the coin.

2. The lefthand side of the stage will have a doorway that is high up on a platform. Take a running leap from the stairway in order to reach it. This coin can be somewhat tricky to get, but the key is to be extremely fast. Before you go into the doorway, prepare to Wall Jump twice up several walls which will IMMEDIATLY be busted by Broozers as soon as you appear in the room. It took me forever to get this Star Coin myself, but if you are quick it can be easily gotten. Just be careful when landing to not get hit by a Broozer or fall into the pits below.

3. To get the third coin, look for a series of three blocks at the bottom of the longest stairway in the level. Stand on the middle block as small Mario and jump to find a hidden Vine Block. In order to get this coin, climb the vine as quickly as you summon it and stay at the top of the vine. This will help you avoid a Broozer who will attack you and break a wall, where you’ll find a hidden door. Go inside the door and you’ll find a platform that rises slowly upwards. This possessed platform will be your key to reaching an opening on the right. This leads to the final coin.

Coins Hidden In Level 5-4

1. You’ll find the first coin about halfway through the level. Just before the screen scrolls to another section that is bare of mushrooms, you’ll want to wait on the red mushroom nearby so that it rises to the top of the screen. Make a running leap and you should land on the platfrom with the Donut Block that contains the coin.

2. To get the second Star Coin, you can fit through the small crack as Mini Mario just after coin #1. If you aren’t Mini, then quickly drop back down to the main path and stay hugged to the right of the screen as it scrolls. You’ll find a mushroom platform at the end of some stairs that will take Mario to the top of the screen. Now quickly run back to your left to get the coin before the screen scrolls or use a Koopa Shell and kick him towards the coin.

3. This coin is a breeze to collect. You’ll see it out in the open. Be careful not to get caught against the nearby block wall as the screen scrolls though or you could die.

Coins Hidden In Level 5-Castle

1. The first coin in this Castle stage is easy to get. You’ll find it hovering above a small platform with a conveyer built that leads right to it. There’s a Piranha Plant on the conveyer belt above that one as well. Just be careful not to fall into the pit when trying to land on the coin.

2. Just before you reach the halfway point, you’ll be able to spot Star Coin #2 located in a small enclave at the top lefthand corner of the screen. To the right of you on the conveyor belts you’ll see a spring. Use this spring to reach the coin.

3. The last coin is a collectible that you’ll need Mini Mario in order to get. You’ll notice that there is a lone Question Mark Block of blue color that is located just under a gap in the roof. In order to get up there, you’ll need to take a running jump from the right side towards the gap. This will allow you to Wall Jump off the side of the gap and into it. Run to the right and you’ll find the final coin.

You unlock World 7 by defeating the boss in the last castle of World 5 with Mini-Mario.

Important Tip: You unlock World 7 by defeating the boss in the last castle of World 5 with Mini-Mario. Find a full video guide at the start of World 7.


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