Unlock all GTA Liberty City Stories codes, cheats and secrets (PSP, PS2)

19 October 2009
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GTA Liberty City Stories wallpaper girl
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories codes for the PS2 & PSP versions of the game are listed below. You’ll find in-game cheats and codes, tips, guide videos for finding all the Hidden Packages, secrets and Easter Eggs for GTA: Liberty City Stories.

Enter these codes during gameplay for the corresponding effect.

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  • 1. Aggressive Drivers – Press: Square, Square, R1, X, X, L1, Circle, Circle
    2. All Green Lights – Press: Triangle, Triangle, R1, Square, Square, L1, X, X
    3. Chrome Cars – Press: Triangle, R1, L1, Down, Down, R1, R1, Triangle
    4. Black Cars – Press: Circle, Circle, R1, Triangle, Triangle, L1, Square, Square
    5. Bobble Heads – Press: Down, Down, Down, Circle, Circle, X, L1, R1
    6. Closest Ped Enters Your Vehicle – Press: X, Square, Down, X, Square, Up, R1, R1
    7. Cars Drive On Water – Press: Circle, X, Down, Circle, X, Up, L1, L1
    8. Change Bike Tire Size – Press: Circle, Right, X, Up, Right, X, L1, Square
    9. Clear Weather – Press: Up, Down, Circle, Up, Down, Square, L1, R1
    10.Commit Suicide – Press: L1, Down, Left, R1, X, Circle, Up, Triangle
    11. Destroy All Cars – Press: L1, L1, Left, L1, L1, Right, X, Square
    12. Display Game Credits – Press: L1, R1, L1, R1, Up, Down, L1, R1
    13. Faster Clock – Press: L1, L1, Left, L1, L1, Right, Circle, X
    14. Faster Gameplay – Press: R1, R1, L1, R1, R1, L1, Down, X
    15. Foggy Weather – Press: Up, Down, Triangle, Up, Down, X, L1, R1
    16. Full Armor (Blue Bar) – Press: L1, R1, Circle, L1, R1, X, L1, R1
    17. Full Health (Red Bar) – Press: L1, R1, X, L1, R1, Square, L1, R1
    18. People Follow You – Press: Down, Down, Down, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, L1, R1
    19. Money Cheat ($250,000) – Press: L1, R1, Triangle, L1, R1, Circle, L1, R1
    20. Never Become Wanted – Press: L1, L1, Triangle, R1, R1, X, Square, Circle
    21. Overcast Weather – Press: Up, Down, X, Up, Down, Triangle, L1, R1
    22. Pedestrians Attack You – Press: L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, Up, Triangle
    23. Peds Have Weapons – Press: R1, R1, L1, R1, R1, L1, Right, Circle
    24. Peds Riot – Press: L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, Left, Square
    25. Perfect Traction – Press: L1, Up, Left, R1, Triangle, Circle, Down, X
    26. Rainy Weather – Press: Up, Down, Square, Up, Down, Circle, L1, R1
    27. Increase Media Attention – Press: L1, Up, Right, R1, Triangle, Square, Down, X
    28. Increase Wanted Level – Press: L1, R1, Square, L1, R1, Triangle, L1, R1
    29. Random Ped Outfit – Press: L1, L1, Left, L1, L1, Right, Square, Triangle
    30. Slow Gameplay – Press: R1, Triangle, X, R1, Square, Circle, Left, Right
    31. Spawn Rhino – Press: L1, L1, Left, L1, L1, Right, Triangle, Circle
    32. Spawn Trashmaster – Press: Triangle, Circle, Down, Triangle, Circle, Up, L1, L1
    33. Sunny Weather – Press: L1, L1, Circle, R1, R1, Square, Triangle, X
    34. Upside Down Gameplay – Press: Down, Down, Down, X, X, Square, R1, L1
    36. Upside Down Gameplay 2 – Press: X, X, X, Down, Down, Right, L1, R1
    37. Upside Up – Press: Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Up, Up, Right, L, R
    38. Weapon set 1 – Press: Up, Square, Square, Down, Left, Square, Square, Right
    39. Weapon set 2 – Press: Up, Circle, Circle, Down, Left, Circle, Circle, Right
    40. Weapon set 3 – Press: Up, X, X, Down, Left, X, X, Right
    41. White Cars – Press: X, X, R1, Circle, Circle, L1, Triangle, Triangle
    42. Unlock Multiplayer Skins – Press: Up, Up, Up, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, L1, R1
    43. Multiplayer Cheat – 2 Gangs+14 Characters – Press: Up, Up, Up, Square, Square, Triangle, R1, L1
    44. Multiplayer Cheat – 4 Gangs+28 Characters – Press: Up, Up, Up, Circle, Circle, X, L1, R1
    45. Multiplayer Cheat – 7 Gangs+43 Characters – Press: Up, Up, Up, X, X, Square, R1, L1

