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9 December 2009
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Looking for Trials HD cheats, codes, unlockables and more for this Xbox Live Arcade racing game? Below you’ll find a list of cheats for Trials HD.

1. Easy difficulty & Reptile bike: Pass three beginner tracks
2. Extreme difficulty: Pass three hard tracks
3. Hard difficulty & Phoenix EVO bike: Pass three medium tracks
4. Medium difficulty & Scorpion bike: Pass three easy tracks
5. Micro Donkey bike: Pass “National Bike Cup” tournament with a gold medal result
6. Platinum Club: Pass one extreme track (this unlocks the hidden platinum medal track time/fault limits)
7. Skill game “Delivery”: Pass one beginner track with a gold medal result
8. Skill game “Down the Stairs”: Pass two beginner tracks with gold medal results
9. Skill game “Flip Hunter”: Pass two easy medium with gold medal results
10. Skill game “Giant Ball Outside”: Pass three easy tracks with gold medal results
11. Skill game “Hill Climb”: Pass two easy tracks with gold medal results
12. Skill game “In Flames”: Pass three beginner tracks with gold medal results
13. Skill game “Infernal Pinball”: Pass one medium track with a gold medal result
14. Skill game “Loose Screw”: Pass three medium tracks with gold medal results
15. Skill game “Target Hunt”: Pass one easy track with a gold medal result
16. Tournaments: Pass all tracks in any of the eight tournaments to unlock that tournament

How to Unlock Secret Gamer Pics
You can unlock a secret gamer pic for Trials HD when you unlock the Full Throttle Achievement as well as when you beat all the Extreme tracks.

Earn the Achievement to get the corresponding amount of GamerPoints added to your GamerScore.

1. Bling (15) – The player has made at least 5 Gold-level performances.
2. Demon on Wheels (30) – The Player has completed all Extreme tracks.
3. Full Throttle (15) – The player has completed Container Rush without releasing the throttle even for an instant.
4. Leave Nothing in One Piece (5) – The player has completely destroyed the motorcycle and broken every single bone in a single crash.
5. Life is Harsh (20) – The player has completed all hard tracks.
6. Marathon (40) – The player has completed the Ultimate Endurance tournament without any faults.
7. Market Meltdown (15) – Skyrocketing in Stock Market is only temporary. Be prepared for the fall and the big bang.
8. Strike! (15) – Get a strike in a midnight bowling event.
9. The Challenger (10) – The player has unlocked the first tournament.
10. The Creator (5) – The player has saved his/her first custom track.
11. Trials Master (15) – The player has unlocked every track in the game.
12. Unyielding (15) – The player has completed Groundhog Returns faultlessly without changing the rider’s posture.


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