Mass Effect 2 walkthrough video guide for all classes (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

Mass Effect 2 walkthrough with classes screenshot
This Mass Effect 2 walkthrough of all 6 available classes serves as your video guide to how to best start and finish the sci-fi action-RPG game on Xbox 360, PC and PS3.

Remember, even if you’re using a Mass Effect 1 savegame to continue the sequel (detailed how in a video below), at some point at the beginning of Mass Effect 2 you’ll be given the choice to change classes. Considering how much some of them have changed in between the two games, you might want to carefully consider it. The story will even account for the changes. What Mass Effect 2 class will you play as?

New PlayStation 3 gamers will want to make sure that the story choices they are asked to choose from at the start of the game save the Rachni Queen/species as they could be vital support for surviving Mass Effect 3 in 2011. Same story with Wrex, if you save him he’ll be uniting the Krogan warriors.

Table of Contents (Walkthrough)

Table of Contents (Classes)

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Mass Effect 2 walkthrough of the Adept Class:

Combat Class Adept description: Adepts are outfitted with L5x implants that can span a micro-singularity, damaging enemies and pulling them into the air. — Adepts are biotic specialists, capable of disabling and killing enemies with raw biotic power. While they lack advanced combat training, they are the best at defeating enemies without firing a shot.
Companions with this class: Subject Zero, Samara.

Power Training: Singularity, Warp, Throw, Pull, Shockwave.
Power Evolves at Rank 4 into: Heavy Singularity (holds multiple enemies longer) or Wide Singularity (radius of the gravitational pull increases), two improved Warp versions, Heavy Throw or Throw Field, Heavy Pull or Pull Field, Heavy Shockwave or Improved Shockwave.
Unique Power: Biotic Mastery – Bastion: All your powers last longer and take less time to recharge. Paragon/Renegade scores increase; or Nemesis: Your biotic powers do more damage and take less time to recharge.
Weapon Training: Heavy Pistol, Submachine Gun.

This video shows off the awesome biotic power of the Adept class in Mass Effect 2. Narrated by Lead Gameplay Designer Christina Norman, it shows off how the Adept can control the battlefield with their powers instead of relying upon weapons.

Mass Effect 2 walkthrough of the Infiltrator Class:

Combat Class Infiltrator description: Infiltrators are equipped with cloaking systems that allow them to avoid detection for short periods of time, granting a tactical advantage over enemies. — Infiltrators are tech and combat specialists with the unique ability to cloak themselves from visual and technological detection. Infiltrators are deadly at any range with a wide variety of weapons, equipment and powers that can take down an enemy.
Companion who has this class: Garrus Vakarian, Thane Krios (also has Adept skills).

Power Training: Tactical Cloak, Incinerate, AI Hacking.
Power Evolves at Rank 4 into: Enhanced Cloak (power cells stay hidden for extended periods, useful for bypassing enemies or setting up a strike) or Assassination Cloak (you are a master of the hidden strike, gaining a huge bonus to damage if you attack while cloaked), Heavy Incinerate or another improved version, Improved AI Hacking or another improved version.
Unique Power: Operative – Assassin: Your focus in sniper zoom is enhanced, and you receive a damage bonus to all weapons and powers; or Agent: Your endurance and mental fortitude reduce the recharge time of powers and give a bonus to their duration. Paragon/Renegade scores increase.
Weapon Training: Sniper Rifle, Heavy Pistol, Submachine Gun.
Ammo Training: Cryo, Disruptor.
Ammo Evolves at Rank 4 into: Improved Cryo Ammo or Squad Cryo Ammo, Heavy Disruptor Ammo or Squad Disruptor Ammo.

In this video Mass Effect 2’s Lead Gameplay designer Christina Norman breaks down the tactical Infiltrator Class. Long-range stealth specialist with a new power: cloaking.

Mass Effect 2 walkthrough of the Vanguard Class:

Combat Class Vanguard description: Vanguards are outfitted with L5n implants, enabling them to perform a biotic charge that strikes the opponent with incredible force while bringing the Vanguard in close for short-range combat. — Vanguards are feared for their high-risk high-reward combat style, closing quickly on enemies and destroying them at close range with weapons and biotic abilities.
Companion who has this class: Jacob Taylor.

