Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Intel Locations list and achievements guide (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Intel Locations listed below will start this guide, as there are no Modern Warfare 2 codes discovered yet.

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Early info says that the cheat codes console has been removed from the PC version, so there might not be any cheats at all for the singleplayer game. We’ll update this guide as soon as anything like console cheats, weapons, prestige badges or death card locations are found.

Meanwhile we’ve listed the achievements, perks and other unlockables that can be found in all three versions of this insanely popular FPS.

Find all Modern Warfare 2 Intel Locations:

There are 45 Intel Locations in total for the enemy laptops, which will get you two Achievements or Trophies for collecting them all.
1. The “Road Less Traveled” achievement for 22 Intels found (for 10G).
2. The “Leave No Stone Unturned” achievement for finding all 45 Intels (for 10G).

This video is part 1 of 2, it walks you through Intel Locations 1 to 30.

This video is part 2 of 2, it walks you through Intel Locations 31 to 45.

Mission 1 S.S.D.D. — 1 Intel:

  • Right after you finish your shooting training, before heading into the course, look across underneath a watch tower.

Mission 2 Team Player — 2 Intels:

  • While inside of the school, before exiting, when the part comes up where you hear someone say “I think I saw someone go in that classroom.” The Enemy Laptop is on a table.
  • This one is coming up right after the previous Intel. It will be at the exit outside of the school, on a crate.

Mission 3 Cliffhanger — 3 Intels:

  • Right when Soap splits up with you, before going any further, to the right of the entrance climb up the ladder to a tower.
  • Before meeting up with Soap again shortly after setting the C4. Instead of going left, go right, shoot out the window and grab the Intel Laptop.
  • Start slowing down when you get to 1850m. Instead of going uphill, go to the left of a wooden fence to grab it. Just go slow, reverse if needed (hold the B button). All you have to do is run over the Laptop, because you cannot exit the snowmobile.

Mission 4 No Russian — 0 Intels.

Mission 5 Takendown — 4 Intels:

  • This is located right in the beginning of the first favela area. If you just dropped, follow the furthest left path, then take a right. Ahead from here it is in the white building to the left of the motorcycle.
  • When heading into the second area of the favela you will come across a ladder while proceeding uphill. Climb this ladder and it will be inside this house on the table.
  • Directly across from the previous Intel there will be another building with a set of small wooden stairs. Head into this building and you will find the Laptop on a nightstand next to the bed.
  • Near the end of the chase you will come up to a red bricked building on your right after heading up a set of stairs. In this building go downstairs and it will be between two beds on a nightstand.

Mission 6 Wolverines — 4 Intels:

  • This Intel is located in the gas station on the counter. You will come across the gas station after exiting the alley.
  • This one’s located in the CRB Financial building. The crash site is almost right in front of it. If you are looking at Nate’s Restaurant, it is to the left of that place. It’s by the Online Banking Desk.
  • Inside the Taco ToGo Restaurant on a table. You can enter through a hole in the back of the restaurant.
  • This Intel is inside of the dumpster in the back of the Burger Town Restaurant.

Mission 7 The Hornet’s Nest — 4 Intels:

  • Before proceeding down the street, to your right is a red & yellow building with a blue car inside the garage. The Intel is in the kitchen of this building.
  • This one comes shortly after the previous Intel. It’s in the trash yard area in the back, on top of a barrel in a shack.
  • Not far after proceeding beyond the previous Intel, you’ll find the next one at the corner of Pelayo’s Ice Cream Shop. You can either enter from there, or go uphill and go in the first entrance after the car to your right. It’ll be at the top of the stairs on a table.
  • As the mission is coming to an end, you will come across a soccer/football goal. In the back of the soccer/football goal, in the window, is the Intel.

Mission 8 Exodus — 3 Intels:

  • Inside the Garden Villa Office building, it’s on the desk.
  • Right after the previous Intel you will come across a security entrance with booths. Enter the part of the building on the far right side. It can be found right as you enter to the right, on a table.
  • After crossing the white bridge, go down two houses on the right side. The Enemy Laptop is lying at the top of the stairs on a couch.

