New Super Mario Bros. Wii sold 10 million copies

25 January 2010
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New Super Mario Bros. Wii sells over 10 million copies in two months!
New Super Mario Bros. Wii has sold over 10 million copies, becoming the fastest-selling single-platform game of all time, reports the Japanese Nikkei newspaper.

The exact numbers by region breakdown like this:

* Japan: Over 3-million copies sold.
* Europe: Over 3-million copies sold.
* North America: Over 4.5-million copies sold.

And the game has only been out for two months! Compare that to Super Mario Galaxy, which has sold 8.5 million copies since the game’s November 2007 launch (so in two months New Super Mario Bros. Wii already outsold it) and to New Super Mario Bros. DS, which has sold over 21 million copies since its 2006 release.

Simply incredible. I knew the Mario Bros. were popular, but never expected these kind of numbers.

Here is a preview for New Super Mario Bros. Wii.



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