Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Intel Locations list and achievements guide (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

Multiplayer Friends List:

This list is for people who want to play online multiplayer together. Leave your own Xbox Live Gamertag, PlayStation Network ID or Steam ID in the comments below to be added! Be sure to add your system of choice behind your username, it will make it easier for everyone to battle with fellow fans.

1. iBoReD (PS3) — “Any EU gamers wanna add me, drop an invite.”
2. drc267 (PS3)
3. k19s89 (PS3)
4. zlink8 (PS3, Steam)
5. ar rakus (Xbox 360)
6. US ARMYS SOLD1ER (Xbox 360)
7. christinaluv (PS3)
8. MinorRick (Xbox 360)
9. dOctOrFill (PS3) — “Anyone in NZ/AUS looking for Spec Ops/Multiplayer hit me up!”
10. T3H SLAY3R (Xbox 360) — “Need another person to do special ops with.”
11. xxBad-Ass-Mofoxx (PS3) / Little Lut (Xbox 360) — “Looking for partner for Spec Ops and Hardcore Team Deathmatch.”
12. lejendary1157 (PS3)
13. sevvykidd (PS3) — “Anyone in North-West England add me.”
14. De Heurre (Xbox 360) — “Looking for a Special Ops partner in EU.”
15. [TK’s]JonnyWad (Steam) — “Looking for someone to do Special Ops with for PC.”
16. evildragons (PS3) — “Looking to play Team Deathmatch or just about anything lol.”
17. corey (Xbox 360?) — “Spec Ops.”
18. newitt tha ace (Xbox 360) — “Add me to do some Veteran Special Ops on 360.”
19. Xx_Dominik_xX (PS3) — “I get on every day.”
20. delirium420 (PS3)
21. WiredUpZombie01 (PS3)
22. pR1nc3o4sol1sm (PS3)
23. MALCY YKT (Xbox 360)
24. nikeroxmysox (PS3)
25. asbestosmad (Xbox 360)
26. littlesnoopj (PS3)
27. true_g22 (PS3) — “Yo, I am a god at this game. 100% nutjob, you’ll want me in your team, trust me!!”
28. Admiralnude23 (Xbox 360) — “Don’t worry I’m not a stripper. Add me if you are awesome, and I know you are all awesome, so add me.”
29. w45h1ngt0n (PS3)
30. ste123201 (PS3) — “I need someone to do Special Ops with me and go on Free-for-all with.”
32. maxblackest (Steam)
33. The Consolate (Xbox 360) — “Hey, if anyone ever wants to play just send me an invite or a friend request.”
34. Arbitrspartn (Xbox 360) — “Hey guys, need some people to play with.”
35. hutch50 (PS3) — “I’m down for spec ops and online multiplayer.”
36. Sanandreas81(PS3) — “Who ever wants to play multiplayer with me I am up for it either spec ops or online.”
37. OIFSldr23 (PS3) — “Looking for teammates for great gameplay. I’ll play just about anything.”
38. MONTY521 (PS3) — “Australia in NSW.”
39. brad the lad007 (Xbox 360) — “Fave games: COD 4, MW 2, Halo 3, 1 vs 100. Mostly plays: Modern Warfare 2.”
40. modok16 (Xbox 360)
41. sConfidential (Xbox 360)
42. drinsaine (Xbox 360?)
43. Brian the RULER (Xbox 360) — “I want to play some Spec Ops with someone!”
44. cienioslaw82 (PS3) — “Looking for a team mate for Special Ops in the EU.”
45. SubsonicSpeed (PS3) — “Team mate(s) for Veteran Special Ops guys.”
46. Swording Snake (Xbox 360)
47. brah1239870 (Xbox 360)
48. J11337MF3R (Xbox 360) — “Modern Warfare Edition – Hardcore Mostly.”
49. brycey6989 (PS3) — “Add me if you want.”
50. frank saint (Xbox 360) — “If somebody wants to play Spec Ops on Veteran just add me and we can get the job done!”
51. VelvetyNeptune (Xbox 360) — “Add me if you want to play Special Ops, new to game.”
52. Extreme_Enigma1 (PS3) — “Trophy whore wanna do all Special Ops on Veteran, and love all-nighters and team work is the way to go, and clan wars the bomb.”
53. Sir_Bee (PS3) — “Would like someone to finish up Spec Ops on Veteran with, or just play multiplayer.”
54. Exodragon26 (Xbox 360?) — “I want to go through spec ops but im not very good lol also team deathmatches.”
55. superpete37 (Xbox 360?) — “Anyone want to add me as a Special Ops expert.”