    1. Antonio Outfit – Complete the mission “Making Toni”..
    2. ‘King’ Jumpsuit Costume – Finsh all story mode missions.
    3. 150 Max Armor Points – Complete Level 12 In Vigilante Missions.
    4. Avenging Angel’s Outfit – Complete the Frighteners mission.
    5. Bickle ’76 – Drop off 100 Passengers in the Taxi.
    6. Bullet Proof PCJ 600 – Take Waynes Bike in Biker Heat Mission.
    7. Chauffer’s Outfit – Complete the Rollercoaster Ride mission.
    8. Cox Mascot Outfit – Beat SlashTV 2 times.
    9. Dragon Jump Suit – Complete the mission “Crazy ’69’.
    10. Extra 25 Max Health Points – Complete Level 10 in Noodle Delivery Missions at Noodle Punk in Portland.
    11. Extra 25 Max Health Points – Complete Level 10 in Pizza Deliveriy Missions at Joe’s Pizza in Staunton Island.
    12. Fireproof Toni – Complete Level 12 In Firefighter Missions.
    13. Generate $4000 at Capital Autos – Beat Level 6 of Car Salesman.
    14. Generate 4x the cash for cars in the Scrapyard – Complete the Scrapyard motorcycle challenge.
    15. Generate a boat Speeder at Portland Ferry Docks – Beat the game 100%.
    16. Generate cash from “Hogs & Cogs” – Sell 40 motorcycles in Belleville Park, Staunton Island.
    17. Get 10000$ – Complete all 26 unique jumps.
    18. Getting Busted Won’t Cost Money – Completing Avenging Angels missions in Staunton Island.
    19. Goodfella Outfit – Complete the mission “Overdose of Trouble”.
    20. Hellenbach GT – Beat level four of the car salesman sidequest.
    21. Hero Costume – Beat Level 15 of the Avenging Angels missions in Shoreside Vale.
    22. Infinite Ammo – Beat the game 100%.
    23. Infinite Sprint – Beat Ambulance Missions Level 12.
    24. Leone’s Outfit – Drive to your house at the start of the game and walk into the clothes icon.
    25. M60 Machine Gun – Beat all rampages.
    26. Micro SMG (Able to be purchased at Ammu-Nation) – Complete the Don in 60 seconds mission.
    27. Multiplayer Skins – Complete the “Driving Mr Leone” mission.
    28. Overalls Outfit – Complete the The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade mission.
    29. PCJ – Complete Love Media
    30. Rhino Tank in Ft. Staunton – Complete the game 100%.
    31. Bulletproof Super Angel Bike (Generated at Portland safe-house) – Completing Avenging Angels missions in Portland.
    32. Bulletproof Super Land Stalker (Generated at Shoreside Vale safe-house) – Completing Tourism missions.
    33. Sweats Outfit – Complete the mission “A Walk In The Park”.
    34. Tuxedo Outfit – Complete the mission “A Date with Death”.
    35. Underwear Costume – Complete 1 Unique Jump.
    36. Upgraded Sanchez – Complete all ten courses in the “Bump & Grinds” at the dirt bike course in Portland.
    37. V8 Ghost – Complete Love Media.
    38. Vehicles Take Double Damage – Complete the game 100%.
    39. Wise Guy Clothes – Complete mission “shoot the messenger”.


    1. Pistol at Safehouse – 10 Packages
    2. Generate a Shotgun at all Safe Houses – 20 Packages
    3. Generate a Armor at all Safe Houses – 30 Packages
    4. Generate a MP5 at all Safe Houses – 40 Packages
    5. Generate a Python at all Safe Houses – 50 Packages
    6. Generate a M4 at all Safe Houses – 60 Packages
    7. Generate a Sniper Rifle at all Safe Houses – 70 Packages
    8. Generate a Flamethrower at all Safe Houses – 80 Packages
    9. Generate a Rocket Launcher at all Safe Houses – 90 Packages
    10. Gives you $50,000 – 100 Packages


    Packages 1-10

    Packages 11-20

    Packages 21-30

    For the rest of them, check out this Liberty City Stories Hidden Packages Locations Map.

