Mega Man Zero Collection for DS announced in Japan

Mega Man Zero Collection DS screenshot logo (Japan)
A Mega Man Zero Collection for DS has been revealed in Japan thanks to the official Capcom web-site! It will be released in Japan on April 22, 2010.

This is incredible news for Mega Man fans as the Mega Man Zero series has been a huge hit on DS but was overlooked by quite a few folks (despite it’s high sales and critical acclaim), especially once the series reached the third entry and beyond.

Now it will be a breeze for anyone who missed out on the series to easily pick all of them up in one conveniant collection!

That is, assuming the Mega Man Zero Collection for DS is released outside of Japan. But Capcom would be foolish to keep something like this overseas.

I always wondered why Capcom never re-released the Mega Man X collection and Mega Man Anniversary Collection for current-gem systems. They should do that as well. They’re missing out on some easy money!

Here is a video review of Mega Man Zero 1.