56. TixFM (Xbox 360?) — “Add me if you wanna play some MW2!”
57. kinggeordie1103 (PS3) — “Add me if you want.”
58. Viikset (Xbox 360?) — “Anyone wants to finish Spec Ops?”
59. xdjdragonx (Xbox 360) — “Need players for Special Ops Veteran and online play.”
60. luke-mc_ (Xbox 360?) — “Only add me if u wanna do Spec Ops or Team Multiplayer (cos I need a gaming buddy)”
61. R3d5kull94 (Xbox 360) — “I’ll play Spec. Ops. or Matchmaking, sometimes Custom matches.”
62. Mitchell989 (Xbox 360) — “Need someone for Spec Ops, drop me a line.”
63. mm430 (PS3) — “Add me if help you with Spec Ops or just play multi.”
64. GuitaristX1986 (Xbox 360) — “Need people to do Spec Ops or for Team Deathmatch.”
65. Johnny Doe 1980 (Xbox 360) — “Up for some Special Ops if anyone fancies it.”
66. pur cheese (Xbox 360) — “I’m usually on every night.”
67. gangstersason69 (Xbox 360) — “I need someone for Spec Ops please, thanks.”
68. Pesano (Xbox 360) — “Spec Ops or Multiplayer. Usually available early a.m. (6-8) on weekdays.”
69. PsychoticTurtle (PS3) — “Looking for Spec Ops buddys or whatever.”
70. M-c-Q (PS3) — “Looking for Spec Ops partner.”
71. Okejebewa (Xbox 360) — “Looking for Spec Ops partner. And always game for some Online Multiplayer.”
72. SlAyErS sHaDoW (Xbox 360) — “Looking for partner for Spec Ops.”
73. Shifty (Steam) — “Mostly multiplayer but open to do Spec Ops.”
74. Knoeier0 (PS3) — “Need someone in the region GMT+1 for Spec Ops. Add me if you want to help or team up. 🙂 ”
75. puddin61 (PS3)
76. Caz1134 (PS3) — “Hit me up with an invite.”
77. DarkDefender004 (Xbox 360?) — “Looking for partner for Spec Ops & always for online multiplayer.”
78. cesarchejin (PS3) — “Add me. 🙂 ”
79. ziiljaa (PS3)
80. a_dark_halo (Xbox 360?) — “I’m a very good killer and also need a good partner.”
81. whatwentrong (Xbox 360) — “Need help completing Spec Ops, add me.”
82. jesean5 (Xbox 360) — “I’m new but getting better, thanks.”
83. XI_DaJoDo_IX (PS3) — “Completed the Story, now I need to complete Spec Ops with a good partner.”
84. javiercitox (PS3)
85. blackdragoon_619 (PS3) — “I finished my Modern Warfare 2 on Veteran Mode. I need Spec Ops.”
86. bushygroundhog (Xbox 360)
87. hero45670 (Xbox 360)
88. ROBBIEMAN111 (Xbox 360)
89. partingwaters (PS3)
90. pearsod (PS3) — “Need help for Special Ops veteran.”
91. Angelsmg (PS3) — “I Love Domination, but open for any multiplayer online. Add me. =]”
92. L33r0y J3nk1n (Xbox 360) — “Can’t get on often but pretty good at ground war.”
93. johhny3tears91 (PS3) — “Anybody wants to play send an invite.”
94. MSG York (Xbox 360) — “Sorta new at the online thing. Add me.”
95. evil jonez (Xbox 360?) — “Need a teammate for Spec Ops add me or invite me down for anything.”
96. PAPANORTHKING (Xbox 360) — “Need a teammate for Spec Ops and to find the Intel. On for all-nighters.”
97. tankteddy (Xbox 360) — “I’m one of those guys that suck, then when you last expect it I get a nuke.”
98. Kevinthesamuria (Xbox 360) — “This guy sends you up a flag pole so fast before you know it you’re on the moon.”
99. ironkouts31 (PS3) — “Need someone just to play with and Spec Ops.”
100. Luxtorr (Xbox 360) — “Matchmaking! I’m done with Spec Ops. =)”
101. icu4urafck (PS3) — “Hey from Canada invite me.”
102. MARKOV tom (Xbox 360) — “I need a good partner on spec ops and a good partner on team deathmatch so add me.”
103. GenesisDano (PS3) — “Just got MW2 the other night, beat the campaign, and am moving onto spec ops, need a mate if u wanna roll wit me, I’m alright at the game, but I am prone to runnin n gunnin so I die a lot.”
