BioShock 2 Power to the People machine locations (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

19 February 2010
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Power to the People Bioshock 2 machine screenshot
Looking for all the Power to the People machine locations in Bioshock 2? Below you will find walkthrough videos that will show you the exact location of each machine.

The Power to the People machines are used to upgrade a weapon of your choice once. Each weapon in your arsenal can be upgraded two times (the third of which unlocks after two upgrades). There are fourteen Power to the People machines scattered throughout Rapture. Note that if you miss a machine and move to the next location, you will NOT be able to go back and get the machine.

Bioshock 2 Power to the People locations

Section 1 – Adonis Luxury Resort

Section 2 – Atlantic Express

Section 3 – Ryan Amusements

Power to the People #1 – You’ll easily find the first Machine on your way to getting the ticket that’s needed to enter the park.

Power to the People #2 – You’ll find the second Machine by following the ride called “Journey to the Surface” to the end of the first section (Coercion). Then go into the “Lighting Storage” room.

Section 4 – Pauper’s Drop

Power to the People #3 – To get the third Machine, you need to unlock the door to the Fountaine Clinic and go to the second floor. Now keep going past the security camera and through the door that leads to the outside of the clinic. Once outside, go left and follow the path around and back inside the building. Keep going past the Ammo Bandit vending Machines to find Power to the People #3.

Power to the People #4 – To get Power to the People 4, go into Skid Row after getting the Research Camera. You’ll fight a Brute Splicer. After beating it, enter the Limbo Room club. After getting on stage, go up the stairs on the right. Now follow straight and through the door. You’ll see the Machine on your left in the room.

Power to the People #5 – You’ll find Machine 5 as you are making your way through the Sinclair Deluxe. Stop once you reach a room that has a corpse ritual (with candles), a security camera and a vent. Now double back but go down the corridor instead of the way you got here. You’ll find a room that contains Power to the People 5 right before the turret.

Section 5 – Siren Alley

Power to the People #6 – This is the most oftenly missed machine. You’ll discover Power to the People 5 located inside the Mermaid Lounge. Once inside, go upstairs and shoot a Remote Hack Dart over the bar and hit the controls for the door. This will unlock the metal gate. Go through it and you’ll be inside a room with a fridge and a floor with a hole in it. You’ll find this Machine down inside that hole.

Power to the People #7 – You’ll get this Machine on your way to Pump Station #5. Before the fight with Father Wales at the station, turn to your left and you’ll see a room called “Lamb’s Hideout”. Power to the People 7 is on your right as you enter.

Section 6 – Dionysus Park

Power to the People #8 – You will be able to see Power to the People 8 behind a keyboard-locked door when you first come into Dionysus Park. In order to get it though, follow the arrow as if you were doing the quest, but stop short of going into the second floor door. Instead of entering the door, go down the other staircase and you’ll find an audio diary (Bill Parson – A Gift From Billy). If you listen to this, you will hear the code to the locked door mentioned above (the code is 1080).

Power to the People #9 – Power to the People 9 is located in a room that contains two Splicers attempting to hack into a safe.

Section 7 – Fontaine Futuristics

Power to the People #10: You’ll find the 10th Power to the People Machine in the room after you’ve passed the Security Checkpoint. However you will not be able to get it until after Alex the Great disables the lock. So come back to this area after you have destroyed the relays. You’ll find the Machine to your left when you enter.

Power to the People #11 – Get Power to the People 11 in the Surveillance Office that you’ll find beyond the Plasmid Development section of the stage. You’ll need to get into the “Test Subject Surgery” room by hacking it and you’ll find the Machine at the back of the Surveillance Office.

Section 8 – Persephone

Power to the People #12 – This one is easily found by simply following the path at the beginning of the stage. You’ll find this Machine to your left beyond the tunnel.

Section 9 – Inner Persephone

Power to the People #13 – You’ll find the thirteenth Power to the People Machine located inside the Security Office, the one that Sinclair locks himself into. You’ll need to get in using the code 2673, however to find the Machine you must do this AFTER the battle.

Power to the People #14 – The final Machine, Power to the People 14, is located in the “Quarantine Area” of the Infirmary Wing. To get there, as you are making your way towards the Infirmary Pediatric Ward, you’ll see a sign for “Quarantine Area”. Turn right, you’ll spot an RPG Turret at the end of the hall. Disable it then jump into the room, where you’ll find this Machine located on your right.

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