    How to Change the Size of the Moon
    Shoot the Moon with a Sniper Rifle to change its size. Keep shooting it and it’ll grow. Past a certain size it will shrink again back to normal.

    How to Get the Bullet Proof PCJ-600 Bike
    While playing the “Biker Heat” mission, be sure to kill Wayne while he is on the bike (if he falls off the cheat won’t work). Now steal the bike and save it for a bulletproof PCJ.

    Infinite Time for Fire Truck Missions
    Put a fire out just as the timer reaches zero in Fire Truck Missions, and you’ll hit a glitch that makes the timer disappear. Now you will have infinite amount of time to cruise around to the next fire!

    How to Keep More Than One Vehicle in Your Garage
    There is a way to keep more than one vehicle in your garage, which normally can only hold one. To do this trick, simply drive your vehicle close to the garage door, then get out of it. The door will open even if there is already another vehicle in it. Now you can quickly drive the second vehicle in before the door closes, allowing you to hold more than one.

    Infinite Sprint Trick
    There is a way to have nearly infinite sprint. To do this trick, make sure that you ALWAYS tap the X Button without ever holding it down. This tricks the game into thinking you never started sprinting. And will allow you to keep sprinting for infinite until the button is held down.

    How to Get the Bulletproof Stretch Limo
    You must be on Staunton Island and on the mission “Search and Rescue”, given to you by Sal over the pay phone. Go pick up the limo from Sal’s garage, then drive the limo to YOUR garage. However DO NOT go to the yellow marker. Instead go straight from Sal’s garage to yours. After the limo is in your garage, fail the mission by either dying or blowing up the limo while it is in your garage. After dying, the Bulletproof Stretch will now be yours! This works with other mission vehicles as well.

    How to Go On A Rampage Without Getting Wanted
    Start a new game. Instead of taking Vincenzo to the Safe House, leave him in the car and don’t get in it. Now you can roam free and do whatever you want without becoming Wanted by the police!

    Double Ammunition Trick
    You can double the ammunition for certain guns during missions or odd jobs. Make sure it is a mission where you are being driven and are required to shoot things with a gun that has a crosshair and is an automatic with unlimited ammo. To get this trick to work, make sure you select the gun for that mission and have it in your inventory before the mission starts. Now when you have completed or failed that mission, you’ll notice that the selected gun has double the amount of it’s initial ammunition.

    Real Cars That Appear in Liberty City Stories (and GTAIII) [thx to Acde999]

    How to Find the “You Aren’t Supposed to Be Here” Hidden Smiley Face
    A running joke since the original GTA III is the “You Aren’t Supposed to be Here” sign. It returns in Liberty City Stories as a smiley face.
    To find it, first go to the parking lot at the top of the Southwest corner on Statunton Island. You’ll find a white staircase in between the parking garage and the entrances to the parking lot on the southside. Turn east at the white staircase and jump onto the short cement railing. Turn east again and then jump onto the roof of the Liberty City Tree Building that overlooks the parking lot. Run across this roof to the other side where you’ll see a courtyard. From here jump down to the courtyard and run to the northwest end. You’ll then see the smiley face painted on the wall at the end of the courtyard. It says “Hello again” as the third entry in the running gag. Which started with GTAIII with a sign that said “You aren’t supposed to be here”.

    The Gangs of Liberty City Informational Video (thx to Javelin01)

    GTA: Liberty City Stories Theme Song Video (thx to batagamer)

    How To Get the Hellenbach GT Video Guide (thx to nafisa02)

    How to Get the Helicopter WITHOUT Using Cheats – Method 2 (thx to GTAmissions)

    How to Get the Helicopter WITHOUT Using Cheats – Method 2 (thx to jam8tone)

    How to Get the Helicopter WITHOUT cheats in Calm Before the Storm (thx to GTAmissions)

    Random Liberty City Stories Secrets Video (thx to kadiel13)


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      How do i open the new city in (gta)Liberty City Storeis.

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      You beat the Driving Mr.Leone mission to get the Staunton island safehouse

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