New Super Mario Bros Wii cheats and tips guide

New Super Mario Bros Wii cheats and tips guide
Unlock New Super Mario Bros. Wii cheats to secrets with the tips in this guide. This includes how to unlock hidden levels for World 9, how to make Mushroom Houses appear, how to get unlimited lives, and various tips for this all-new four-player Mario platformer for the Wii.


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  • How to unlock World 9 secret levels

    You can unlock up to 8 secret levels for the hidden World 9, which is opened up after you have completed the game once. However to unlock these secret stages, you have to do more than just beat the game. Collecting all of the hidden Star Coins for each of the game’s worlds will unlock a new corresponding level for World 9. So you must collect all Star Coins in the game to unlock all of the new levels in World 9.

    Here is how to unlock each level:

    How to Unlock Level 9-1 – Collect all Star Coins in World 1.
    How to Unlock Level 9-2 – Collect all Star Coins in World 2.
    How to Unlock Level 9-3 – Collect all Star Coins in World 3.
    How to Unlock Level 9-4 – Collect all Star Coins in World 4.
    How to Unlock Level 9-5 – Collect all Star Coins in World 5.
    How to Unlock Level 9-6 – Collect all Star Coins in World 6.
    How to Unlock Level 9-7 – Collect all Star Coins in World 7.
    How to Unlock Level 9-8 – Collect all Star Coins in World 8.

    How to Unlock Level 7-6 – Many people asked for this, so here is a video showing it:

    How to Unlock Level 8-7 – Here’s a video showing how to get to it:

    Where more hidden NSMB Wii levels can be found:
    To everyone who’s not sure if they have found all the hidden levels. These are the worlds with secret exits:

    World 1-3: Leads to the Cannon.
    World 2-4: Gives a shortcut to the Castle.
    World 2-6: Leads to a Mushroom House, you need to hit that big red switch on the World Map first.
    World 3-Ghosthouse: Leads to the Cannon.
    World 4-Tower: Leads to the Cannon.
    World 4-Ghosthouse: Gives a shortcut to the Castle.
    World 5-Ghosthouse: Leads to the Cannon.
    World 6-5: Gives a shortcut to the Castle.
    World 6-6: Leads to the Cannon.
    World 7-Tower: Leads to World 7-6 & a Mushroom House in the clouds, which then leads to the Castle.
    World 7-Ghosthouse: Gives a shortcut to 7-5
    World 8-2: Leads to hidden World 8-7, which then leads straight to the Airship.

    What to Use Star Coins For

    You can use Star Coins, which are the big coins you see scattered throughout the game’s levels, to unlock Hint Movies by purchasing them with said Star Coins. These Hint Movies are kind of like the Super Guide Blocks, except these show you how to perform the more advanced moves and techniques of highly skilled New Super Mario Bros. Wii players.

    These movies were created by Nintendo’s own developers and testers on the game and reveal their wisdom for the highest level of New Super Mario Bros. expert play. These tricks include how to earn infinite 1-Ups at particular spots in stages, how to perform Super Skills, how to find hidden areas and how to find secret Star Coins.

    If you are looking for a guide that helps to find all the secret Star Coins in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, then click the link for our excellent guide that shows you each Star Coin location in the game.

    Here is a video showing off the kind of skills that the Hint Movies show you.

    Additionally, you will get a nice reward that is “definitely worth it” for collecting all of the Star Coins in the game, according to Nintendo. This gives players good reason to go back into the levels they’ve already beaten to replay them at least once more to try and collect all of the Star Coins. The tip referred to may be the unlockable “World 9”. You can read about how to unlock the World 9 stages above.

    Check out our New Super Mario Bros. Wii walkthrough for videos showing all levels in detail.

    How and where to get unlimited/99 lives using the Infinite 1-UP and Coins Skills:

    In World 1-3, a four-player Yoshi stage, three players can ride Yoshi and use Yoshi in combination with the player not using Yoshi to collect all the coins and power-ups in the level. This is performed by swallowing the player not riding Yosh, and then spitting him out between Yoshis, never allowing the player to touch the ground. In this manner, each enemy killed will turn into a 1-UP.

