New Super Mario Bros Wii Star Coins locations guide

6 December 2009
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1. Jump from a yellow platform to a group of three Para-Troopas when they are at their top height. Easier with a Propeller Suit.
2. When the turning platform to the left of the second Star Coin’s location is at its highest, time your jump on the flying Para-Trooper to get a boost to grab it. Again, easier with a Propeller Suit.
3. Go in the pipe with the third fire-spitting Piranha Plant (between the yellow and red turning platforms). When you see the third Star Coin, time your jump from the turning platform to land on the flying Para-Trooper to hop on to the Star Coin. Once again, easier with a Propeller Suit.

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    1. Easily visible above the water. Stand on the platform above and you’ll go down until you can grab it.
    2. A little further into the level. Stand on a wide platform until it drops low enough, revealing a walk-in entry to the vertical green pipe. If an enemy drops onto the platform and sinks it too low, move off-screen and come back and it’ll be returned to its default position. Once gone in, you’ll enter a water section with the Star Coin in the middle.
    3. Easily visible, use a Koopa Shell on the bricks.


    1. Directly past the second arrow sign is a pipe. Drop down the middle of the hole in the ground to the right of the second arrow sign. In the pipe is a large room with a Star Coin blocked by bricks. The P Block is the key.
    2. In the clouds above is a second pipe beyond the first one (but before the exit pipe), as pointed to by coins. Use a Bullet Bill to reach the pipe, inside use the P Block.
    3. In the final section with the big Banzai Bills beyond the fifth platform. Lure one of them nearby and jump it for a boost to reach the Star Coin. Or get the Star Coin with the Propeller Suit.


    1. Just beyond the POW Block. Wall jump off the blue pipe when it lowers.
    2. Use a Bomb-Omb as the platform sinks to get this second Star Coin.
    3. At the end of the first section you’ll see three pipes. Enter the green one to find the last Star Coin. Freeze the Piranha Plant below that pops out of the red pipe.


    1. When there’s a gap between the penguins, go for it!
    2. Don’t trigger the ?-switch. From a stand-still, simply use wall jumping techniques to reach it at the top above the small ice block.
    3. Freeze a fuzzy on the track below and hop from him to the Star Coin.


    1. In a hidden alcove from the low circular track that moves into the lava. The alcove is on the right.
    2. Simply wall-jump when the lava geysers have stopped.
    3. Jump towards the platform holding the Star Coin when the up-and-down moving platform before it is at its lowest point. As always, Propeller Suit makes your life easier here.


    1. Jump to it before the platform melts!
    2. Beneath a frozen walkway. Stand above the Star Coin to the left and let the Piranha Plants melt things for you.
    3. This one is tricky but easier to get with multiple players. If playing alone equip a Propeller Suit and Star from the world map.
    Alternate way to get the 3rd Star Coin: Mr. “Easier way to get the coins” recommends you do the following:
    “There is no need for a propeller suit. Instead, use a penguin suit and a star (to become immortal). Simply run as far as you can get (a little further than the first coin, which can be taken on the way). Freeze the cocoons, and pick up the last one before the icy bridge (you’ll need to jump over the question mark box, since running under it will crush your ice block). Run with the block over the bridge, past the first piranha plants, and use it to kill the ones coming from the ceiling. Then go back and pick the second coin (by letting the lower plants making a hole for you). Now loaded with two coins, run towards the first bumping enemy, jump one of his fireballs on the way and stay on the last two ice blocks, these are safe. From there, you’ll plenty of time to freeze him and throw him away. Still wearing the penguin suit, it’s easy (but still a little tricky) to jump on the single ice blocks, over the third coin. Finally freeze the second and last enemy, pick up the ice block and throw it towards the coin.”


    1. Use the Propeller Suit — from the item blocks right below it — to reach it.
    2. Trailing a series of Fuzzies. Bounce or use a Propeller Suit.
    3. Use the boxes above and wait until the Banzai Bill blasts through the structure below you, revealing the final Star Coin in the game. CONGRATULATIONS!

    Thanks to Nintendo, FrankNStein & SpongeFreakX for the walkthrough guide videos.

    Feel free to leave a comment if you have a question or to let us know if this star coins guide helped you. 🙂


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    • louise

      where its the hidden beanstalk on world seven

    • MintIceCream

      Just takes practice. Beware of the king bills and the fuzzies

    • MintIceCream

      To get 7-6, you go to the first castle with the cannons. Find a hole and go through.

      8-7 is activated by going to 8-2 at the end with the spiky balls and go through the wall on the left and through the pipe. Then you go through the other pipe without the goombas.

    • MintIceCream

      did you clear the whole thing with no super guide

    • MintIceCream

      In 8-2,at the end there will be spikyballs coming out of a wall next to a spinning platform. Run from the balls to a lower level. There should be a wall on your left. Walk through it and enter the pipe. Go past more spinning platforms that is not used for goombas. There will be three more spinning platforms. Jump from one to the next to the exit.

    • MintIceCream

      In 6-5 near the end there are four ? blocks. In between the second and third ones, theres a beanstalk. There is a star coin up there and the secret exit.

    • smith23

      I’ve been trying to get the last star coin on world 2-2 but I’m having trouble jumping off the wall. How do you do it?

    • Saryn Offenbecher

      P E R F E C T I O N !!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

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