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12 January 2010
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Darksiders Walkthrough artwork
If you’re looking for a Darksiders walkthrough on how to beat Griever (Greaver), how to solve the game’s puzzles, how to beat the bosses and make it through this apocalyptic action adventure game, then the guide below shall surely help you in that conquest.

Table of Contents

Index of Darksiders Guides

Darksiders Prologue

Darksiders Walkthrough – Introduction & City Streets

This video will take you through the introduction level and boss fight, all of which is pretty easy as War still has all his powers at maximum. After being killed you are bought in front of the Charred Council and will begin your journey.

City Streets

When you arrive on the busy streets you will find yourself meting some of heavens monsters!

There is really nothing to collect or seek out in this level. All you really have to do is fight off the enemies that you come to and learn your controls.

You will need to take out the first wave of enemies by simply pressing the sward attack. You will also need to follow the instructions the gave advises you to use. You will also need to activate Chaos Form for the first time. The game will show you the controls you will need to use. In this form you will be dealing with a massive amount of damage and you can’t be harmed.

He Chaos form as a limited use on it, however you must wait until the gauge as refilled itself for you to use.

Follow the path the map is showing you, as you are going down the path a group of Angel soldiers will appear. You can only move forward if you defeat all the soldiers.

When you see the strange looking texture up on the walls this is called Demon Growth. This will allow you to climb up the slides of walls without any hassle.

You must climb up onto the rooftop, you will then be shown how to move across to the next building.

As you move along more demonic growth you will need to fight of enemies that you encounter. You can do this whilst you are actually hanging from the demon growth.

You must keep making your way through the destroyed buildings. Jump onto the zipline where it will take you back down to the streets.

You will need to make your way towards the Northwest, if you have a look on your mini map, there should be a small red boss icon located on there. That is where we need to be heading to.

The Straga (Boss Battle)

The Straga’s weak point is his head (his skull, the negative thing is you are not big enough for your sward to reach his head. The next thing to do is throw cars at him. However before we start throwing cars at him there are a few things we need to watch out for.
You need to watch out for the wave of fire (you can’t avoid this by running). You will need to dash out of the way. You will need to dash as soon as the demon recoils his attack.

The next attack the demon will lift and shake the road. When the street slams down, you will need to jump to avoid the damage.

The final stage it where the Straga will throw handful of cars. You will simply have to grab the cars and throw them at the demons head and at his face. You will need to do this twice before the demon becomes stunned and collapses.

You will need to make your way to the demons and slash away at his skull. You will need to repeat this process three times to finally defeat the demon.

The Charred Council

You will then need to head east and grab your blade.

After you have got your blade you will then need to head west towards the blue fire. When you reach the blue fire you will be rewarded with 200 blue currency souls.

Darksiders Walkthrough – Seraphim Hotel

As you go through the hotel collect as many souls as possible, you will need 500 to pay Vulgrim soon.

Once you have made it to the other side of the Legion zombie will appear. Take these out. They will be pretty easy to take out. Run across the gap using the pipe and go towards the elevator doors. You can pull these open with the Active button. You will need to climb to the first floor.

One you have made it to the first floor you will find a fleshburster. Once you have dealt with the fleshburster, you will need to make your way up the stairs and find a strange pedestal like object. You can press this by using your activate-interact button. You will also need to take out the wickeds in the hallways and make your way up the Demonic Growth.

When you have made it to the second floor it will be blocked by a seal, you must deal with the Gholen. You will need to use the objects in the room to defeat the demon. You can use some quick sward moves dashing so you don’t take any damage.

Once you have defeated the Gholen you will be able to make your way through the seal and up the stairs, where you can also pick up a chest along the way before making your way to the end of the area.

Darksiders Walkthrough – The Crossroads & The Library

Use your newly aquired map feature, to find enough souls to pay Vulgrim.

The Crossroads

You have now made it to the crossroads. Your first encounter will be the merchant Vulgrim. You will be able to trade blue souls for equipment.

Vulgrim will give you the hoardseeker, this will reveal treasure chests and other points located on your map. He will also demand 500 souls. The hoardseeker will come in handy!

If you open your map, you will be able to find nine chests marked over the two areas. You will find souls in these chests. Bring them back to Vulgrim.

First you should head Northwest. It will lead you to a corner where you will be able to come across a Gholen watching over a chest. This chest will hold some health inside, use some objects around the area to weaken the beast, then move in to slam him with your sword. Make sure you keep your finger on the dash button so you will be able to get out of his way QUICKLY. Once you have all the health make your way to the west where you will come to an area will looked block by some sort of crystal.

There will also be a fire hydrant located in the corner, if you have destroyed all three (the crystal, the demon and the fire hydrant you will get yourself another chest.

Make your way down to the subway. You will then need to make your way onto the Demonic Growth and use it to reach the ceiling. Move quickly across the demonic growth to avoid the lashers.

When you make to it the other side drop down and you will find another chest that contains 200 souls.