    In World 3-2, you need Yoshi to do this trick. Keep killing the Bullet Bills until the 1UPs start flowing. As the following video shows, you can also get an additional 1UP using just Mario.

    In World 4’s Final Castle, you need to be at least 2 players and 1 of them must be Ice Mario. When you enter the castle, run to the second switch that when you hit it you will get to the other side. It’s where the fence has a long rectangular switch panel. Once there, kill 2 of the 3 koopas, kill the Dry Bones too to prevent taking any damage. Then freeze the 3rd and hit the switch directly afterwards when the koopa is still on the switch and frozen. If you do so, he will fall down and climb around his own ice block (see the video) but he can’t hurt you. Be sure to catch all the coins as they fall down or the game will start lagging badly. Note: gaining 99 lives will make mario drop his hat, he will now run around without it on the map! 😀 Lose a life and his hat will return.

    Here are the steps to take to use this glitch to get 99 lives for all players:

    How to Make Mushroom Houses Appear on the World Map

    Just like in Super Mario Bros. 3, Toad Houses will sometimes appear on the World Map. However which Toad Houses appear is NOT random. Using the trick below, you can try to make a certain Toad House appear.

    Toad Houses will appear on any level where a Toad is trapped. You must save that Toad in the level for any house to appear. The trick comes at the end of the level. The type of Toad House that appears will depend on the last digit on the Level Timer when you hit the Flag Pole at the end of the stage.

    Mushroom Toad Houses New Super Mario Bros Wii screenshot

    How to make a Gold Mushroom House appear in Single player – You must hit the Flag Pole with Toad intact with the last digit of the Timer landing on the numbers 7, 8, or 9.
    How to make a Green Mushroom House appear in Single player – You must hit the Flag Pole with Toad intact with the last digit of the Timer landing on the numbers 0, 1, 2 or 3.
    How to make a Red Mushroom House appear in Single player – You must hit the Flag Pole with Toad intact with the last digit of the Timer landing on the number 4, 5 or 6.

    How to make a Gold Mushroom House appear in Multiplayer – You must hit the Flag Pole the last two digits of the Timer landing on the numbers 99.
    How to make a Green Mushroom House appear in Multiplayer – You must hit the Flag Pole the last two digits of the Timer landing on the numbers 11 or 22.
    How to make a Red Mushroom House appear in Multiplayer – You must hit the Flag Pole the last two digits of the Timer landing on the numbers 33, 44, 55, 66, 77 or 88.

    How to get unlimited Mushroom Houses: You must get five stars on your save file* by beating the game, then collecting all the star coins in worlds 1-8, all the star coins in world 9, and finding all the exits from a level and using every mushroom house and cannon on the map. When all that is done, you’ll get a message saying everything has been cleared. Thus Mushroom Houses will never go away, and you can max out your items.

    * How to get five stars on your save file:
    For Star 1 finish the game.
    For Star 2 finish every normal level
    For Star 3 collect all 207 star coins in the first 8 worlds.
    For Star 4 collect all 24 star coins in world 9.
    For Star 5 finish every level, find every secret goal and use all of the warp cannons.
    For Sparkling Stars finish the game without Super Guide appearing (don’t die 8 times in a row on one level).

    How to Make the Super Guide Appear

    Die at least 8 times in a level and the helpful “Super Guide Block” will appear. Hit the block and you will see a live demo of the level being played correctly by Luigi. This “Super Guide” can then be resumed at any point and you can continue playing manually as Luigi.

    Watch the Super Guide of level 1-1, and you are essentially seeing a tutorial on how to play a Mario game. The Super Guide is meant to help novices be able to complete the game even if they’ve never played a Mario game before, because they can now simply skip difficult sections of a stage that they couldn’t pass themselves and can do so with no penalty; Simply resuming from where the Super Guide left off after it passes the difficult part for them.

