Modern Warfare 3 release date and development on hold

Modern Warfare 3 fake box artwork
Rumors are circulating that Modern Warfare 3 development has been put on hold. The reason for this is due to Infinity Ward’s apparent exiting of developmental ties to the franchise.

According to these rumors, Infinity Ward has moved on to work on an all-new Intellectual Property that is un-related to Call of Duty or Modern Warfare. This is according to a VG247 source who learned the info from U.S. recruitment channels.

However this news is somewhat validated when you look at how Infinity Ward has refused to confirm that they ARE working on a sequel to Mordern Warfare 2, instead saying that no decision has been made as to what future project/s they are working on.

Speaking to IGN UK last October, Infinity Ward head Rob Bowling stated,

“Right now we don’t have a clue what our next game is going to be, and we won’t know what it will be until we finish with Modern Warfare 2, which won’t be for a while.”

Some sources are claiming that a Canadian studio is handling development duties on the game in place of Infinity Ward, while another points to Sledgehammer Games (headed by ex-Visceral Games boss Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey) as taking the reigns. But of course, neither can be confirmed at this time.

Via VG247