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4 March 2010
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Coins Hidden In Level 2-1

1. Note that this level is much easier if you enter with a Power-Up or have one in reserve that you can use, particularly a Fire Flower. You’ll find this coin easily as it is in plain sight about a quarter of the way through the stage. Simply jump over the gap of quicksand (After the Pokey cactus enemy) to grab it.

2. If you are regular Mario use a Fire Flower if you have one in reserve. If you are Super Mario you’ll find a Fire Flower in one of the first Coin Boxes at the start of the stage. To get the second Star Coin you’ll discover it about halfway through the level. You’ll see a platform that raises and lowers with the coin on a stationary platform between the two walls on either side. Make sure the platform that rises with the Pokey enemy is high up enough for you to jump and avoid getting hit by the Pokey while still grabbing the Star Coin. Alternatively, if you have a Fire Flower you can simply take the Pokey out with a few well placed fireballs and you’re good to go.

3. As before, Fire Flowers make this level easier. You’ll find the last Star Coin soon after the Checkpoint Flag. It is located on a lower platform, simply be careful and jump to the platform to get it.

Coins Hidden In Level 2-2

1. To get your hands on the first Star Coin, you’ll find it at the time when the second Lakitu will start harassing you from his floating Cloud by throwing Spineys your way. Carefully avoid them while taking out Lakitu via a Koopa Shell, Fire Mario or a carefully timed jump on his head. This will knock him out of his cloud, allowing you to ride it. Jump in the cloud and simply float upwards. You’ll find the coin among several normal coins in the sky.

2. Number two is sealed off by some breakable bricks. This Star Coin is only accessible by way of Super Mario. Grab a Mushroom to make sure you are big, and then simply jump into the air above the blocks and press Down on the DS D-Pad to break the blocks with your Butt Stomp. You can then easily grab the coin . . . just be careful of Lakitu and his spikey minions.

3. The final Star Coin in the level is all about cannon-shooting fun. Directly before you are to jump onto a shifting mushroom platform, you will see two pipes right next to each other. A lower yellow one and a higher green one. Press Down on the DS to enter the Green Pipe. Instead of taking you inside, Mario will instead be shot out like a Cannon. As you are flying straight into the air, hold Up on the DS and you’ll enter a Green Vertical Pipe that is in the sky. This will warp you to a cloud area where you’ll need to use one of the two Cannon Pipes to reach the coin that is high up in the sky.

Coins Hidden In level 2-3

1. The first Star Coin hidden in this sewer stage is just after the downward sliding hill at the start of the level. You’ll see an upward, diagonal slope that leads to an area above you. Wall Jump off the wall to the right to get up there and grab the coin.

2. The second Star Coin is located in a small maze-like area of one-way platforms. You’ll notice that the coin is guarded by a single Piranha Plant. To get the coin, go through the first door, jump up and keep going left. Now go up and you’ll be on the highest section. Move to the top-right corner, go down two sections, and then jump back up one section. This will allow you to go through the final one-way platform to grab the coin.

3. The last Star Coin is located in the final room of the Sewer level. You’ll need to jump onto a platform that is in the left corner of the room (through the passthrough platforms). Reach the top of the right side and you’ll notice a gap that slopes diagonal right. Get across to find the area with the final treasure.

This video shows the Secret Exit in Level 2-3 to unlock 2-A:


Coins Hidden In Level 2-A

1. The first Star Coin is easily found early into the level below a log. Stay to the lower platforms as you are making your way through the level and you’ll find it, as it is located below the normal path. Now simply jump to get the coin while avoiding the swimming enemy.

2. You’ll discover the second coin about halfway between the Checkpoint Flag and the end of the level. You will be able to see the coin floating underneath a high log platform. Use the Spin Block nearby to launch Mario into the air and guide him below the platform to get the coin.

3. Coin #3 is found after getting the second one listed above. You’ll find a Green Pipe that takes you to the exit of the level after getting the second coin. However above that Green Pipe you’ll see a Yellow Pipe that is seemingly impossible to reach. In order to reach it, use the same Spin Block you used to get the second Star Coin. Once lauched into the air by the Spin Block, head all the way to the right and bounce off the red Koopa Troopa! This will give you enough air to reach the Yellow Pipe. Enter it to the find the third Star Coin.

This video shows both the Star Coins Guide Level 2-A and Secret Exit to 2-Cannon:

Coins Hidden In Level 2-4

1. The first Star Coin on this stage is found easily. You’ll spot it close to the start of the level, above a Horizontal Green Pipe with a Piranha Plant coming out. Naturally, be sure to avoid the Piranha Plant while jumping up to grab the coin.

