God of War Collection cheats, easter eggs and trophies guide

God of War Collection box artwork
If you’re looking for God of War Collection cheats, Easter Eggs, Trophies, secrets and more for God of War 1 or God of War 2 (both included in the set) then you’ve come to the right place.

Cheats for God of War 1

Below you will find cheats for the first God of War game.

The following can be unlocked by beating the game in various ways.

1. A Secret Revealed – Beat the game on Spartan Mode.
2. Alternate costumes for Kratos – Beat the Challenge Of The Gods.
3. Birth of the Beast – Beat game once (any difficulty).
4. Challenge of the Gods – Beat game once (any difficulty).
5. Character Graveyard – Beat game once (any difficulty).
6. Credits – Beat game once (any difficulty).
7. Deleted Levels – Beat game once (any difficulty).
8. God Mode – Beat game once (any difficulty).
9. Heroic Possibilities – Beat game once (any difficulty).
10. In-Game Movies – Beat game once (any difficulty).
11. Monsters of Myth – Beat game once (any difficulty).
12. Secret Message 1 – Beat the game on God Mode.
13. The Fate Of The Titan – Beat the game on Spartan Mode.
14. Visions of Ancient Greece – Beat game once (any difficulty).

God of War was made infamous in some quarters for containing a sexual mini-game that is accessible towards the beginning of the game. At the start of Act 2, you’ll find two women in your bed when you are inside your ship. Simply jump onto the bed and press the Circle Button to play the Mini-Game. This mini-game amounts to the shaking of a vase, which is all you see. But as you “progress” in this “game”, the vase will shake more violently until it falls and breaks (if successful). To successfully proceed in the game, you must press the button commands that come onto the screen. Towards the end you’ll also have to rotate the Left Analog Stick. Your reward for winning this game is a large amount of Red Orbs. Each time you play the game over you’ll earn 5 more Red Orbs.

Here is a video of the mini-game in action.

You can find two secret messages within God of War that are actually phone numbers, which when called allow you to listen to some interesting messages.

One number is found after you have beaten the Ares and Minotaur statues in the Olympus throne room. You’ll then get a secret telephone number in a scrambled message. Call this number to hear a secret message. In the EU version you will actually get an extra cut-scene that is not in the American version.

Another telephone number is found by beating God Mode. This number is non-scrambled. Call this to hear an interesting story on what really happened after the final boss was defeated.

The last hidden message is found by doing the following outside the Temple of the Oracle in the area with the Gravedigger. Simply follow these steps:

1. Look to the left edge near a Red Orb Chest, you will see a small firefly buzzing around.
2. Go near to it and press R2.
3. Quickly run to where the Gravedigger is located and stand on top of the highest mound of dirt you see there and press R2.
4. Now run south across the bridge and stand in between the two torches and press R2 a final time.
5. If done correctly, you’ll see the sky lit up with the words “Surrender Kratos”.

Cheats for God of War 2

Below you will find cheats for the second God of War game.


1. Athena – Complete the game on Titan mode.
2. Blade of Olympus – Complete the game, then start a New Game+/Bonus play.
3. Cod of War Costume – Complete the game on any difficulty level.
4. Dark Odyssey – Complete the game on God mode.
5. General Kratos – Collect 20 Cyclops eyes. Must kill them with a context-sensitive move. Meaning the O button.
6. God Armor (Doubles All Stats) – Receive God ranking in Challenge mode.
7. Hercules – Complete the game on Titan mode.
8. Hydra Armor – Complete the game on any difficulty level.

Here is a video looking at the unlockable costumes.

You can find a sex mini-game in God of War 2 early on in the game. During the area of Rhodes, the first area in the game, there will be a part where you drop down into a bathhouse sauna area. Jump out of the water instead of diving downward, and head toward some screens that are breakable. Keep hitting them until they shatter, which will reveal a hot tub with two topless women. Walk up to them and press Circle to play the sex mini-game. How you play is the same as the sex mini-game in God of War 1. You will need to press the buttons as they appear on the screen. As you do so a peeing statue will either shoot more or less water. Your reward for winning this game is a large amount of Red Orbs and some Green Orbs. You can continue to play the game as much as you want but you won’t be rewarded with anything extra after the first time.