    Not only that, but you can also find out HOW to pass a level by watching the Super Guide demo. However the Super Guide does not reveal secrets, hidden areas, or the finer advanced tricks of Super Mario Bros. Wii play.

    If you watch the Super Guide to the end, it will give you the option of re-trying the level yourself. Or continuing on to the next stage.

    Those who are able to beat the game without using the Super Guide Block will be rewarded with a special bonus on the Title Screen for their efforts.

    Here is a video of the Super Guide in action.


    Get free Coins from Dancing Flowers: A Dancing Flower will give you one coin if you Spin Jump (flick Wiimote upwards) from a neutral position.

    Get the original End Level Fanfare from Super Mario Bros.: When you beat the first level of the game and when you beat a level while rescuing a Toad in single player, the old 8-bit End Level Fanfare will play from the first Super Mario Bros.

    Power-Up Tips and Tricks

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii returns Mario to the side-scrolling perspective and will please fans by containing a lot of the classic elements, music, enemies, bosses and more that players know and love from past Mario games. Thankfully not everything is old, because the game also features new Power-Ups. In addition to the ones we know and love.


    Power-Ups New Super Mario Bros Wii artwork

    Propeller Suit New Super Mario Bros Wii artwork The Propeller Suit – This new suit power-up allows players to launch up into the air before spinning back to the ground. Naturally, this is most useful for reaching high platforms that can’t be reached in any other manner. You can also use the glide move on the Propeller Suit by holding the button to reach platforms that are further away. Shake the Wii Remote to get an extra boost in your jump.

    The Ice Flower – The Ice Flower is basically an ice version of the Fire Flower. Like the Penguin Suit, it allows you to shoot out Ice Balls that freeze enemies. These frozen enemies can then be picked up and thrown as weapons or used as platforms.

    Penguin Suit New Super Mario Bros Wii artwork The Penguin Suit is considered a more advance power-up though because the Ice Flower lacks the Sliding Attack and the faster swim that the Penguin Suit offers. Do a Spin Jump while you have the Ice Flower power-up to shoot out two Ice Balls (one on each side of you), a great defensive attack.

    The Penguin Suit – The Penguin Suit power-up allows the player to use a powerful sliding attack, swim faster, and shoot Ice Balls. Ice Balls will freeze enemies. These frozen enemies can then be picked up and thrown as weapons or used as platforms.


    Fire Mario New Super Mario Bros Wii artwork Fire Flower – The Fire Flower is a Mario classic and works as you’d expect it to. Use the Fire Balls to destroy enemies and bosses, making the game much easier. You can even shoot out two Fire Balls on either side by doing a Spin Jump, which is a great defensive attack just like with the Ice Flower.

    Star Man – Another Mario classic, the Star Man makes you invincible for a short amount of time, where you can then simply run into enemies to destroy them.

    Super Mushroom – The Super Mushroom turns normal smaller sized Mario into a bigger vesion called Super Mario. Super Mario can break bricks from underneath while regular Mario cannot. This classic made it’s debut along with the Star Man and Fire Flower in the original Super Mario Bros. 1 NES game, along with the power-up below.

    Invincible Mario Starman New Super Mario Bros Wii artwork 1-Up Mushroom – The 1-Up Mushoom is as recognizable as the above power-ups and rewards you with an extra life. These babies are hidden all over the stages so keep your eye out for them.

    Mini Mushroom – The Mini Mushroom does exactly the opposite of the Super Mushroom and turns Mario into Tiny Mario. When tiny, you can run across water, fit through very small crevices and enter small pipes that cannot be entered any other way, allowing you to access hidden areas. The Mini Mushroom made it’s debut in New Super Mario Bros. on DS and returns here in the Wii version.

