Planet M.U.L.E. launched online for free on Windows, OSX and Linux

Planet M.U.L.E. screenshot artwork
Want to download Planet M.U.L.E. for free and play the classic on your Windows, OSX or Linux computer?

Well now you can! A new version of the game has been released to the online masses and is available for zero pennies!

“Planet M.U.L.E. is an economic strategy game for up to four players connected over the internet or your local network. It is based on one of the earliest multiplayer games of all time: Dan Buntens M.U.L.E. by Ozark Softscape.

With the blessings of the Bunten Family, we are proud to present you the first official internet version since the game was released 26 years ago – and it’s free for anyone to play!

So please register, download the latest client and join the M.U.L.E. community to help us make it even better!

Happy gaming!”

You can play the game now at the official Planet M.U.L.E. web-site.

Even if you don’t know the game like me, you may still recognize this classic music!