Power Training: Biotic Charge, Pull, Shockwave.
Power Evolves at Rank 4 into: Heavy Charge (your biotic focus is so intense that not only does the charge flatten enemies, but also your reaction speed is increased, slowing the world around you as you come out of the charge) or Area Charge (your mass effect field now bursts on impact, sending out energy that can damage multiple opponents and knock them off their feet), Heavy Pull or Pull Field, Heavy Shockwave or Improved Shockwave.
Unique Power: Assault Mastery – Destroyer: Your weapon inflicts even more damage, and you receive a damage bonus to biotic powers; or Champion: Your staying power lets you survive marathons of combat. Power-recharging time and Paragon/Renegade scores are improved still further, and you receive a bonus to biotic power duration.
Weapon Training: Shotgun, Heavy Pistol, Submachine Gun.
Ammo Training: Incendiary, Cryo.
Ammo Evolves at Rank 4 into: Inferno Ammo or Squad Incendiary Ammo, Improved Cryo Ammo or Squad Cryo Ammo.

This video, narrated by Lead Gameplay Designer Christina Norman, shows off not only how cool it is to be a Vanguard in Mass Effect 2, but also the new Charge power in action with both it’s offensive and defensive capabilities.

Mass Effect 2 walkthrough of the Sentinel Class:

Combat Class Sentinel description: Sentinels are equipped with the most advanced ablation armor system to keep themselves safe. If overloaded, the system will stun all enemies within a short distance. — Sentinels are unique, bringing both tech and biotic abilities to the the battlefield. While they lack the focus of Adepts and Engineers, they are versatile and can handle any situation.
Companions who have this class: Miranda Lawson. Note: Kaidan Alenko also had this class.

Power Training: Tech Armor, Throw, Warp, Overload, Cryo Blast.
Power Evolves at Rank 4 into: Assault Armor or another improved version, Heavy Throw or Throw Field, two improved Warp versions, Heavy Overload or another improved version, Deep Cryo Blast or another improved version.
Unique Power: Defender – Guardian: You excel under stress, reducing your recharge time as far as it will go, and your forceful personality takes your Paragon/Renegade scores to their maximum level; or Raider: You specialize in using your engineering and biotics as weapons, reducing recharge time a small amount further and giving a bonus to your power’s damage.
Weapon Training: Heavy Pistol, Submachine Gun.

Lead Gameplay Designer Christina Norman concentrates on the Sentinel character class in this video. A hybrid of adept and engineer skills, the Sentinel class does have a few unique skills of its own, which are looked at in more detail in this latest video.

Mass Effect 2 walkthrough of the Engineer Class:

Combat Class Engineer description: Engineers can spawn combat drones to harass enemies or force them out of entrenched cover positions. — Engineers are tech specialists, the only class able to employ combat drones on the battlefield. Engineers are the most effective class at blasting through defenses and disabling opponents.
Companions who have this class: Tali’Zorah nar Rayya, Mordin Solus, Legion (also has Infiltrator skills).

Power Training: Combat Drone, Overload, Incinerate, AI Hacking, Cryo Blast.
Power Evolves at Rank 4 into: Attack Drone (its electric shock damages health, armor, and biotic barriers) or Explosive Drone (rigged to explode when destroyed, pulsing energy that inflicts high damage to all nearby enemies), Heavy Overload or another improved version, Heavy Incinerate or another improved version, Improved AI Hacking or another improved version, Deep Cryo Blast or another improved version.
Unique Power: Tech Mastery – Operative: Specializing in combat operations, you reduce recharge time on all powers and receive a bonus to their damage; or Mechanic: Your powers are incredibly efficient, they recharge faster and last longer. Paragon/Renegade scores increase.
Weapon Training: Heavy Pistol, Submachine Gun.

This video narrated by Lead Gameplay Designer Christina Norman, shows the Engineer character class. Engineers are master hackers as well as being tactical combat specialists who use their combat drones to aid them in battle by drawing enemy fire and disable shields.

Mass Effect 2 walkthrough of the Soldier Class:

Combat Class Soldier description: High level operatives are outfitted with ocular synaptic processors that allow them to focus on targets with lethal accuracy. — Soldiers are pure combat specialists. No one is tougher or more effective at taking down enemies with gunfire. Soldiers have the most thorough weapons training and can use all special ammo types.
Companions who have this class: Grunt, Zaeed Messani. Note: Ashley Williams and Richard L. Jenkins also have this class.

