APB lets you make custom theme music with real music editor

5 February 2010
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APB (All Points Bulletin) will include one of the most sophisticated in-game music creation tools that has ever been included in a videogame according to the developers.

“The music studio in APB lets you create two things: songs and themes,” Stuart Ross, Senior Sound Designer stated on the latest APB podcast. “Themes are short five-second pieces of music that are applied to your character and played back in-game (like when you kill an enemy), and songs are longer pieces of music that you can export from the music tool into your track list – then you can play them back in your car.”

This allows players to create a broad range of complex music that is on par with what you could create with professional music-create software.

“The music tool itself is based on real music editors, so if you’re already familiar with these things you should be ready to go,” Ross explained.

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