Here is a video of the God of War 2 mini-game in action.

How to Unlock Viewable In-Game Movies
Simply beat the game and you’ll have access to high resolution movies of all the game’s cut-scenes as well as Story Format.

How to Unlock the Challenge of the Titans Mode
This mode is similar to the “Challenge of the Gods” mode from God of War 1, except you must undertake 7 challenges. To unlock this mode simply beat the game on any difficulty level and unlock it in the Treasures section.

Here is a video of each challenge.

Challenge of the Titans #1

Challenge of the Titans #2

Challenge of the Titans #3

Challenge of the Titans #4

How to Unlock the Arena Of The Fates

Challenge of the Titans #5

Challenge of the Titans #6

Challenge of the Titans #7

How to Unlock Arena Of The Fates Mode
To unlock this Practice-style Mode, you must achieve a Titan Rank in the above “Challenge of the Titans” Mode.

How to Activate Bonus Play Mode
Bonus Play Mode allows you to start a new game with all of the Weapons and Magic stats at the levels they were at when you completed the game. To do this, you will need to save your game after you beat it, then start a new game and selecting “Bonus Play”. However Bonus Play only lets you play on the same difficulty you beat the game on. To beat it on another difficulty level you’ll have to start a new game in normal fashion and select the difficulty you desire.

God of War 2 Secrets Video (thx to jinkazamavgh)

“Now I Am Become Death” Hidden Message Walkthrough Video (thx to NextGenWalkthroughs)

God of War 2 Mega Red Treasure Chest (thx to NextGenWalkthroughs)

God of War 2 Second Translator + Mega Green Treasure Chest (thx to NextGenWalkthroughs)

God of War 2 Infinite Orbs Glitch (thx to ICcold)

God of War 1 Trophies List

Earn Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Trophies to increase your Gamer Level.

1. 1.21 Gigawatts (Bronze) – Acquire Poseidon’s Rage.
2. Beat a Dead Horse (Bronze) – Complete the Centaur sacrifice to Hades.
3. Bolt Action (Bronze) – Acquire Zeus’s Fury.
4. Don’t Leave Her Hanging (Bronze) – Rescue the Oracle with 10 seconds to spare.
5. Don’t They Ever Shut Up! (Bronze) – Defeat the Desert Sirens.
6. Get Me a Beer Kid (Bronze) – Free yourself from the depths of Hades.
7. Get the Ball Rolling (Bronze) – Complete the Challenge of Atlas.
8. Getting My Ass Kicked (Bronze) – Die enough to get offered Easy Mode.
9. God Killer (Silver) – Kill Ares.
10. Head Hunter (Silver) – Obtain the head of the Architect’s wife.
11. Hitman (Bronze) – Get a 100 Hits Combo.
12. Hitman 2 (Silver) – Get a 200 Hits Combo.
13. I’ll Take the Physical Challange (Gold) – Complete the Challenge of the Gods.
14. It’s the HUGE One (Silver) – Retrieve the Captain’s Key.
15. Key to Success (Gold) – Collect all of the Muse Keys.
16. Kickboxer (Bronze) – Complete the Spike Room Box Puzzle.
17. Kratos’ Marble Collection (Silver) – Collect all the Gorgon Eyes.
18. Legend of the Twins (Silver) – Watch the ‘Birth of the Beast’ Treasure.
19. Matador (Bronze) – Win the first Minotaur fight.
20. Prepare to be a God (Gold) – Beat the Game on any Difficulty.
21. Rockin’ the Boat (Bronze) – Complete the Sex Mini-Game.
22. Rocking Out (Bronze) – Acquire Medusa’s Gaze.
23. Roll Over…and Die (Bronze) – Win the first Cerberus fight.
24. Scape Goat (Bronze) – Win the first Satyr fight.
25. Seeing Red (Silver) – Max out all Weapons and Magic.
26. Soul Search (Bronze) – Acquire Army of Hades.
27. Speed of Jason McDonald (Gold) – Beat the game in under 5 hours on any Difficulty.
28. Splash (Bronze) – Kiss the Nyad.
29. Stick it in Your Cap! (Silver) – Collect all the Phoenix Feathers.
30. Sword Man (Bronze) – Acquire Blade of Artemis.
31. Take the Bull by the Horns (Silver) – Defeat Pandora’s Guardian.
32. The Power to Kill a God (Silver) – Retrieve Pandora’s Box.
33. Totally Baked (Bronze) – Complete the Human Sacrifice.
34. Trophy of Zeus (Platinum) – Unlock all God of War Trophies.
35. You Got the Touch! (Gold) – Climbed the Spiked Column in Hades without taking damage.
36. Zero Health (Bronze) – Open a Health Chest when your health meter is already full.