Power Training: Adrenaline Rush, Concussive Shot.
Power Evolves at Rank 4 into: Hardened Adrenaline Rush (your endorphins block out pain and trauma in addition to speeding your reaction time) or Heightened Adrenaline Rush (your reaction time is the stuff of legends, when you are “on,” enemies seem to stand still), Heavy Concussive Shot (a more powerful concussive blast that knocks down enemies) or Concussive Blast (high-energy explosive charges give your shot an impact radius large enough to knock down multiple enemies).
Unique Power: Combat Mastery – Commando: Your killing intent is ever-present, increasing weapon damage and storm speed, and giving a damage bonus to powers; or Shock Trooper: Your survival instinct grants you an intense concentration that further increases weapon damage and storm speed, and give a duration bonus to powers.
Weapon Training: Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Heavy Pistol.
Ammo Training: Incendiary, Cryo, Disruptor.
Ammo Evolves at Rank 4 into: Inferno Ammo or Squad Incendiary Ammo, Improved Cryo Ammo or Squad Cryo Ammo, Heavy Disruptor Ammo or Squad Disruptor Ammo.

This latest video from Mass Effect 2 features the Soldier character class and is again narrated by Lead Gameplay Designer Christina Norman. Not only is the Soldier the master of all weapons and specialty ammunition types, they also can use a concussive shot to knock enemies off their feat and use Adrenaline Rush to “slow” time while doing extra damage to targets.

How to import Shepard from Mass Effect 1 into 2:

This video walks you through the process of importing your male or female Commander Shepard character from a Mass Effect 1 savegame into Mass Effect 2. So you can continue playing as-if nothing changed between the two games. — Note: If you do not load a previous savegame into Mass Effect 2, the sequel assumes the paragon ending of the first game where Shepard let the entire Citadel council die and humans are now leading the galactic species. With Shepard sent off by them on a mission to kill the threath of the remaining Geth. — Here’s the how-to importing tutorial.

Mass Effect 2 Tour of the Normandy 2:

A Tour of the Normandy 2: BioWare producer Adrien Cho gives a sneak peek at some selected highlights around the interior of the SSV Normandy SR-2.

Here’s what the Normandy 2 decks overview is like:

  • Deck 1: Captain’s Deck, where you can organize Shepard’s belongings in this captain’s quarters.
  • Deck 2: Combat Information Center, includes the war room, navigation, armory, administration and tech labs.
  • Deck 3: Crew’s Quarters, includes Miranda Lawson’s office, crew quarters, bathrooms, mess-room and Dr. Chakwas’ medical facility.
  • Deck 4: Engineering, includes the engineering deck and the new ship’s core.
  • EDI, the A.I. voice of the Normandy 2 starship (voiced by Battlestar Galactica actor Tricia Helfer) will point you in the direction of your first mission. Get additional info about Normandy by accessing terminals throughout the ship, which will display a holographic floating blue sphere that represents her for communication. Now, let’s take a look at life on a starship:

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 1: Introduction to the Storyline

    In Mass Effect 2, players will once again step into the role of the heroic Commander Shepard, commanding their crew of some of the most dangerous operatives from across the galaxy on a mission so challenging that it’s potentially suicidal. Featuring intense shooter action, a rich futuristic storyline, space exploration and emotionally engaging character interaction, the game delivers an unparalleled cinematic experience.

    Storyline recap: In 2183, the heart of the galactic community suffered a devastating attack.

    The Citadel space station was invaded by a synthetic geth army attempting to open a portal for the Reapers: enormous machines that eradicate all organic civilization every 50,000 years. Commander Shepard led the defense, but the Citadel Council was lost.

    Now, the new human-led Council attempts to quell rumors of the Reapers’ return. Hoping to ease public concern, they’ve sent Commander Shepard and the starship normandy to wipe out all remaining Geth resistance…

    Watch the Prologue titled “Save Joker”.

    …Two years after Commander Shepard repelled invading Reapers bent on the destruction of organic life, a mysterious new enemy has emerged. On the fringes of known space, something is silently abducting entire human colonies. Now Shepard must work with Cerberus, a ruthless organization devoted to human survival at any cost, to stop the most terrifying threat mankind has ever faced.

