New Iconic T-shirt announcement

Iconic T-shirt glows in the dark
Last year we opened up a Gamer T-shirts Store at Splitreason to get our very own gaming merchandise created by them. This the fourth shirt out of eight ideas we thought up so far. So you can still look forward to many more shirts in the coming months. Now let me introduce you to this one…

Description: “Never before was saving a game so cute. A perfect moment. As fleeting as the wind. Can you translate words unspoken?”
Basis: I love glow-in-the-dark paint! When Brian said Splitreason could apply it to shirts, I had to make it happen in a creative way using a game’s mythology. As far as thinking up a game that has characters that glow at night went, Yorda’s magic quickly came to mind. Meago’s unique manga style really brought a warmth of its own to the depicted scene. Oh and in case you’re wondering, yes that really is an encoded hieroglyphic message of the language you see spoken in-game, Google can help you figure out how to translate it.
Color: A white, women’s baby tee and men’s T-shirt
Price: $17.95 (Click here to buy “Iconic”)
Designer: Meago
Material: 100% combed, ring spun cotton

If you like it, or you think a friend or family member might enjoy wearing it, please feel free to support us by buying a T-shirt.