104. [ Lanes8 ] (PS3) — “Need help with Special Ops.”
105. Skillcil (PC) — “I do spec ops need 2 more stars and everything else also in for boosting.”
106. slar123 (Xbox 360) — “Need someone to play with.”
107. Gobbler187 (PS3) — “I need someone to help me with the Special Ops ECHO. I beat everything else.”
108. maddog198269 (Xbox 360) — “Not the best but I can hold my own. Multi and spec ops player. Lets get it done.”
109. Evothaalterego (Xbox 360) — “Always down for a good fight!”
110. McNuggets310 (Xbox 360) — “Always happy to play MW2, CoD: WaW, Halo 3, Bioshock 2, Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, and Gears of War 2.”
111. Son of the Law (Xbox 360) — “Hardcore HQ or Spec Ops, got every achievement.”
112. GunbunnyJr (Xbox 360) — “I need a good patner for veteran Special Ops.”
113. jollyroger96 (PS3) — “I need help on Special Ops cuz my game got jacked up so… add me.”
114. zane121 (Xbox 360?) — “Spec Ops help please and add me as a friend.”
115. BeaverHausen2010 (Xbox 360) — “Level 46. Looking for someone to play Special Ops with.”
116. Link10042 (Steam) — “Need help with Spec Ops.”
117. Circusfreak69 (Xbox 360?)
118. swartzy18 — “Add for Special Ops.”
119. Mrarsenal1998 (PS3) — “Add pps m-w-2 spot on, nice 1.”
120. DeAtHdEaLeR_002 (Xbox 360?) — “Need someone to player any mulitplayer mode with. Thanks.”
121. NukkyPooStainZ (Xbox 360) — “This is a clan its mostly full of mw2 fans if you got a 360 send me a xbox message if im not on send NakedPooStainZ or NoisyPooStainZ 1 we need some more members.”
122. Crabclaw74 (Xbox 360 & PS3) — “Looking for others to play online COD 6. Looking for people that’ll help you and not just go off and do there own thing.”
123. MADDOG5704 (Xbox 360) — “I’m holding tryouts to make my clan bigger, better. If you are interested hit me up on xbox.”
124. iceman8388 (Xbox 360) — “If you wanna play MW2 or any other game online add me.”
125. qwerty_the_king (PS3) or B_H_M_T_K (Xbox 360) — “Add for special ops, online or any other game for that matter ^_^”
126. LockGirl74 (Xbox 360) — “I’m always looking for a person to play spec ops or multiplayer with, I’m a girl, 18 years of age, I have my good days and bad days while playing.”
127. BamBoy1212 (PS3) — “I have 100% the campaign and am a competent online player at level 51, just playing casually. I need to unlock the 2 player challenges with some one. I want to gain all 69 stars. Please add me on PSN (BamBoy1212) , Im from LONDONNNN!! Thanks.”
128. jokerman365 (Xbox 360) — “I’m looking to join a clan. I’m pretty good with the ump45 and sniper rifles, but like everyone else I do have my bad days. If anybody is interested hit me up. I hate nube tubes and shotguns!”
129. pokemon ownz (PS3) — “If anybody needs somebody to riot boost with spec ops i really need help with that.”
130. speirsaaron (PS3) — “Add me for online and special ops. :)”
131. writers blocks (Xbox 360) — “I’m a person to play spec ops or multiplayer with. Add me. I need to get the star 69 achievement.”
132. EWOK191 (Xbox 360)
133. The Stu Bear (Xbox 360) — “Anyone who enjoys Search and Destroy on multiplayer, drop me an invite. I do play other game modes, but enjoy S&D best, Lvl 70, 10th prestige. Usually snipe but willing to do anything to be honest, I just enjoy having fun. :)”
134. streety_2912 (PS3) — “Hey guys. Add me. Preferably English speaking. Looking for a clan to get in on and also special ops teammate.”
135. KooLtot_97 (PS3) — “Add me. I need to do spec ops on veteran and am looking for a partner.”
136. madhatter234 (PS3) — “Just want someone to play multiplayer with – no thermal intervention though – I am usually a stealth/sprint type class.”
137. soko_32 (Xbox 360?) — “Looking for teamwork? Or help with Spec ops? Message me, and I’ll help anytime, unless I’m getting a nuke.”
Newest usernames are added at the bottom.

Nuke and other tip thanks to YodasEarWax, Jay, Lakitu, Right, Subster, Tequiilashot, Silverhawk, Donksta.