Sacred 3 announced by publisher Deep Silver

24 September 2009
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Sacred 2 wallpaper to celebrate Sacred 3 is coming
Sacred fans will be happy to know that Sacred 3 is in the planning stages. This from the most official source you can get . . . the official Sacred 2 web-site.

On said web-site, they revealed in a post that Deep Silver has bought the brand with plans to create the sequel to Sacred 2, specifically calling it Sacred 3. Although they suggest that the name is a working title.

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  • There is no other information on the game yet, as you can be sure it’s barely started development. They also didn’t announce platforms, but I think it’s a given that it’ll hit at least the same platforms as Sacred 2 did (Xbox 360, PC & PS3).

    But now that it is official, what would you like to see new or improved in Sacred 3? Let the developer know on developer Ascaron’s forum here.


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    • Dan W

      Hey there what i think is needed to improve this game, which would really make it the best RPG game out is the online mode. On Sacred 2 the servers were pretty rubbish, the host dint lag but the other players did and this made it really hard for them to move, kill monsters, use mics and use potions to stay alive, if they were on a mount and couldnt get off it/use a potion then they have basically lost their mount and died and also lost their survival bonus. I would really like to see the online improved alot and cant wait for this game to come out 🙂

    • william

      since i cant post in the thread (too late to do so) here are some things i would like to see
      1) male/female versions of each character along with more customization besides 2 hair styles (if any..shadow warrior) and hair color
      2) make all characters more equal, funny how my sera is the strongest of all my chars and gets the best drops…even after a death and 0 survival bonus
      3)dont leave consoles hanging on an expansion (meaning if the pc gets one we get it too
      4)bring back the battle mage from sacred 1
      5)let characters pick what mount they would like and give more choices..a dragon would be cool
      6)let every character have some kind of minion (like the shadow warriors skeletons)
      7)introduce new character classes, like necromancer (diablo 2) bring the vampiress and dwarf back as well
      8)reintroduce lightsabers along with other movie/game style gimmicks similar to sacred 1 (jason voorhies set items, pac man level, zelda/link tombstones)
      9)better designed outfits-less sluty for females (thongs…what woman would choose to wear thong “armor” be more realistic but still keep individual styles
      10)more than 4 player co-op and lessen the level difference gap..10 is a little unforgiving, if you game with your friends and life happens and you cant play for a day or 2 you can no longer play with them becuase they are higher than 10 levels above you…i think it should be more forgiving like 20 levels if you choose or maybe even up to 50 level difference but the host still gets to choose what gap they want-2,5,10,20,35,50.
      11)bring back bigger elite creatures, remember the huge tarantula spiders in sacred 1, escellent leveling and you can spot them a mile away
      12)more uber dragons along with possibly other mythilogical creatures with better item drops (what dragon would guard a chest with a health potion in it and thats it?) the drops in chests should be a little less random and not include potions atleast, and maybe have no less than 2 items per character playing
      13)better item fiance has her own ps3, and i have mine, we play together on seperate consoles online and neither of us agree with the drops rates of items per character. either she will get 90% of all drops or i will and it sucks to battle a big creature and one character gets all the item drops (it has happened, tonight as a matter of fact-i got 12 items and my fiance got nothing from the boss-the crystal boss that is part of the story) but things like this happen all game long, one of us will get alot and the other wont get crap. luckily we are together and help eachother out but strangers normally are not so polite and dont care
      14)possibly involve “moral” choices in some quests..kill or dont kill certain character which will have some impact on the world
      15)more set items
      16)allow amulets to be crafted into the same type of slot as rings instead of a gold socket, and ditch either gold or bronze sockets, they look to close in color on some tv’s, perhaps have blue socket for elemental damage socket, silver for runes, gold for rings and amulets
      17)bigger world with more to explore and add something to the water, it is pretty to look at and watch the fish and see the plants yet you never get to explore it (water level like in champions of norrath anyone?) perhaps introduce your version of atlantis as a city underwater
      18) ability to control boats
      19)add activities like fishing, hunting and harvest items for sale but make it fun to do (like one of the zelda games on n64, it had fishing and it was a neat diversion from the rest of the game) and hunting with a bow and arrow would be nice (wild animals, not just enemies)
      20)perhaps make some skills level by using them, like the weapon skills, in stead of choosing pole arms, swords, or ranged weapons as a skill, you level it up by using it instead of being tied down by advantages to one type based on the one you chose, so if you like swords alot but later found a great bow you can adapt your character to use it as well
      21) for once allow players to respec their characters, it sucks building a character to get to level 50 to find out it isnt that great or you wish you would have done this differently and being either stuck with it or have to start all over
      22) better online play with less lag/glitches and possibly allow more characters to join (hey mag has up to 256 people in a game at once, i think a game like sacred 3 could handle 6-8 co-op campaing play instead of just up to 4)
      anyhow i know this list is long and it is past the nov 2009 deadline but hopefully someone reads it and atleast considers some ideas. i love rpg games and sadly enough there are very few out there anymore. remember when every other game on nes or snes was an rpg game, i miss it and sacred is one of the few rather enjoyable long lasting rpg games on consoles. i hope that you are able to make sacred a name to be remembered like diablo 2 (everyone knows what diablo is but it is suprising people havent heard of sacred)

    • william

      oh one more thing to add…the ability to pause the game, online or offline. but the pause button would work like this…lets say, i need to pause the game when i am online play, i hit select or start, whatever button it would be, instead of pausing immediatly it starts a counter that will say “pausing in 30 seconds”, after the 30 seconds your character fades a little to show that you are away but noone elses game stops, other players can continue to play but while you are paused you cant be damaged or killed. when you go to unpause instead of it being immediatly it will have a 10 second countdown to unpause to keep people from cheating.
      also the pause should have a time limit, say 5 minutes. if you are not back it will either remove you from the game or start a countdown to unpause and leave your characters fate to the game. the reason their should be a time limit is to keep players from joining your game and then going grocery shopping while they just take up a slot in the game so someone else cant join.
      single player should just be regular pause with no countdowns or time limits becuase you are only wasting your own time.

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