Nintendo DSi XL with extra large screens announced

29 October 2009
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DSi XL/LL Extra Large Screened DS system. Releases early 2010 in Europe, November 21, 2009 in Japan
Nintendo has just announced the “DSi XL”, an all-new version of the DSi with larger screens! It releases in Japan on November 21, 2009, and in America & Europe within the first three months of next year.

Dubbed the “DSi LL” in Japan (Where “LL” simply stands for “extra large”), it was rumored previously as we reported with a new larger screened DSi coming to Japan. And now it’s officially a reality.

As the name states, the biggest new feature of this DSi is larger screens (albeit, MUCH larger screens). Although the bigger screens come at a higher price point of ¥20,000 (or US$220). But that’s a small price to pay for screens that are a whopping 93 percent larger than before!

The DSi XL is also bundled with two touch pens/stylus’: one shorter and one longer (129.3mm), and comes with three DSiWare titles pre-installed: Two brain training games (one for humanities, the other for sciences) and DS Easy Dictionary. The new portable will be released in three colors: Dark Brown, Wine Red and Natural White.

The system also weighs 50% more than the DSi/Lite, has 1 to 3 hours more battery life than the DSi (depending on brightness), and takes 3 hours to charge (30 min. longer than the DSi, but same as DS Lite). — Via GoNintendo

Update: Check out our Nintendo DSi XL features overview.


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