New Super Mario Bros DS Star Coins locations guide (Nintendo DS)

4 March 2010
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How to unlock World 4?

This New Super Mario Bros DS video guide will show you how to unlock World 4 at the end of World 2 using mini-Mario.


Coins Hidden In Level 4-1

1. The first Star Coin is easily obtainable early on in the level. Jump off the dino to get it.

2. Likewise to the first, the second Star Coin is easy to get. When you come across it, wait on the head of the dino and jump up when you are under the coin. Be careful not to fall into the water though, or you’ll die instantaneously.

3. Close to the end of the level is the third Star Coin, which is under a formation of blocks with the classic Mario platform staple “Donut Blocks” (which start to fall if you stand on them too long) underneath. There are two spiders here that you will need to be careful to destroy before you attempt to get the coin. Now, quickly drop onto the Donut Blocks and speedily run across to grab the coin. Stand too long and the blocks will fall, leaving you vulnerable to falling into the lethal fluid.

Coins Hidden In Level 4-2

1. Star Coin #1 is easily obtainable. Simply jump onto the red mushroom platform that is on the right side of the coin and then onto the block above. Use the length of this block to take a small running start before you jump to reach the gold.

2. You’ll find the second coin below a purple mushroom. This one requires you to stand on the edge of the mushroom. This will cause it to lean downward, giving you access to the coin. Just be careful to jump off as soon as you can in order to avoid falling to your death.

3. To reach the third coin, you’ll notice a small bridge in a green area. The bridge has a block on one end. DON’T Butt Stomp the block. Instead, keep going until you see the mushrooms, and use them to reach the area below the small bridge. Now hit the block from below. A vine will appear. Go back around and climb the vine. It will lead into the sky where you’ll access a second vine that leads to the third Star Coin.

Coins Hidden In Level 4-3

1. For getting the first coin, stay as close to the far right of the screen as you can while it scrolls. You’ll need to lower down and swim backwards to get the coin then quickly swim forward before the screen scrolls and crushes you.

2. You’ll find the second coin in plain sight, as it is on the main path through the stage. When attempting to get it, just be careful and drop down straight instead of diagonally.

3. You’ll find the final Star Coin located after the second. There will be a switch on the roof that will stop the bubbles coming out of a nearby pipe that’s located ahead of the switch. The last Green Pipe will be the one you can enter and it is a lower pipe that’s directly next to a Yellow Pipe. Press Down on the DS to enter the pipe and you’ll be taken to a room that contains the last coin. Swim to the upper lefthand corner of the room and then fall straight down. The bubbles will then blow you directly into contact with the coin.

Coins Hidden In Level 4-Tower

1. The first Star Coin is only obtainable if you are on the reverse side of the fencing. The coin will be behind the fence on the left side of the screen as the hot lava rises. Use the square boxes on the fences to flip you to the other side.

2. You’ll find coin #2 on the opposite side of the level from where you got the first coin. Makes sure you are climbing on the far right side of the screen to grab the coin before the lava rises too far.

3. The third coin is located slightly after the second. Just like with the second coin, stay on the right side of the screen, even as you jump from block to block or fence to fence. You’ll see the coin on the right side of the wall. If you’re on the wrong side, you can jump and slide under the wall via the horizontally shifting block.

Coins Hidden In Level 4-4

1. You’ll find the first Star Coin easily as it can be seen below the main path in a lower section with a Wiggler enemy. Use the Koopa Troopa shell to take out the Wiggler. Then drop down (slide off the wall) and jump to the section that contains the coin. Wall Jump to get back up to the main road.

2. The second Star Coin is located about halfway through the level in an upper section. You’ll see a Wiggler enemy underneath a few blocks. The coin is on the upper left. There is an invisible block below which when hit will create a vine from the block. Climb the vine to easily collect this coin.

3. You’ll discover the third coin in the upper section of the level. It will be against a wall near a Green Pipe. To get it safely, you’ll want to slide down the wall by holding Left on the DS, then press the A Button on the DS to jump from the wall to the pipe while getting the coin. Do this quickly before you slide into the abyss and meet your doom.

Coins Hidden in Level 4-A

1. The first Star Coin is easily found while on the main path through the level. Throughout this stage you’ll be using a four-spoke wheel device with four platforms that turns and rotates as you stand on either end, due to your gravity. The coin will be up high so you need to make the wheel stop at a high point so you can reach the coin. You can also use a nearby Koopa Paratroopa as a boost to reach the coin easier.

