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4 March 2010
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Coins Hidden In Level 3-1

1. You’ll find the first Star Coin shortly before the Checkpoint Flag. To get the coin, you’ll notice a set of three pipes. The first is red, the next two are green. Coming out of the red and green pipes on either side are air bubbles. The middle pipe has no air bubbles coming out of it, indicating that you can enter it. Press Down on the DS to go into the pipe. Swim through this area and you’ll find the first Star Coin.

2. The second coin is found soon after the first. After coming out of the pipe from getting the first coin, swim a bit to the right and you’ll see the second Star Coin located near the roof. Before grabbing it, be careful of the giant Cheep Cheep fish and lure him away so you can safely get the coinage.

3. Not too long after where you got the second Star Coin, you’ll find the third. To get it, make sure to hit the P Switch located in the rocks before the Star Coin. The Star Coin will be blocked off, but the blocks will turn into coins when hitting the P Switch. After hitting the P Switch, ignore all the normal coins and make a beeline straight to the right towards your bigger prize.

Coins Hidden In Level 3-2

1. You’ll find the first Star Coin via a Yellow Pipe after the Checkpoint Flag. Entering the pipe will take you to an area with many shifting mushroom platforms. Navigate your way carefully over them and to the coin.

2. To get Coin #2, you’ll come across some scale-like platforms soon after emerging from the pipe after getting coin #1. The key to getting this coin is to keep the scale-platforms high. This way you can quickly jump across them and to the Star Coin.

3. There are a few ways to get this next Star Coin. One way is to use the flying Koopa Paratroopa as you are riding the moving mushroom platform. You’ll need to jump on his head and use that to propel you to a height good enough to reach the coin in the air.

This video shows the Secret Exit in Level 3-2 to unlock 3-B:


Part 2 to unlocking Level 3-B…

Coins Hidden In Level 3-A

1. The first Star Coin is found beneath the ground in the water where you’ll see a Seeker enemy that drops bombs. In the water below the Seeker is the Star Coin (soon after you hit the Checkpoint Flag). Naturally, allow the Seeker to drop bombs and destroy the blocks for you. Revealing the coin and your path to it.

2. The second coin is easily found in the air above the barrels. Simply use a Koopa Troopa enemy to bounce higher into the air and reach the coin.

3. Mini Mario is required to get Coin #3. Soon after the second coin you’ll find an underwater block that contains a Mini Mushroom. Get it to become Mini Mario and enter the Vertical Pipe on the ceiling. In the area you are warped too, you’ll find the Star Coin by running across the water as Mini Mario (one of the main techniques of being Mini’d).

Part 2 to get the third Star Coin in Level 3-A…


Coins Hidden In Level 3-B

1. The first Star Coin is encased between two Green Pipes with some unbreakable blocks keeping you from reaching it. In order to get it, continue right until you find a lone Vertical Red Pipe on the ground in between two Green Pipes. Enter it and head left. Then jump and enter the Red Vertical Pipe. You’ll pop out in the encased area to get the coin.

2. Coin #2 is above you on a small, long Green Pipe at the Checkpoint Flag. You’ll notice to the left of the horizontal pipe is a Vertical Red Pipe and a Green Pipe. Wall Jump between these two to reach the coin.

3. You will find the third Star Coin without having to look. To get it, avoid the Piranha Plant and then drop from the right.

Coins Hidden In Level 3-C

1. The first coin is easy to get. You’ll see it below some wooden platforms that fall away if you stand on them too long. Do so and you’ll get the coin underneath.

2. You’ll find the second Star Coin in between two platforms with green grass atop and a piece of wood blocking you from simply dropping to get the coin. Dropping would be dangerous though, cause a fish who wants you for it’s meal is guarding the Coin. Use a Koopa Shell or Fire Flower to kill the fish before you go for the coin.

3. Soon after getting the second coin, you’ll find a P-Switch on a block underneath a wooden platform. Hit it and you’ll transform some coins into platforms. Use this platform to reach a Question Mark Block that will give you a Starman power up. Once you are Invincible Mario, hurry and run to the right to find another coins-turned-solid-brick platform beneath a Red Vertical Pipe. Enter the pipe. Now straight downward is the coin.