    To even attempt this perilous mission, Shepard must assemble the galaxy’s most elite team and command the most powerful ship ever built. Even then, they say it would be suicide. Commander Shepard intends to prove them wrong.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 2: Awakening

    This Mass Effect 2 walkthrough is being done as a Renegade Sentinel on Normal Difficulty.

    Starting from now, the Prologue and up until the ending of the game. Each video has been split into individual parts. It is hard to try and organize this game. Feel free to make your own decisions when they come up, but those decisions may or may not change the outcome of events to come, different from mine.

    Watch the Prologue titled “Awakening” that includes the first gameplay and explains how it is that Shepard is alive.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 3: Freedom’s Progress

    This mission is very short. You do not do much fighting in this one. The only real trouble is the enemy near the end of the mission. There is no particular order that you must complete these missions in, for the most part. Time to meet Tali and find out more about the Collectors.

    Bug warning from James: “When I walk through the big door, just before meeting Tali, I died from the Mechs. The screen went bloodshot and Shepard ragdolled and died, but then it froze like that, I could look around order my squad but I was dead… ended up having to exit to main menu after 5 minutes. Returned to the scene, but did not die again.”

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 4: The Normandy SR2

    After completing Freedom’s Progress you will be shown this cutscene. You are now in charge of the new Normandy SR2 and have to put your squad together. Take a look around your new starship Commander.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 5: Omega: Aria T’Loak and Dossier: The Professor

    Omega has three missions you can complete without leaving, we split them into three videos. You will be staying on Omega after this video to pursue Dossier: Archangel.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 6 – Omega: “Dossier: The Professor part 2”

    This is the second and final part to Dossier: The Professor. It’s time to recruit the “good” doctor as a companion for your team.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 7: Omega: Dossier: Archangel

    Part 1 of this Archangel team member recruiting dossier is the final mission at this moment in time in the game for Omega’s Missions. There will be more later in the game, especially in Side Missions to come.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 8 – Omega: “Dossier: Archangel part 2”

    This is the concluding part to the “Archangel” Dossier.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 9: Purgatory: Dossier: The Convict

    For The Convict Dossier taking place on the Prison Ship Purgatory in… you guessed it…. Purgatory, you travel to The Milky Way via the Mass Relay. Exact location is the Hourglass Nebula: Osun: Prison Ship Purgatory.

    There is not much to this Mission, you are here to recruit Jack AKA Subject Zero. When asked to relinquish my weapons I opted to say no. There probably is not that bad of an outcome or much harder if you choose to give them up.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 10: Korulus: Dossier: The Warlord

    The Warlord Dossier is located on Korlus, which you can find in the Eagle Nebula’s Imir: Korlus. Here you will be recruiting the Krogan for your squad.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 11 – Korlus: “Dossier: The Warlord part 2”

    The continuation of Shepard obtaining the Grunt.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 12: Horizon

    No matter what order you recruit the first four squad members, after the 4th you will be brought to Horizon. Now after watching the cutscenes, head to the Briefing Communications Room as shown in the video to activate the Horizon mission to investigate the Collectors threat and watch the next few minutes of cutscenes. You’ll be looking into what happened to the Colony.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 13 – Horizon part 2

    Here’s the final video of Horizon. As the preview image shows, you get to meet your old crew mate Ashley, at least if she survived the first game or you’re using a default new game. — The ending of Horizon Part 2, the cutscene, shows Dr. Okeer’s Legacy.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 14: Haestrom: Dossier: Tali

    You’ll be able to find Tali by traveling to Haestrom in Far Rim: Dholen. Once there, you’ll be recruiting Tali to your squad. You will also need to insert Disc 2. Note: Because of an error, the first 6 minutes of this video guide section are as a different character. But the same decisions were made.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 15: Illium: Dossier: The Assassin

    This mission is located on Illium, which can be found in the Crescent Nebula’s Tasale. Here you will be recruiting Thane AKA Assassin. Once you arrive on Illium, you will need to talk to your old friend Liara to gain information on him and Samara AKA The Justicar.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 16 – Illium: “Dossier: The Assassin part 2”

    Here’s the final part to recruiting the master assassin Thane.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 17: Illium: Dossier: The Justicar

    You may want to stay on Illium as the next recruit mission is here too. Make sure you have talked to Liara for her information if you have not already. Let’s recruit The Justicar AKA Samara!

