Giant Enemy Scorpion featured in Clash of the Titans videogame

Clash of the Titans The Video Game screenshot. Giant crab alert!
Clash of the Titans the videogame is based on the upcoming film of the same name, which is a remake of the classic 1981 live action/stop-motion film epic.

The movie and, in turn, the game, are based on Greek mythology and tell the story of the epic tale of battle for dominance between good and evil. With the human race caught in the balance between the forces of Zues and the forces of Hades.

Naturally, the game will take you through all kinds of fantastical lands and will have you battling ancient and deadly Greek creatures through swamps, mountains, deserts and even unto the Underworld itself.

All of this will be seen through the players via a third-person action adventure framework, where players will find and equip various weapons and armor to improve their abilities, and fight fendish bosses like Medusa and Kraken.

Here is a trailer for the new film remake that the game is based on.