2. Before you use the wheel device directly after getting the first coin, you’ll notice some flying Paratroopas and the end of a vine sticking out of the top of the screen. Jump off one of the Paratroopas and onto the vine. Hold Up on the DS to climb it and it’ll lead you to the second coin.

3. The third Star Coin is located before you reach the end of the level. You’ll see three pipes (Green, Yellow, Green) that make a stairway upward. The first pipe can be entered. Press Down on the DS to go inside the pipe where you’ll be in a hidden area that contains the final coin. Be careful of the enemies and Wall Jump to get the coin.

Coins Hidden In Level 4-Ghost House

1. The first Star Coin hidden in the Ghost House is found after you have ridden on the first orbiting platform. Jump off of it to the top of the enclosure. You’ll see some bricks at top that you can bust. Break them and you’ll find the coin by running to the right.

2. To get this coin, you’ll need to hit a switch that will create a series of platforms leading you to a door. Go inside, and hit a Red Switch to your left. This will create two columns of red blocks, which you can use to Wall Jump and reach the upper section that contains the second Star Coin.

3. In order to get the third Star Coin hidden on this stage, you’ll have to use a Mini Mushroom on the map, and enter the level as Mini Mario. Look at the instructions above for coin #2, because the third is located just after that. Press the same Red Switch that created the platform that allowed you to reach the top of the Green Pipe. But DO NOT enter the Green Pipe! Instead, as Mini Mario, take a leap off and to the right of the long pipe. Then Wall Jump off the pipe and there will be a small platform that you can reach. From here Wall Jump again up the narrow passage and you’ll see a door. Instead of going in the door, Wall Jump between the two walls and get the coin at the top.

Coins Hidden In Level 4-5

1. Coin #1 is located after the Checkpoint Flag. You’ll see it sealed in by some breakable blocks and guarded by the classic Bob-Omb Mario series enemy. Don’t kill the Bob-Omb! You’ll need him to break the blocks and get the coin. Stomp on him so that he starts firing up, then move away so that he explodes close enough to the blocks to break them. You can now go inside the area to grab the first Star Coin.

2. You’ll find the second coin soon after where the first was located. It is once again enclosed in bricks. This time at the top of the screen. As before, use a Bob-Omb to blow up the bricks so that you can access the Coin. Do this by hitting the block under the Bob-Omb. This will make him ignite and then explode, destroying the bricks so that you can jump up there and get the coin.

3. Coin #3 is located under these long yellow pipe platforms that open like a drawbridge. The last one has a Green Pipe under it that you need to enter. Use a Bob-Omb to blow up the blocks that seal the Pipe. Once inside the pipe, you’ll be in an underground area with a bunch of Bob-Omb enemies. Use them to clear a path to the Star Coin. Be careful to not waste them however.

Coins Hidden In Level 4-6

1. The first Star Coin is easily seen while you are making your way through the stage on the back of the blue dino. Simply quickly jump up to get it and then back down onto the dino’s back to continue your ride through the poisonous waters.

2. Around halfway through the stage you’ll see a P Switch that is in front of a block formation that surrounds the second coin. Jump onto the platform that contains the P Switch and then hop to the coin.

3. The last Star Coin comes late in your ride through the waters. You’ll see a switch that is sticking out of the ceiling, and you’ll want to hit this to create a pair of red blocks that allow you to enter a nearby horizontal Green Pipe. Inside the pipe you’ll be taken to an area with a lot of other coins and the final Star Coin.

Coins Hidden In Level 4-Castle

1. The first coin is easily seen in an alcove to the top right of the screen. There is a swinging blue platform nearby that you’ll need to take a running leap from in order to reach the coin.

2. Coin #2 is located below some unbreakable blocks . . . that is, unbreakable to Mario. Not to the giant Thwomp enemy above! Use the Thwomp to smash the first two rows of blocks by carefully sneaking under him, causing him to smash down (be sure to get out of the way quick enough as to not get hit). With the blocks cleared you’ll be able to reach the coin.

3. The final coin in the Castle is located on a small platform sticking out of the lava below some swinging platforms. You can reach it easiest by using the swinging platform to the right of it. Stand on the left edge and leap off when the swinging platform reaches it’s peak height. Just be careful not to fall into the boiling hot lava!


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