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 18 – Illium: “Dossier: The Justicar part 2”

    Here’s the second part to recruiting the code-abiding biotic Samara.

    Bug warning from Reverend: “Unable to exit the mission where you have to retake a freighter from Blue Sun. Used the instructed key and it is stuck, now I can run around the area but as I have come in through a hatch I am unable to leave. No amount of reloading and running around like a loony has helped.”

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 19: Citadel: The Council

    Next you get to travel to the Citadel, it’s located in the Serpent Nebula: Widow. Here you are requesting a meeting with The Council. I cannot confirm this “mission” is absolutely necessary to do. It is not long though. It’s basically just one big cutscene and some walking/running and you leave.

    Bug warning from Steve: “If you are unable to continue on with the main storyline on Stop The Collectors, you may have a glitched game where you may need to do more than one mission to unlock it and continue the game. I experienced this one time of three playthroughs.”

    I went ahead and had to do both “Jacob: The Gift Of Greatness” and “Garrus Eye for an Eye” missions. These should not be the two particular team mate loyalty missions you have to go and do, but are just what I chose. Otherwise, if you choose not to help any team characters and let them die during the Suicide Final Mission. Then you can go straight to Stop The Collectors instead.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 20: Aeia: Jacob: The Gift Of Greatness

    This optional loyalty gaining mission is located on Aeia in the Rosetta Nebula: Alpha Draconis. Keep in mind that if you wish to have all your squad members survive the Suicide Final Mission this is necessary to complete.

    You will need to build each loyalty for each member. Also you will need to choose the right job when the time comes then as well. There is an achievement for the Suicide Mission too.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 21: Garrus: Eye for an Eye

    This next mission is an optional loyalty mission for Garrus.
    You should continue with loyalty missions anyways, however, I only did a few.

    FRIENDLY WARNING: If you want every one of your team members to survive the final mission of the game, then scroll down to the sections titled “How All Crew Members Can Survive The Final Mission” and “Normandy Upgrade Guide” to find the full instructions. With that done, you are prepared to start the final mission at full strength.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 22: Investigate Collector Ship

    Here’s where essentially the final mission of the game “Stop The Collectors” starts as you investigate the Collector ship.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 23 – Investigate Collector Ship part 2

    This next video is the final video to investigating the collector ship.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 24: Reaper IFF

    Before you can continue to stop the Collectors, you need to acquire the Reaper IFF, which gives you access to the Omega 4 Relay. Once you finish this mission and have the IFF device (our Reaper IFF part 2 video), you will also have the choice to recruit a new squad member Legion by reactivating him.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 25 – Reaper IFF Part 2

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 26 – Reaper IFF Part 3

    You will now be playing as Joker for this “Activating the IFF” section.

    PS: Unfortunately skipped in this footage is EDI showing a sense of humor. Joker complains he’s probably dooming humanity by giving EDI control over all of the ship’s systems during the Collectors attack on the Normandy. The discussion between them is that he needs to avoid detection by crawling through the ducts to access Engineering…

    …In reply she jokes “I enjoy the sight of humans on their knees” leaving Joker standing there baffled… until she points out she wasn’t being serious. 😛

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 27: Stop The Collectors

    Technically this is “Stop The Collectors #4: Suicide Mission” as this mission consists of several stages. Only a few more stages left.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 28: Stop The Collectors Part 2

    In a few minutes you’ll be asked again to pick your squad members to complete certain tasks, make sure you pick the correct ones if you want them to survive. Who to choose when, is explained in the section headlined “How All Crew Members Can Survive The Final Mission” that can be read by scrolling down a little on this page. Good luck!

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 29: Stop The Collectors Part 3: Ending

    You’ll be destroying the four feeding tubes of the Human-Reaper. Then you will also be destroying the Human-Reaper Larva endboss. Afterwards the storyline is over. Here’s the ending to the game!

    This video was the final part of this Mass Effect 2 walkthrough. We hope you’ve enjoyed all the hard work that was put into making this video guide.