Make your way to the pool down below. You will need to make your way to a green icon that will be located on your map. This is a Soldier Artefact and it is worth 500 souls. Remember to sell it to Vulgrim.

Secret Chests:
Make your way towards the North east. There will be another chest located here. This chest will contain some more health points.

You should then make your way down to the alley in the north side of the map, there will be a large Gholen. Once you have taken him on there will be a chest behind him have a look round for him. Make your way down the stairs, there is another chest located at the bottom of the stairs that holds 100 souls.

You will now need to make your way back to Vulgrim. Before you make your way back to Vulgrim make sure you have a look around the building where the final chest is located. Here you will find another 100 souls

When you make it back to see Vulgrim he will then tell you that someone or something named Samael’s has been imprisoned.

Vulgrim will then give you the Earthcaller Horn.

You will be able to use the Earthcaller to open the way North of Vulgrim.

You will then see a stone statue that will stand in front of the entrance to the library, you will need to approach the statue (colossus) and use the Earthcaller. Use your gear item button to open the gates.

The Library

Once you have made it into the library you will come across a chest straight away. This chest will contain health inside.

You will then need to make you way downstairs and into the next room.

There will be some enemies in the next room so be prepared.

You will then need to jump into the put and destroy all the enemies. At one end of the pit there is a deep pool, you will need to jump into the pool and follow the submarine into the cave, there is a chest located there on a platform. There will be a linestone shard, collect all 4 of these items and you will be rewarded with a lifestone to your health meter.

Make your way back to dry land, climb the demonic growth. If you head to the north you will lay your hands on another chest, near this chest there will also be another chest located on the upper ledge. You can only grab that chest when you have the Abyssal Chain to reach it.

Make your way through the door until you come upon a Scalding Gallow.

Darksiders Walkthrough – The Scalding Gallow

Here you will fight Samael, move quickly to evade his huge blows. You will then be sent on your way, to recover the 4 hearts of your now enemies.

The Scalding Gallow

When you arrive at the Scalding Gallow you will need to run along the west wing of the room. Make your way up the stairs, you should be able to find a chest on the second floor, the chest will hold 250 souls.

Before you make your way to the central spire, go west again and follow the path to the north west. You will come across a destroyed building that is holding a chest containing 250 souls.

Close by you’ll be able to meet Vulgrim if need be.

When you go and see Vulgrim, make your way to the upper level above him, there is a chest located here and it is holding the Wrath Shard. If you collect all four of these items you will increase your wrath meter. Make your way to the central spire. There will be a mini-boss to take on.

Phantom General

You have made it to your mini-boss! This guy really likes to block your attacks, he can be a bit tricky as he does have some soldiers to help him out.

For this battle you need to use your secondary attacks. The Earthcaller and the Blade Geyser.

If you use your instant kill attacks on the soldiers you will have to replenish your wrath. When you use your blade it will send enemies across the arena. It will also send the general flying across the room. Take this opportunity to jump on top of him and get in a hits. If he does block the Earthcaller dash behind him and attack him from behind.

The watcher will then show you the moveable gargoyle platform on each side of the area. If you keep doing what you are doing the general will fall and you would have defeated him!

The Watcher will then show you a moveable gargoyle platform on either side on the central area. You will need to push both of them into place. This will cause blood to spew from their mouths. You can do this by grabbing them and pushing them to the middle of the platform. Once both of them are in place Samael will be realised.

Once you have finished the fight and the cut scene has ended you will be awarded with a set of wings and the shadowflight ability.

You will not be able to use this new ability to get over the large gaps. Jump onto the blue spout of shadow current and hold down. Jump to fly across.

You will need to destroy any Fleshburster’s, then make your way to the east across the next shadow current.

Darksiders Walkthrough – The Choking Grounds

The choking grounds requires you to beat 4 trials, you will see the speed brawl in this video, the other 3 trials are in part 2.

Choking Grounds Access Cave

You will need to make your way down the passage, stopping at the base of the Shadow Current. You will need to have a look to the right, here you will see a chest in the lava below.

You will now need to take the current up, following the passage until you come to a dead end. From here you will need to climb to the ceiling crossing the lava below

once you have reached the end of the passage, there will be a number of current that are over the lava pool. You will not be able to do much more here, you will need to return when you have some different equipment so you will be able to get the artefact in the chest. You will need to be very careful when you cross.

Choking Grounds

Once you have arrived here at the choking grounds, you will be able to get your hands on two more Soldier Artefacts. You will first need to make your way to the gazebo in the middle of the map.

You will once again need to find Vulgrim, he is located just north of the gazebo, as well as finding Vulgrim in the north, you will also be able to find a staircase that will take you to the lower level. You will come across a group of enemies that are guarding a Soldier Artefact.

Right across this area to the south side, there are three raised sarcophagi, you can move the three stone coffins to reveal another hidden stairway. There will be more soldiers guarding a Soldier Artefact.

