Excitebike World Rally coming to WiiWare on November 9

27 October 2009
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Excitebike screenshot
Wii EXCITEBIKE?! It’s true! With a release date set for November 9th, Excitebike World Rally will hit WiiWare in all its updated but classic 8-bit glory!

The game was announced via the Nintendo Channel and there is very little details to go on about the game. But unlike Excitebike 64 for the Nintendo 64, this baby is going old-school.

Thankfully though, it will have some new-school features as well. Including: A new coat of paint (2.5D), a full-on Track Editor to create your own levels, and most importantly, four-player online play!

Hopefully the game will also include the ability to share your levels with friends. Control-wise you’ll have the ability to play it using either Motion Controls or via buttons.

This one DEFINITELY looks like a winner. Thankfully we don’t have to wait long to get our hands on it!

Here is the short reveal video.


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