    How All Crew Members Can Survive The Final Mission:

    Upgrade all Normandy Systems (described below). Do all Loyalty Missions (talk to each team member). Once you reach the Collectors base in the Final Mission. You’ll have to send your loyal team members to do certain tasks in the following specific order for all of them to survive. These choices will come up as you play through the final mission.

    1. Tali or Legion should go into the station’s vents to do hacks;
    2. Garrus, Jacob or Miranda should lead the secondary squad;
    3. Jack or Samara/Morinth should protect you with a biotic barrier;
    4. Mordin (or Tali) should escort the starship crew back;
    5. Miranda or Jacob (or Garrus) should lead the secondary squad the 2nd time;
    6. Grunt, Garrus or Zaeed should hold the line. Make the defenders team rear guard you.

    Normandy Upgrade Guide for all crew members to survive the final battle:

    Aside from doing all your crew member’s loyalty missions to ensure they live, several upgrades can be researched to upgrade Normandy SR-2 starship. By improving the weapons, armor, and shielding with upgrades you affect the success of the final mission. How it changes the ending of the game: For each upgrade you don’t buy, one team member will die during the Collector base attack. Upgrade everything to make sure all crew members survive the final battle. What upgrades to buy and all the equipment in the game is listed here:

  • Arms
    Javelin Disruptor Torpedoes
    Thanix Cannon (Garrus recruit upgrade, Cost: 15,000 Platinum)
  • Defenses
    Multicore Shielding (Tali recruit upgrade, Cost: 15,000 Palladium)
    Heavy Ship Armor (Jacob talk upgrade, Cost: 15,000 Palladium)
  • Propulsion & Power
    Antiproton Thrusters
    Fusion Plant
    Tantalus Drive Core
    Extended Fuel Cells (Samara or Morinth recruit upgrade, Cost: 3,000 Element Zero)
  • Sensors & Scanning
    Modular Probe Bay (Thane recruit upgrade, Cost: 15,000 Iridium)
    Advanced Mineral Scanner (Miranda talk upgrade, Cost: 15,000 Iridium)
  • Others
    Stealth Systems
    Med-Bay Upgrade (Dr. Chakwas email for Tech Lab research upgrade, Cost: 50,000 Platinum)
    Reaper IFF
  • Armor Boosts Overview:

  • Head
    Death Mask – Increases negotiation success change by 10%
    N7 Breather Helmet – Increases health by 5%
    N7 Helmet – Increases health by 5%
    N7 Visor – Increases headshot damage by 10%
  • Chest
    Aegis Vest – Increases health by 5%
    Capacitor Chestplate – Reduces shield delay by 10%
    N7 Chestplate – Increases power damage by 3%
    Shield Harness – Increases shields by 5%
  • Shoulders
    Amplifier Plates – Increases power damage by 5%
    Asymmetric Defense Layer – Increases health by 5%
    N7 Shoulder Guards – Increases weapon damage by 3%
    Strength Boost Pads – Increases melee damage by 25%
  • Arms
    Heavy Damping Gauntlets – Increases shields by 5%
    N7 Gauntlets – Increases health by 3%
    Off-Hand Ammo Pack – Increases spare ammo capacity by 10%
    Stabilizing Gauntlets – Increases weapon damage by 5%
  • Legs
    Life Support Webbing – Increases health by 10%
    N7 Greaves – Increases shield strength by 3%
    Stimulator Conduits – Increases storm speed by 10%
  • The 20 different weapons include
    4 assault rifles,
    5 heavy weapons,
    2 heavy pistols,
    3 shotguns,
    4 sniper rifles,
    2 SMGs.
  • Alternate Paragon Mass Effect 2 Playthrough

    Here you can see an alternate Paragon Soldier playthrough with these low-res videos.

