Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Hydlide on NES

Hydlide review by AVGN
This is the 86th in a series of reviews of bad video games by the Angry Video Game Nerd. Watch as the Angry Nerd reviews a single player action-RPG that appeared on the NES in 1989. It’s the T&E Soft developed Hydlide.

Description on the box: “The young knight, Jim, has a tough challenge: He must avenge the death of the king and save Princess Ann by destroying the devil Boralis and his monstrous companions. Jim comes face-to-face with many forms of evil – water dragon, vampire, zombie, sea monster, a moving forest, and fireballs. But the king’s sword and shield are what he needs to conquer Boralis!”

A game like this can be an adventure. As always, coarse language ahead.