Sci vs Fi: Mass Effect 2 Documentary Parts 1 to 4

Mass Effect 2 Sci vs Fi documentary logo
The SyFy Channel is currently airing a Mass Effect 2 documentary entitled: “Sci vs Fi: Mass Effect 2”.

As you’d expect, this documentary looks at all aspects of creation for the BioWare RPG Mass Effect 2, and will serve as a great promotion for the Xbox 360 and PC game ahead of its release date today!

Below we have posted the first four installments of the series for your viewing pleasure. Contained within you will see interviews with the developers, interviews with the voice cast who provided the voice overs for the characters (including SyFy’s own Tricia Helfer from Battlestar Galactica), a look at how the game works and what BioWare was aiming for with the sequel, and much more.

And if you wanna watch the episodes that have been airing on TV the past week, you can catch them for the last time on SyFy at Tuesday 1/26 @ 3:30 PM.

Part 1 of Sci Vs Fi: Mass Effect 2 breaks down the key elements of the game: Shepard, the game cast, the universe, and the conflict. Since BioWare was founded nearly 15 years ago, they have been a consistent innovator in delivering emotionally powerful narratives through gaming and this segment explores their handiwork in Mass Effect 2.

Part 2 dives deeper into the story of Mass Effect 2. How are players drawn into the Mass Effect universe? How do you write a fulfilling story that has such disparate paths and endings? The science fiction genre has long been a stage for modern day allegories to play out, but those stories ring even more true when orchestrated and conducted through the player’s actions.

Part 3 picks up on some of the notions raised in the first segment, helping to break down what makes people so drawn to the game-and more importantly how ME2 uses a dazzling array of high-tech tricks to make the experience a richer, more complete entertainment experience.

Part 4 is where we everything gets put together, synthesizing the program’s trenchant points to summarize how Mass Effect 2 is an epic mix of both “sci” & “fi”, and one of the year’s most important works of science fiction in general. By the show’s conclusion, viewers will have become intimately familiar not just with Mass Effect 2’s compelling central hero, the colorful mix of intergalactic characters surrounding him, and the wild adventure they find themselves in, but also the creative and technological innovations that give rise to the game’s distinctive blend of big-action shooter & innovative RPG elements.