    Koopalings aka Koopa Kids return in New Super Mario Bros Wii as bosses


    1. Wall jumping is a great way to reach higher platforms, simply jump against a wall and press the opposite direction and jump again to perform a Wall Jump. This move first made it’s debut in Super Mario 64. This advance technique can also save your life if you fall in a hole. As you are falling into the pit, keep holding the D-Pad toward the wall, if you have enough time quickly press the opposite direction and jump. If you do it fast enough you can actually kick yourself off the wall of the pit and to the opposite wall of the pit. Mix and repeat to save yourself from pit death, which takes the life of many Mario players.

    2. How to Get Hatless Mario – You can make Mario turn hatless, just like in Super Mario 64, by collecting 99 lives at any point during your adventure. If you do so, you will find that Mario is hatless when you go to the Map Screen. As long as you have 99 lives, Mario will remain without his hat. Lose a life and the iconic hat will return to his head.

    3. Yoshi can eat EVERYTHING: enemies, items, other players, etc., experiment around with Yoshi’s tongue-ability to find secrets and maybe even discover a new technique or Super Skill.

    4. When playing multiplayer, keep in mind the order of players. The first person into a Pipe, for example, will be the first person to pop back out. Giving them an advantage when collecting coins and the like. Keep this in mind playing the game.

    5. Remember that although NSMB Wii is a side-scrolling game where the goal is to always move forward, you can also go backwards through a level if you want to.

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii desert screenshot

    6. You can pick other players up and carry them. This can be useful for quickly carrying an inexperienced player across the stage. Of course, you can also throw them into a pit or a fireball if you are so inclined. This can also be useful to reach higher platforms or areas you might not be able to reach otherwise.

    7. Spin Jump on certain platforms or objects to activate certain situations. For example, with platforms that have a screw embeded in top, spin on it to make the platform rise or fall. You can use this to collect coins that you couldn’t normally reach below the platform. Try spinning on other objects to see what will happen.

    8. Kill enemies and collect coins to add more points to your overall score. The winner in multiplayer is determined by the player who earns the most points by killing enemies, collecting power-ups and collecting coins.

    9. You can store power-ups for use later while on the Map Screen. The items will be stored when you enter Toad Houses and play a mini-game for an Item. You can then use that Item while on the map before you enter a level.

    10. When using Yoshi, if you shoot a fireball out to a Yoshi further ahead, that Yoshi can then gulp down the fireball with his tongue, and shoot it back out as an even larger fireball!

    New Super Mario Bros Wii ice level screenshot

    11. The game keeps track of how many times you’ve continued. In addition, if you lose all your lives in a level, you’ll be out until you reach the World Map when playing with two or more players. The game will then refill that player with 5 lives. Which counts as a Continue. You may be rewarded if you can beat the game without continuing.

    12. There is not a seperate reward for completing the game by yourself as opposed to having the help of one, two or three other buddies. So whenever you have more than one person around to play with, invite them over for some New Super Mario Bros. Wii fun.

    13. Shake the Wii Remote at the peak of a jump to get a bit of an airborne stall that will allow you to time your jumps better and make defeating enemies and reaching platforms easier.

    14. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is not compatible with the Classic Controller, neither is the GameCube controller supported. You must play it old-school using the D-Pad and the Wii Remote turned sideways to resemble and NES controller. The reason for this is due to certain sections that require you to tilt the Wii Remote. Although the controls change accordingly if you connect the Nunchuck add-on.

    New Super Mario Bros Wii 4-player multiplayer co-op screenshot

    15. When playing stages from the Single-Player game in Coin Battle Mode, the locations of coins will be different, changing the level up some and making it more difficult even if you have already played the level.

    16. While playing four-player Coin Battle, you will find Coin Outlines where the coins don’t appear until you touch the outline. When playing with friends, this means that if you stay as the leader of the pack, you will actually miss the coins because they will appear right behind you for the ones following you to pick up. So you want to try and be in second or third position so that you can pick up the coins that the person running through the outline makes appear. Remember, first place isn’t always best when playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

    17. While playing the Single Player Story Mode, friends can drop in and out at any time during the map screen to enable cooperative play and help you out.

    Yoshi Riding New Super Mario Bros Wii artwork