New larger screened DSi may be coming this November in Japan

New DSi will have bigger screens (PSP Go comparison)
Want larger DSi screens? How does a DSi with screens larger than the PSP 3,000 sound to you?

Well it may soon (very soon) be a reality. Nikkei News in Japan is reporting (via GameSpot) that a new larger-screened DSi is in the works and that it could go on sale this November in Japan. While this may seem super soon, it will actually be a year this November since the DSi’s Japanese launch.

For the price of increased screen-size, the system will cost more, around $205. However the new DSi’s screen is reportedly in excess of 4 inches. Which means the screens could theoretically actually be bigger than the PSP 3,000s 4.3 inch screen. And bigger than the PSP Go’s 3.25-inch screen. The exact size though is yet to be determined.

Although a larger size screened DSi would be very nice, it could present a problem. At present, the policy of Nintendo regarding DSiWare is that whatever games you bought are tied to that SYSTEM. Not your account, but the system you downloaded the games on. This means that if you upgrade, there is not yet any way to officially move your downloaded items to your new DSi.

However this new DSi reportedly has improved anti-piracy features. So maybe once the system is out, they will come up with a way to allow you to transfer your downloadable games.

Via GameSpot