You will now need to head towards the north-east, there will be a gate that is blocking your way, there will be a ramp located to the south. This is leading down to another chest. Inside this chest are 100 souls.

You will need to go down the ramp, heading towards the Tormented gate, have a look to your left. There will be a passage, this passage leads down to the north-east corner of your map, you will need to follow your map to a building, this building has a couple of floors that contain chests.

You will now need to head back up to the surface, you will have to interact. You will need to blow your Earthcaller, when you do this it will trigger a cutscene. Once the cutscene is over you will have four spots that will appear on your map. You will need to head over and investigate these spots. You will then be transported to a Shadow Arena challenge.

Dark Realm Challenge : Speed Brawl

This is not a very hard challenge, you will be able to cut through the smaller enemies quickly. Once again you will be able to ignore the Fleshburster’s.

If you have completed and beaten all four rounds, you will receive a Block Counter from the Watcher.

You will need to head back through the gate towards the north-east corner, blowing your horn. You will then be rewarded with Ravager Enhancement. The gate will then be removed. You will need to equip your Enhancement on the weapon of your choice.

Darksiders Walkthrough – The Choking Grounds Part 2

In this video you will be able to watch the other 3 trials, of the choking grounds the ariel brawl, the poisoned battle and, the critical kill trial.

Dark Realm Challenge : Aeriel Brawl

In this challenge will need to defeat the enemies in the air. You will need to swipe at the enemies until your Instant Kill prompt appears. When this happens you will need to hold down your sward attack button and destroy them. You will need to do this to all five of the enemies. Once you have done this you will need to attack the gate that is blocking your exit path. Grab the two chests on your way out and make your way to the portal heading back to the surface.

Dark Realm Challenge : The Gory End

This challenge can be a hard and long one. It is a good idea to ignore the Fleshburster’s . you can take down the smaller enemies with you instant kills. You will also be able to jump onto the flying enemies killing them instantly with your button smashing.

Dark Realm Challenge : Venomous

You will need to try and avoid the green looking moss on the floor. You will once again need to ignore and take out the other enemies. If you charge up your health using the chests before your 50th kill you will be rewarded with souls.

Darksiders Walkthrough – The Broken Stair

There is a Vulgrim platform in the subway, as soon as you arrive in the broken stair area, consider buying some health, for the huge demon at the top of the broken highway.

The Broken Stairs Access Tunnel

This tunnel can be a little bit interesting. This passage will take your to the north-east, once you have dropped down you, have a look around for a chest. This chest will contain 100 souls. Using the Geysers to cross the large gaps.

At the end of the tunnel there will be a room, you will need to watch out as you will be ambushed by Phantom Guard Soldiers. Once you have taken care of them, you will need to head through the door, here you will find a broken staircase.

Darksiders Walkthrough – The Broken Stair Part 2

It’s time to fly hell gaurd style, try and shoot even the smaller enemies for more souls.

The Broken Stair

You will need to collect the soldier artefact, it is located near the entrance. Make your way up the ramp, dropping yourself down into the trenches located on the west side. You will need to run North some more picking up any goodies along the way.

Make your way back up to the streets, once you are here you will need to look for another set of stairs that will lead you down into the South East area of the map.

You will meet up with Vulgrim at the end of the West Tunnel.

You will need to backtrack yourself, you will need to head back up the stairs and to the South-West corner of the Broken stairs map. You will find another building here.

Go into the building, from here you will need to make your way to the second floor. You will need to take on the soldiers. Once you have done that you will need to make your way out of the window., using your Geysers to get to the highway located in the distance. Following the highway towards the North-east.

You will then need to used your Geysers once again. A Trauma will appear and start to track you. You will need to catch the cars it throws you, you will need to throw the cars back at the Trauma. When it reaches your platform, you will need to use your regular attack, moving out of the way to avoid it’s moves.

Once you have killed the beast, a Geyser will appear and let you cross the bridge.

Jumping across to the Geyser and into the building. You will not be able to access the roof area just yet. You will need the Beholder’s key to open the door to the roof in the east.

You will then need to take the stairs down to your right, going through the door you will locate another chest.

Keep going down the same staircase, it will take you down to the lower level. Here you will find another chest, this is the chest that holds the Beholder’s key.

Make your way back to the door that opens the roof at the east side. A cutscene will occur.

Angelic Mount

Once you have made it on your Steed, you will be able to fire at your enemies. There will also be enemies located on the ground. You will need to lock onto the larger enemies, taking them as well as taking out the smaller enemies with you regular fire.

Storm Wardens will be firing missiles at you. You can destroy these with your fire. Once you have circled through the city, take a dive into the lava filled cavern.

There will be large and small enemies swarms located in this cavern. The larger of the enemies will appear repeatedly. You will need to lock onto your target and shoot . Once you have fired the shot, you will need to move out of the way. You will need to repeat this sequence until you have made it to Twilight Cathedral.


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