Resident Evil Zero Wii release date is December 1, 2009

31 October 2009
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Resident Evil 0 Wii version (Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero) release date is December 1, 2009
Resident Evil 0 Wii version has a release date of December 1, 2009 announced publisher Capcom. It will be released at a low price point of $30 ($20 less than a typical new Wii game).

Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero Box Artwork
The full title of the game is: “Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero” and it is the second release in the Wii line of titles which takes the GameCube Resident Evil games and re-releases them for the Wii. The last release in the line was Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil, a Wii edition of Resident Evil 1 GameCube remake.

Resident Evil Zero takes you to the beginning of it all. In the mountains surrounding Raccoon City lurks something so vile, so horrible, that it would revile the bravest of men. Sent in to investigate a series of awful murders, S.T.A.R.S Bravo Team gets into the middle of it all when their helicopter crashes into the mountains. Starring Rebecca Chambers, and a new character introduced for the first time named Billy Coen. Resident Evil Zero is a prequel to Resident Evil 1 where players will explore new areas of Raccoon City, and search to uncover the secrets of the T-Virus and the events that lead up to the “mountain incident” of the first game. A new “Zapping” system lets you control both characters simultaneously, or you can switch between them, or even split up to solve new puzzles or gain the upper-hand when defeating enemies.

Sadly, the Wii version of the game does not have any new features outside of additional controller support, which allows you to play the game with a Wii Remote or Nunchuck (just the buttons, no Gesture Controls), the Classic Controller, or even the GameCube Controller, at which point the game plays exactly as it did on the GCN.

Hopefully I’ll get around to typing up a review of RE0 before this new Wii version is released.


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