Epic Mickey Mouse videogame coming exclusively to Wii

Epic Mickey artwork
Epic Mickey has been revealed as an exclusive Wii title in development by Junction Point Studios, Disney Interactive and Warren Spector (Ultimate, Theif, Deux Ex).

Epic Mickey Game Informer Cover (full) Not many details are known about the game, except that it will take Mickey Mouse in an all-new, darker, insane direction, as you can see by the Game Informer cover-story above.

The game will likely be released in 2010, but one really can’t tell at this point. And there is no indication as to how the game will play. But I DEFINITELY can’t wait to learn more about this title.

Update: Game Informer has removed the Wii exclusivity from their site. Could it be that this will be coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3 as well? I know that the artwork would certainly be more attractive on the higher-end platforms, so let’s hope this is a multi-platform title to allow everyone to experience a new, darker Mickey. Thanks to Jonah Falcon for the tip.