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    Mass Effect 2 Achievements Guide

    • Missing in Action (5 points): Save your crew from an overwhelming attack.
    • Very Elusive (10 points): Return to active duty.
    • The Convict (10 points): Successfully recruit the biotic Convict.
    • The Krogan (10 points): Successfully recruit the krogan.
    • The Archangel (10 points): Successfully recruit Archangel.
    • The Professor (10 points): Successfully recruit the Professor.
    • The Quarian (10 points): Successfully recruit the quarian.
    • The Justicar (10 points): Successfully recruit the Justicar.
    • The Assassin (10 points): Successfully recruit the Assassin.
    • Friend or Foe (10 points): Obtain geth technology.
    • Colony Defense (25 points): Defend a human colony from attack.
    • The Prodigal (10 points): Gain the loyalty of the Cerberus Officer.
    • Ghost of the Father (10 points): Gain the loyalty of the Cerberus Operative.
    • Catharsis (10 points): Gain the loyalty of the biotic Convict.
    • Battlemaster (10 points): Gain the loyalty of the krogan.
    • Fade Away (10 points): Gain the loyalty of Archangel.
    • The Cure (10 points): Gain the loyalty of the Professor.
    • Treason (10 points): Gain the loyalty of the quarian.
    • Doppelganger (10 points): Help the Justicar resolve her mission.
    • Cat’s in the Cradle (10 points): Gain the loyalty of the Assassin.
    • A House Divided (10 points): Hack a geth collective.
    • Ghost Ship (25 points): Complete the investigation of a derelict alien vessel.
    • Suicide Mission (50 points): Use the Omega 4 Relay.
    • Mission Accomplished (125 points): Save humanity throughout the galaxy from certain annihilation.
    • Against All Odds (15 points): Survive suicide mission.
    • Insanity (75 points): Complete the game on the “Insanity” difficulty level without changing the setting.
    • No One Left Behind (75 points): Keep your team alive through the suicide mission.
    • Long Service Medal (75 points): Complete Mass Effect 2 twice, or complete it once with a character imported from Mass Effect 1.
    • Paramour (50 points): Successfully pursue a relationship with a teammate.
    • Head Hunter (10 points): Perform 30 headshot kills with any weapon on humanoid targets.
    • Brawler (10 points): Shoot and kill 20 enemies while they’re knocked back by a punch.
    • Big Game Hunter (10 points): Thresher Maw defeated.
    • Tactician (10 points): Hit 20 different targets with multiple biotic powers to combine the effects.
    • Master at Arms (15 points): Kill enemies with 5 different heavy weapons during the game.
    • Merciless (10 points): Make 20 enemies scream as they fall or are set on fire.
    • Overload Specialist (15 points): Disrupt the shields of 25 enemies.
    • Warp Specialist (15 points): Warp the barriers of 25 enemies.
    • Incineration Specialist (15 points): Incinerate the armor of 25 enemies.
    • Operative (15 points): Complete a mission discovered by scanning an unexplored world.
    • Agent (50 points): Complete 5 missions discovered by scanning unexplored worlds.
    • Prospector (5 points): Retrieve mineral resources by scanning and probing a planet in the galaxy map.
    • Explorer (10 points): Visit 100% of the planets in an unexplored cluster.
    • Power Gamer (10 points): Reach Level 30 with one character.
    • Scholar (15 points): Unlock 15 new Mass Effect 2 codex entries.
    • Technician (15 points): Obtain 10 technology upgrades.
    • Weapon Specialist (15 points): Fully upgrade a weapon.
    • Scientist (10 points): Complete any research project in the Normandy’s laboratory.
    • Fashionista (5 points): Personalize your armor in your quarters on the Normandy.
    • Power Full (15 points): Evolve any power.
    • Highly Trained (15 points): View all advanced combat training videos at Shepard’s private terminal.
    • Zaeed’s achievement:
      Revenge! (15 points): Gain the loyalty of the mercenary.

      Kasumi’s Stolen Memory achievement:
      Broken, Blind and Bedlam (15 points): Gain the loyalty of the Thief.

      Overlord achievements:
      Data Hound (10 points): Collect 6 Cerberus data packets scattered across Aite.
      Digital Exorcist (15 points): Successfully shut down the rogue VI in Project Overlord.

      The Lair Of The Shadow Broker achievements:
      Detail Orientated (40 points): Use all information terminals in the Shadow Broker’s stronghold.
      Most Dangerous Game (35 points): Defeat the Shadow Broker’s Assassin.
      Heart of Darkness (50 points): Confront the Shadow Broker.
      The Hard Way (50 points): Complete the Shadow Broker Mission pack on Hardcore or Insanity.
      Catching Up (25 points): Reminisce with Liara on the Normandy.

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