2. Coin #2 is found in the second area of the level. In the water, swim to the far side and you”ll see a makeshift stairway of ground that leads up. Instead of going up, swim underneath the ground (be careful not to go too low or you may die). This will take you to a new area with two pipes. Go down the Red Pipe. From here you should easily find the coin, simply walk without hitting the switch and under the bridge to get it.

3. The last coin would be very easily to get . . . but the Hammer Bros. will make it more difficult for you. Simply avoid them or take them out (there is a Koopa Shell ahead that you can use) and grab the coin in between the blocks.

Coins Hidden In Level 2-Tower

1. The first Star Coin is found within the large first area of the level. After making your way by riding the three ferris-wheel-like devices, you’ll find a rope that Mario monkey’s across to reach the upper section. You’ll then find a fourth device to ride which takes you over a high wall. From there you drop to the ground and you’ll find the coin in the right corner under the fifth device.

2. Directly after getting the second coin, get onto the device that was above you. Let it take you above the tall wall and head for the upper left side of the room. You’ll notice a narrow passageway that goes upwards. There is a hidden door up there, simply Wall Jump to reach the door. In the new room on the other side of the door you’ll find a U-shaped defice. You must ride this device while continously Wall Jumping inside it until you have ridden upwards towards the second coin.

3. Continuing now directly from the second Star Coin will be the third. After exiting from the doorway from getting the second coin, you’ll drop downward. You’ll see a Red Block, hitting it will cause several rotating red platforms to appear. Use them as platforms and they’ll lead to a Red Pipe. Instead of entering the pipe, Wall Jump up the narrow vertical passageway. You’ll come into an area with another Red Block. Hitting this block will cause more rotating platforms to appear. Following these will lead to the third coin.

Coins Hidden In Level 2-5

1. This desert level takes a cue from Super Mario Bros. 3, and features Question Mark Block enemies that Mario can stand atop and “ride” as they jump around. Use this technique to reach the first Star Coin that is high into the air. The coin will be directly in the middle of the first large pyramid in the background.

2. The second coin is found right after hitting the Checkpoint Flag. The coin is once again lined up with a pyramid in the background. In order to get this one, you’ll find a P Switch located in one of the blocks to the left of some floating regular coins. Don’t collect the regular coins, and instead us one of the Question Mark Block enemies to reach the P-Switch platform. Jump on the P Switch to turn the regular coins to your left into platforms. They will lead to the second Star Coin.

3. You’ll find the final Star Coin before entering the vertical Yellow Pipe near the end of the level, where the Boomerang Bros. is on the platform sitting on some quicksand. After taking him out, use the ol’ Super Mario Bros. 2 trick by jumping into the quicksand, and allowing Mario to sink just enough to go underneath the rocks below the Yellow Pipe. Jump while sinking in the quicksand to avoid death and pop out the other side in front of the gray panel. Head to your right. In the next room, ride the Question Mark Block enemy and use him to reach your prize at the top.

Coins Hidden In Level 2-6

1. You’ll encounter the first Star Coin easily as the platform moves thorugh the level. Just be careful to avoid the Piranha Plants.

2. Ditto for the second Coin. Be careful and time your jump to get the Coin unscathed.

3. The final Star Coin also isn’t hidden. But you need to be careful. Wait for the screen to scroll far enough for you to jump up and get the coin from the stationary platforms without falling to your death.

Coins Hidden In Level 2-Castle

1. The first Star Coin is found a about half-way (a little before actually) through the Castle. You’ll find it in the center of a stone formation with a spiked ball and a small gap on the blocks the spiked ball is rolling atop. Wall Jump up the left side and dart quickly for the gap before the spiked ball can hit you. Fall into the gap and collect the coin.

2. You’ll find the second Star Coin in an area of the desert with two Bullet Bill Cannons with the coin in an area above you. Simply jump off the Bullet Bill shot from one of the higher left Bullet Bill Cannons and use the bullet to give you enough height to reach the coin. Just make sure to time your jump so the Bullet Bill doesn’t actually hit you.

3. The third Star Coin is located passed the Bullet Bill section above. You must get on top of the stone platform with two Question Mark Blocks, one of which contains a Mini Mushroom. Once Mario is mini, go through the gap and run to the right. Be careful of the spiked ball, leap over the sloped hill and to the far right you’ll find a small gap that Mini Mario can fit into. There you’ll find the third coin.

Important Tip: You unlock World 3 by defeating the boss in the last castle of World 2 with Mini-Mario. Find a full video guide at the start of World 4.


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