Heavy Rain Walkthrough Video Guide from Start to Ending (PS3)

25 January 2010
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Heavy Rain Origami Killer artwork for the PS3 walkthrough
This Heavy Rain walthrough is a complete video guide of the storyline from the start to the different endings. The highly anticipated adventure game is a PS3-exclusive from developer Quantic Dream. It releases on February 23 in North America.

The game is a murder mystery where the player will take control of various characters who are intrinsically linked in some form or fashion. The setting is East Coast America, where the public is gripped in fear at a serial killer known as the “Origami Killer”, who leaves an origami figure and an orchid at the scene of each crime, and whose victims are all found drowned four days after they go missing.

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  • The story of Heavy Rain lurks within the dark corners of the noir thriller genre, creating a tense drama that grips you all the way to its climax. Make no mistake, this is strictly for adults (so only watch the videos if you are over 17), combining mature themes and evocative scenes to stir your emotions. Like a brilliant movie, Heavy Rain’s tale of human despair and triumph takes you on a journey – and how it ends is up to you.

    As the gameplay playthroughs of each character will show, Heavy Rain combines exploration, dialogue and dramatic action scenes with a powerful and compelling narrative. As you play the game, your actions and choices will have tangible impact on the fates of these characters, and the way that the plot unfolds. Your every decision can have significant and unforeseen consequences. For example: If one of your characters dies during the game due to your actions, it isn’t “Game Over”. Instead, the plot continues using the other characters, and that character’s death becomes part of the story — influencing the attitudes of other characters, and affecting what leads and paths can be taken.

    The four playable characters include: an FBI profiler named Norman Jayden, a retired private detective named Scott Shelby, an architect named Ethan Mars, and a journalist of photography named Madison Paige. They become the latest to be affected by the killer’s destructive path. Can you uncover the true identity of the criminal before more lives are put in danger?

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough starts with Ethan Mars. An introduction.

    Ethan Mars played by Pascal Langdale in Heavy Rain
    Below you will see the start of the game as we are introduced to Ethan Mars (actor: Pascal Langdale), whose official profile goes like this:

    “Ethan Mars is a young architect, living on the East Coast of America. Two years ago, he lost his eldest son in a car accident that left him in a coma. Once a successful and happy family man, Ethan is now grief-stricken and depressed; seperated from his wife, and distant from his other son, Shaun.

    Still suffering from the after-effects of the accident, Ethan is thrown into a nightmare when he discovers that Shaun may become the next victim of the Origami Killer. He will be forced to confront just how far he is prepared to go to rescue his son — and in doing so, he may be able to finally find redemption from the guilt and grief he feels.”

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 1: Prologue

    The game focuses on drama and emotional response, not violence and repetition. Heavy Rain’s well paced and chilling story is about making difficult decisions in the heat of the moment and dealing with their consequences. It comes down to this most basic of questions: “How far are you willing to go to save someone you love?”

    The following video playthrough presented by TokyoDomeSF4, gives play advice as he goes through the game for the bad ending where all characters searching for the Origami Killer get killed off as the plot unfolds. Pun intended. — Each chapter is named after its save point, so it’s easy to find the chapter you need help with by pressing “CTRL” and the “F” keys on your keyboard at the same time to search for the section you’re looking for. Now let us begin!

    Here are the first ten minutes of the game.

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 2: Prologue #2

    The game’s prologue continues to show you the ropes of how accessible the gameplay is via its intuitive, contextual controls and interface.

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 3: Prologue #3

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 4: Prologue #4

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 5: The Mall

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 6: Opening Credits

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 7: Father and Son

    Ethan does chores around the house in an early section of the game called “Father and Son”.

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 8: Father and Son #2

    Ethan puts his son to bed. Things get emotional, and as he leaves the room he blacks-out or something, but when he comes by again he’s standing outside in the rain and in his hand is a… *shock*

    Mars cuts a sombre figure, it turns out he’s suffering from reality bending post-traumatic blackouts.

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough continues with Scott Shelby. An introduction.

    Scott Shelby played by Sam Douglas in Heavy Rain
    Scott Shelby (actor: Sam Douglas), 45 years old, is a former cop who turned private investigator after 20 years with the local police department. Two decades on the streets have left him tough and cynical, but despite his sometimes hard demeanour, he has a sense of honour and compassion that shines through under pressure.

