Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games characters list

11 October 2009
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Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games characters
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games has a 20+ character cast of main, support and boss characters from both the Mario and Sonic universes.

In addition to the same cast from Mario & Sonic At the Olympic Games (Summer) this new DS and Wii sequel also features new characters, which are marked with the word “NEW” in parenthesis.

Here is the list of characters from the game:


1. Amy
2. Blaze
3. Bowser
4. Bowser Jr. (NEW)
5. Daisy
6. Donkey Kong (NEW)
7. Dr. Eggman
8. Knuckles
9. Luigi
10. Mario
11. Metal Sonic (NEW)
12. Mii (Wii version only)
13. Peach
14. Shadow
15. Silver the Hedgehog (NEW)
16. Sonic
17. Tails
18. Vector the Crocodile
19. Waluigi
20. Wario
21. Yoshi


22. Toad
23. Cream the Rabbit
24. Noki
25. Shy Guy
26. Chao
27. Chain Chomp
28. Goomba
29. Koopa
30. Dry Bones
31. Pianta
32. Thwomp
33. Charmy Bee
34. Espio the Chameleon
35. Lakitu
36. Piranha Plant


37. Dry Bowser
38. King Boo
39. Jet the Hawk
40. Bullet Bill
41. Omega
42. Eggman Nega
43. Perfect Chaos
44. Rouge the Bat

Watch the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games launch trailer:


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