Frogger Returns announced for WiiWare and PSN

29 October 2009
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Frogger Returns screenshot (PSN, WiiWare)
Frogger Returns for WiiWare and PlayStation Network later this fall (which means possibly this month) in an all-new update to the arcade classic.

Just like in the classic games, players will be tasked with guiding the titular frog (aptly named . . . “Frogger”) from one side of a bustling city to the other, without being smashed to smithereens.

The game includes all new modern graphics, new camera angles, and new stages for our amphibian friend to navigate. He will also have some all-new Power-Ups to help him survive the treacherous sewers and high-speed subways. These include the ability to reverse time, turn invisible and freeze time!

Also included will be local (but apparently not online . . .) multiplayer modes and leaderboards.


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