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18 January 2010
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Transformers: War For Cybertron artwork
Transformers: War for Cybertron features a cast of characters that is extensive from the Transformers world and includes over 20 from each side.

The game is an all-new Transformers installment that is not connected to any previous fiction or film. It is being developed by High Moon Studios and published by Activision for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC and DS. It will be released sometimes this year.


  • This Page: Characters List & Unlock Guide
  • New Page: Achievements & Trophies Guide
  • New Page: Walkthrough Decepticons & Autobots
  • New Page: Autobot & Decepticon Symbol Locations
  • For Fun: Wallpapers
  • Up next is not just a list of characters, but also how to unlock some of them in-game.

    Here is the list of Transformers that have been confirmed to be in the game:


    1. Air Raid
    2. Arcee — Finish the Autobot campaign to unlock her.
    3. Blurr
    4. Brawn
    5. Bumblebee
    6. Cliffjumper (DS-exclusive)
    7. Grimlock (DS-exclusive)
    8. Hot Shot
    9. Ironhide
    10. Jazz (in the July 27th New Map and Character Pack DLC)
    11. Jetfire
    12. Omega Supreme (non-playable boss)
    13. Optimus Prime
    14. Ratchet
    . Scattershot (in the July 27th New Map and Character Pack DLC)
    15. Sentinel Prime (non-playable)
    16. Sideswipe
    17. Silverbolt
    18. Swoop
    19. Trailbreaker
    20. Ultra Magnus
    21. Warpath
    22. Zeta Prime (non-playable)


    23. Barricade
    24. Blackout
    25. Blitzwing
    26. Brawl
    27. Breakdown
    28. Cyclonus
    29. Demolishor (in the July 27th New Map and Character Pack DLC)
    30. Dirge (DS-exclusive)
    31. Megatron
    . Onslaught (in the July 27th New Map and Character Pack DLC)
    32. Ramjet (DS-exclusive)
    33. Shockwave (in the July 27th New Map and Character Pack DLC)
    34. Skywarp
    35. Slipstream — Finish the Decepticon campaign to unlock her.
    36. Soundwave
    37. Spittor
    38. Starscream
    39. Sunstorm
    40. Thundercracker
    41. Trypticon (non-playable boss)

    There’s also the Cybertron homeworld, naturally.

    Here’s the brand new CGI teaser trailer for the game.

    Here’s a trailer for the July 27th release of the New Map and Character Pack DLC.


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