New Super Mario Bros Wii Star Coins locations guide

6 December 2009
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1. Easily spotted, use the sand shooting up to get it.
2. In a crevice with a Piranha Plant on top of the wall. Slide down the bit of wall and keep holding left to get it.
3. Easily spotted beneath a slim platform. Use the Propeller Suit to reach it. In multiplayer, have a player jump for it then turn into a bubble (by pressing A) before they fall into the abyss below.

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    1. Before the checkpoint is a shaft of quicksand. Ride it down and enter the pipe. Run to the end of the area (don’t enter the green pipe, which leads to the exit) and use the yellow upside down switch to reach the Star Coin.
    2. Hit the left-most block at this area to reveal a beanstalk (reach it via the moving platform below, leap when it’s at its highest point). Ride the platform and grab the P Block (but don’t use it yet). Wait until you are below the Star Coin then use the P Block to make it drop onto you.
    3. Enter the mini pipe near the end of the level and wall jump to reach this Star Coin.


    1. Easily spotted at the bottom of a yellow “pyramid”.
    2. On the lower route after the checkpoint, just below the Fire-Spitting Bro.
    3. At the top of the long slope before the end of the stage. Use a nearby platform and jump to the ceiling. You’ll find a secret area with the Star Coin.


    1. Near the second ladder are three hidden blocks, one is a vine. Climb it and you’ll see the Star Coin. Hit both visible and invisible blocks to reveal a path and more vines to reach the coin.
    2. You must have a Propeller Suit or multiple players to reach this Star Coin. Enter the pipe directly after the checkpoint. You’ll see the Star Coin. Use the Propeller Suit to reach it or Bubble Up by pressing A in multiplayer.
    3. Across from a hill near the end of the level, use a Propeller Suit to reach it, wall jumping off the wall and onto the platform above to avoid death.


    1. Hidden in a cloud after the third tree. Use Yoshi or a Lakitu cloud to get it.
    2. Before the checkpoint you’ll find a Piranha Plant on top of a secret area. Kill it by spitting out a Lakitu Spiny onto it. Once underground, have Yoshi grab the Light Block so you can see and flutter jump to reach the Star Coin.
    3. Directly above and to the right of the yellow “pyramid” full of Cactus enemies called Pokey’s. Use Lakitu’s cloud to reach it.


    1. Easily spotted on the left side of the shaft near the top of the first room. Use the swinging gate to reach it
    2. Immediately to the right of the checkpoint is a hidden area in the wall.
    3. Right before the boss, hop the fences to get it.


    1. Easily visible past the first item box.
    2. A green pipe at the top near some bricks at the end of the track leads to the Star Coin. Inside the pipe, use the propeller item in the corner or a Propeller Suit to reach the Star Coin.
    3. Easily visible, located just after the “P Block” before the red-coin ring.


    1. After the level starts quickly take the middle route which leads to the Star Coin. Or use the Propeller Suit to reach the top route (or a teammates head in multiplayer).
    2. Easily spotted after the three-route section. Break the bricks and wall jump to reach it.
    3. Above the lava after the second three-route path. Use the “P Block” to turn the coins into blocks and run across the lava to get the Star Coin.

    Continue to Page 3 for the World 3 Star Coins!


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    • louise

      where its the hidden beanstalk on world seven

    • MintIceCream

      Just takes practice. Beware of the king bills and the fuzzies

    • MintIceCream

      To get 7-6, you go to the first castle with the cannons. Find a hole and go through.

      8-7 is activated by going to 8-2 at the end with the spiky balls and go through the wall on the left and through the pipe. Then you go through the other pipe without the goombas.

    • MintIceCream

      did you clear the whole thing with no super guide

    • MintIceCream

      In 8-2,at the end there will be spikyballs coming out of a wall next to a spinning platform. Run from the balls to a lower level. There should be a wall on your left. Walk through it and enter the pipe. Go past more spinning platforms that is not used for goombas. There will be three more spinning platforms. Jump from one to the next to the exit.

    • MintIceCream

      In 6-5 near the end there are four ? blocks. In between the second and third ones, theres a beanstalk. There is a star coin up there and the secret exit.

    • smith23

      I’ve been trying to get the last star coin on world 2-2 but I’m having trouble jumping off the wall. How do you do it?

    • Saryn Offenbecher

      P E R F E C T I O N !!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

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