Nintendo DSi XL handheld release date in Europe is March 5, 2010, alongside Picross 3D

DS XL to DS Lite Comparison Photo. European release date is March 5 2010 with Picross 3D
The Nintendo DSi XL will be released in Europe on March 5, 2010 announced Nintendo. It will launch alongside Picross 3D.

If you haven’t heard of the DSi XL, the system is an extra-large DS with supersized screens that are 4.2 inches in size, 93% bigger than the screens on the Nintendo DS Lite. It amounts to the largest total screensize of any handheld gaming device on market with a wider viewing angle, although it contains the same resolution as the previous DS systems, and thus the picture won’t be any sharper (logically, a bit blurrier).

However the bigger screens will allow families and younger folk to more easily play while others watch from behind. It also makes it easier for parents to “guide” their kids or for friends to help each other out when solving puzzles in games like Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box or in launch title Picross DS. It will also make games that have a lot of text, like RPGs, easier to read for older people or seniors who may have difficulty with the small text size.

Hot on the heels of the popular Picross DS game, Picross 3D adapts the traditional nonogram puzzle mechanic for 3D. Nonograms are grid-based puzzles that require the player to work out which squares are filled or left blank by applying logic in regards to the numbers on the side of the grid.

Picross 3D screenshots DSi XL launch game

When you’ve correctly solved a nonogram puzzle an image is often created at the end. With Picross 3D, players chisel out various objects from a block by eliminating the extra cubes based on numeric information in the rows and columns. The game introduces new gameplay elements and tactics over time and offers much content with more than 350 objects to discover. After an object is revealed, it comes to life in a short, fun animation.

Picross 3D has the benefit of fewer rules when compared to Picross DS. The game only requires the user to apply logical rules, not to deduce which blocks might be filled or not based on contradictions by comparing multiple rows.

Here is a gameplay video of Picross 3D in action.

Fancy being your own puzzle master? Bursting with fiendishly difficult puzzle ideas? Dedicated Picross fans will be pleased to know that, similar to its 2D predecessor, Picross 3D offers a level editor for users to create new puzzles and share them with your friends and family via local wireless connection. Moreover, if you fancy putting your puzzle to the test, you can enter your logic teaser online into an international competition via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection! Players will also have the ability to download additional content, including both new official puzzles and the homemade puzzle gems of other players across the globe!

In Europe, the Nintendo DSi XL will be launching in two new colours – Wine Red and Dark Brown and comes fully pre-loaded with two Nintendo DSiWare software: “A Little Bit of… Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training: Arts Edition” and “Dictionary 6 in 1 with Camera Function”, as well as the Nintendo DSi Browser.

So far Nintendo has yet to reveal the exact release date for the North American DSi XL system. But be sure to check out our Nintendo DSi XL features overview.