Trauma Team surgery playthrough (Wii)

6 January 2010
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Trauma Team playthrough screenshot. Release date is April 20, 2010
Below is a playthrough for Trauma Team, the latest game in the “Trauma Center” series. It is the fifth installment in the franchise altogether, and the third installment on the Wii; Following the Wii launch title, Trauma Center: Second Opinion, and Trauma Center: New Blood.

With Trauma Team, the developers at Atlus have really taken the series up a notch and tried to really fix a lot of the complaints and issues that people had with previous entries.

One of the biggest additions to this game is the absence of a timer, now players can focus on precision medical moves without the intense pressure the timer overlorded on them. The game also features all-new 3D graphics, the best in the series so far, among a number of other updates.

Get an in-depth look of the game in this developer playthrough video.

Trauma Team for Wii is set for release on April 20, 2010.


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