God of War 2 Trophies List

Earn Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Trophies to increase your Gamer Level.

1. 15 Min Fight Scene (Gold) – Battle your way to the Loom Chamber in under 10 minutes.
2. Big, Tuff, Buff and Rough (Bronze) – Acquire Rage of the Titans.
3. Bleeding Thumbs (Gold) – Beat the Challenge of the Titans.
4. Blowin’ Your Wad (Silver) – Max out all Weapons and Magic.
5. Blue Balls (Bronze) – Acquire Chronos’ Rage.
6. Boss Batch 1 (Silver) – Kill the Colossus of Rhodes, the Dark Rider, and Theseus.
7. Boss Batch 2 (Silver) – Kill the Barbarian King, Euryale, and Perseus.
8. Boss Batch 3 (Silver) – Kill the Kraken and all three Sisters of Fate.
9. Breaking Wind (Bronze) – Acquire Typhon’s Bane.
10. Daddy Issues (Silver) – Defeat Zeus.
11. Death from Above 2009 (Bronze) – Defeat the Dark Rider for the first time.
12. Eye Can’t Believe it (Silver) – Collect all the Gorgon Eyes.
13. Eye Sore (Silver) – Collect 20 Cyclops Eyes.
14. Feel the Urn (Gold) – Collect and use at least 2 Urns of Power.
15. Go Make a Pillow! (Silver) – Collect all Phoenix Feathers.
16. Hitting Your Stride (Bronze) – Power up any item.
17. Learning to Fly (Bronze) – Acquire the Icarus Wings.
18. Lift with Your Knees (Bronze) – Topple the Temple in the Bog of the Forgotten.
19. Pick’n on the Little Guy (Bronze) – Win the battle outside of the Palace of the Fates.
20. Resurrection (Bronze) – Climb from the pit of Hades.
21. Rise and SHINE (Silver) – Awaken the Phoenix.
22. Rock Hard (Bronze) – Defeat the Titan Minotaur inside Atlas.
23. Rock their World (Bronze) – Acquire the Head of Euryale.
24. Shaky Ground (Bronze) – Acquire the Atlas Quake.
25. Shine King (Silver) – Open the foor to the Temple of Euryale.
26. Shiner (Bronze) – Acquire the Golden Fleece.
27. Spread ‘Em (Silver) – Open the wings of the Temple of the Fates.
28. Stoner (Bronze) – Stone and Shatter 30 Enemies.
29. Super Sized (Bronze) – Get a 500 Hits Combo.
30. Swinger (Bronze) – Cross the collapsing Grapple Bridge.
31. The End Begins (Gold) – Beat the Game on any Difficulty.
32. Trophy of Gaia (Platinum) – Unlock all God of War II Trophies.
33. Watcha Got on the Hot Plate? (Bronze) – Solve the riddle of the Fire Phoenix Statue.
34. Whip it Good (Bronze) – Whip the Steeds of Time.
35. You Know the Germans Make Good Stuff… (Gold) – Collect all Uber Chests.