    Shelby has been hired by the families of the previous victims of the Origami Killer, and he is now conducting a parallel investigation into the case, searching for clues and leads that the authorities may have missed.

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 9: Sleazy Place

    Shelby’s quick-fire speech plays off his ever present asthma and slightly reckless old school detective practices.

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough continues with Norman Jayden. An introduction.

    Norman Jayden played by Leon Ockenden in Heavy Rain
    Norman Jayden (actor: Leon Ockenden) is a dedicated and thorough FBI profiler, sent into this unfamiliar city to support the police force with their investigation into the Origami Killer. Jayden specializes in utilizing an experimental device called ARI (‘Added Reality Interface’), which allows him to investigate crime scenes and analyse evidence in a unique way.

    With the local cops resentful of both his methods and his very presence, he struggles urgently to piece together the evidence before it is too late, and another victim is discovered.

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 10: Crime Scene

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 11: Crime Scene #2

    Jayden’s systematic and high-tech FBI profiler approach comes with an occasionally nervous patter thanks to a dangerously addictive personality.

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 12: The Shrink

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 13: The Park

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 14: Where’s Shaun?

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 15: Welcome Norman

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 16: Welcome Norman #2

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 17: Hassans Shop

    Here’s an alternative path where Shelby saves the day without anyone getting hurt.

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough continues with Madison Paige. An introduction.

    Madison Paige played by Jacqui Ainsley in Heavy Rain
    Madison Paige (actress: Jacqui Ainsley) is a young photographer, living alone in the city. Suffering from crippling insomnia and nightmares, she often finds herself checking into local motels for the night — seemingly the only place she can rest and relax.

    Though she has no apparent connection with the Origami Killer case, she will soon find herself unexpectedly drawn into the investigation; when she does, she will show courage and commitment, placing herself in great danger to find out the truth.

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 18: Sleepless night

    Some people dream, Madison has nightmares.

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 19: Paparazzi

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 20: Lexington Station

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 21: The Motel

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 22: Kick Off Meeting

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 23: Nathaniel

    Warnings: This part of the walkthrough gets violent.

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 24: Suicide Baby

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 25: Suicide Baby #2

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 26: The Bear

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 27: First Encounter

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 28: Covered Market

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 29: A Visitor

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 30: A Visitor #2

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 31: Kramers Party

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 32: The Butterfly

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 33: The Butterfly #2

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 34: The Nurse

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 35: The Nurse #2

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 36: Police and Shrinks and Punches

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 37: The Golf Club

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 38: The Lizard

    Please be warned, this is the infamous & graphic self-torture scene where Ethan has to cut off his finger to supposedly save Shaun. 18+ only.

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 39: Fugitive

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 40: Jayden Blues

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 41: Jayden Blues #2

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 42: Under Arrest

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 43: Manfred

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 44: Manfred #2

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 45: The Shark

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 46: The Doc

    Paige finds herself in situations which put her in grave danger, leaving it up to you if she survives. In this chapter she meets one disturbed “doctor”.

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 47: Mad Jack

    An alternate version of Norman visiting Mad Jack. Skip the video to 01:30 minutes in, where the game’s creator David Cage shows how to survive this encounter.

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 48: Eureka! and The Cemetary

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 49: Twins

    Because we’re nearing the final chapter of Heavy Rain, expect big plot spoilers from here on out!

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 50: Twins #2 and On The Loose

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 51: Trapped and Face To Face

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 52: Who Is The Origami Killer? Ending

    Do not watch these last two videos unless you want to spoil the story for yourself, because the identity of the Origami Killer will be revealed in this final chapter.

    Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 53: Ending with the Origami Killer’s Identity #2

    Find out who the Origami Killer is at your own peril! You should play this fantastic game and find out for yourself if you can. This is the end of the game.

    Heavy Rain features multiple endings, each one based on the many paths you may take during the game – so there’s plenty to keep you coming back to see what may have happened if you made different decisions. There are also bonuses to unlock, such as behind the scenes videos, and many Trophies to earn, confirming your achievements in the various trials you undertake.

    We’ll add the more of the playthrough, like the good path, once it’s available.

    For more info about the game extras, have a look at our Heavy Rain codes and trophies list.


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