Mission 9 The Only Easy Day… Was Yesterday — 3 Intels:

  • Right after you have breached the first room with the hostages, head to the next room. As you move up two more flights of stairs, it will be on a rack to your left.
  • After executing Plan B, head forward and it’ll be in the next room. It’s the room ahead from where you just breached, cleared and set the explosives.
  • Shortly after you have to shoot down a helicopter and clearing out enemies on this floor. You have to go up one set of stairs, through a door on your right, then down another set of stairs. Kill the enemy that comes through a door at the bottom on your left. Before you go out that door, turn around and go to behind the steps you just came down, and collect the Intel which is on some pellets. – Thanks for the correction Camiron.

Mission 10 The Gulag — 4 Intels:

  • Before heading down into the jail cells with an arch with two red lights. Right before this is a set of stairs, head up them and in the back of this room it’s on some filing cabinets.
  • After heading down the entrance to the jail cells, you’ll come across the main control room with security cameras. In the back of this room you will find the Intel on the table.
  • After defending yourself in a small room with weapons and riot shields. Proceed forward on this new floor, the first jail cell to your right will have it on a desk. – Thanks for the correction Mike.
  • After breaking through a wall for the second time. You will find this Intel located on the left on a desk after the cutscene. – Thanks for the correction Westy.

Mission 11 Of Their Own Accord — 2 Intels:

  • It’s in the elevator to the right of a dead body, in the building you’ll be entering after starting this mission.
  • It’s in the entrance to the Men’s Room, right inside a room with two balconies on the outside. One which has an anti-air missiles setup.

Mission 12 Contingency — 3 Intels:

  • After crossing the bridge and evading a BTR. Kill or let the four enemy patrols pass. Head over to the left side, you’ll see a parachute stuck in the trees. The Intel is on the crate. To clarify Tyson adds: Shoot the three man patrol, and from where Price is, the intel is on a crate under a downed parachute to the left.
  • Once you have reached the end area, after you jump down the hill. The Intel Laptop is located in the building marked “33”. It’s on the table near the exit.
  • Right after the previous Intel and after exiting the building, straight ahead will be a helipad. Go up the stairs to the helipad, the Intel will be in the northwest corner.

Mission 13 Second Sun — 0 Intels.

Mission 14 Whiskey Hotel — 2 Intels:

  • After exiting the oval room, it’s at the end of this room. To the left on a black couch.
  • It is right after you go up the last set of stairs and right before signaling the flair. After heading up the stairs and heading in the first room, look to the right in the corner on a crate.

Mission 15 Loose Ends — 3 Intels:

  • Before breaching any doors, which you can do afterwards, head to the very back of the house. Down the hill in front of the boat house it will be sitting on a crate.
  • After breaching the second floor’s room, you’ll find it on a table in the northeast corner of the room.
  • Breach the basement door facing northeast and you’ll find this Intel in the second room inside of here on a crate.

Mission 16 The Enemy of My Enemy — 2 Intels:

  • Right at the start of the left, turn right, and head into the plane in front of you. The Intel will be in the cockpit.
  • After sliding down the hill after exiting a broken plane. Straight ahead of you will be a plane facing your direction, east. Just like the previous Intel, it will be in the front of the plane in the cockpit.

Mission 17 Just Like Old Times — 4 Intels:

  • Right after you enter the tunnel and are hiding on the left side as the patrol passes. Take out the guard watching the security TV. Head east to find it on a crate.
  • Before exiting the cave and after killing an ambush of enemies. It’ll be to the left, northeast before exiting the cave, on a table.
  • Midway after entering another cave you’ll find it on a crate in an alcove. You’ll find it before breaching into the next area.
  • After breaching into the next area and taking out the enemies. You’ll find it on a table to the northwest.

Mission 18 Endgame — 1 Intel:

  • This is right at the beginning of the mission before jumping onto the boat. You can’t miss it, the final Intel Laptop is on the top of a wooden crate.

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