Coins Hidden In Level 3-Tower

1. After going through the pipe at the middle during the start of the level, climb the first fence in your path. Move to the left along the fence to the wall. From there, jump to the fence directly above you. To the right corner at the top of the fence is a blue platform of blocks jutting out. Jump to here and then to the Star Coin in the upper left corner.

2. The second Star Coin is much easier to find, as it is simlpy on the main path through the stage. You’ll find it along the left side as you are climbing the fences. However there may be a problem! You can’t get it! That’s because you are on the other side of the fence, you’ll need to find a Fence Switch to return to the other side in order to grab the coin. So head up directly from the second Star Coin and enter the door. There you will find a Fence Switch. Pound it to get whirled around to the other side, go back through the door again and head back down to the second Star Coin which you can now grab.

3. You’ll discover the third Star Coin by breaking the bricks in the right corner in the first tower area and then the bricks at the top right from there. You must be Super Mario to hit them from below to bust them (find a Super Mushroom by using a Koopa Shell to break the lone block on the bottom right area), which will give you access to a door. Enter the door. The next room is a vertical room with a switch. Hitting the switch will turn the outlined blocks at the top into solid red ones, which lets you easily reach the Star Coin at the top of the fence. However you can reach it without using the Red Blocks, though it is slightly more difficult that way.

Coins Hidden In Level 3-3

1. The first Star Coin is located in a large opening at the bottom of the sea floor to the left. You’ll find it located about halfway through the level.

2. Close to where you got the first coin, you’ll find the second. Hit a switch that’s nearer to the first coin, this will allow you to swim through a narrow passage close by that was previously unpassable. Keep going past the Red Ring and you’ll see an upward sloping series of pipes. Go into the Green Pipe next to the red one by pressing Down on the DS. You’ll then find the second Star Coin in the lower right corner.

3. Up and to the right from where you exited after getting the second coin, you’ll find a vertical passage that has pipes on either side blowing out bubbles. You’ll find the Star Coin straight down to the bottom of this area, so don’t go into the Green Vertical Pipe at the top yet. Be careful, as soon as you grab the coin four Bloopers will appear from the corners on the offensive.

Coins Hidden In Level 3-Ghost House

1. The first Star Coin isn’t hard to find. To get it, you’ll need to enter a door underneath a staircase and behind a switch. Once inside the doorway, you’ll see a bunch of pumpkin enemies called “Splunkins”. Jump on their heads and use them to propel you up to top of the room to reach the coin.

2. Continuing on from coin #1, you’ll see a switch nearby that you can pound. After doing so, jump onto the floating platform which will allow you to reach a stairway to your right. Climb them and you’ll see a second set of stairs. Push ahead to the top and over them to find the second Star Coin.

3. The third and final Star Coin is one in which you’ll need Shell Mario to find. You’ll come across a Question Mark Block in the upper left that contains the Shell power-up. Grab it, and use it to break through the two breakable blocks in a wall. You’ll find the coin on the other side.

In Part 2 of Level 3-Ghost House, I’ll show you how to get the third Star Coin using Shell-Mario.


This video shows the Secret Exit in Level 3-Ghost House to the Cannon:

Coins Hidden In Level 3-Castle

1. The first Star Coin is easily seen early into the level. A giant spiked spire will slam down at the location of the coin. Be careful not to get hit, fall into where the coin is, grab it and wait in the alcove to the left of the coin for the spire to fall again. Then as it’s rising, jump out.

2. Use the Whomp (concrete guys who fall, trying to crush you. Cousin of the classic spiked “thwomp” Mario enemy that fall from the ceiling to crush you) on the bed of spikes to wall jump off the side of the ceiling and to the platform. When on the rope, leap to the left and go through another hole in the roof. Wall jump off the ceiling and drop through a hole to get the coin.

3. Beyond the final red Boss Door is a small gap that you can slide through. Be careful of the falling spire and navigate to the platform opposite the spikes on the wall. This is tricky but you can do it if you are quick enough. Then it’s simply a matter of jumping to the Star Coin without being hit.


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