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14 February 2010
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Outside of the original 25, 10 new Super Street Fighter 4 characters will join the cast list.

Super Street Fighter 4 is an enhanced version of the original SF4 fighting game. It will be released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on April 27th in North America and April 30 in Europe.

The game includes many enhancements outside of new characters, such as new Ultra Attacks, new costumes, and new Ultra Combos. It will also include new online modes such as Team Battle (which supports up to 8-players), Endless Battle (winner plays against a rotating group of players) and the Replay Channel (Save, view, play and share replays from around the globe). Also returning are the mini-games from the original Street Fighter 2 including the Car and Barrel games (the former has you bashing a car in, while the latter has you timing attacks to break falling barrels). An extra bonus is that there will be no unlockable Super Street Fighter 4 characters. A downloadable Tournament mode is also scheduled.


1. Adon

2. Cody

3. Dee Jay

4. Guy

5. Juri

6. T. Hawk

7. Ibuki

8. Dudley

9. Makato

10. Hakan

See the last four newcomers in Capcom’s announcement trailer here:


11. Abel
12. Crimson Viper
13. El Fuerte
14. Rufus
15. Seth
16. Akuma
17. Balrog
18. Blanka
19. Cammy White
20. Chun-Li
21. Dan Hibiki
22. Dhalsim
23. E. Honda
24. Fei Long
25. Gen
26. Gouken
27. Guile
28. Ken Masters
29. M. Bison
30. Rose
31. Ryu
32. Sagat
33. Sakura Kasugano
34. Vega
35. Zangief

Watch the newest Super Street Fighter 4 trailer featuring Juri, Cammy and Chun-Li. Amazing animation!


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