Uncharted 2: Among Thieves launch trailer

Get Uncharted 2 for PS3 Sony’s running a new TV ad for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves after its release worldwide last week.

Fortune hunter Nathan Drake returns in Uncharted 2, his second third person action adventure shooter created by award-winning developer Naughty Dog and exclusive to PlayStation 3.

Down on his luck, Drake is lured back into the treacherous world of thieves and mercenary treasure seekers he had sought to leave behind. When a mysterious artefact propels Drake on an expedition to find the legendary Himalayan valley of Shambhala, he finds himself embroiled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse against a fugitive war criminal who is after more than just the fabled riches of the lost city.

Has his luck finally run out? Watch the Uncharted 2 launch trailer:

UK nationals can join a Sony contest on benathandrake.com, where you and a friend have a chance of winning a real Himalayan adventure and follow the footsteps of Marco Polo (and Nathan Drake of course) on a 19 day holiday in Nepal.