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15 September 2009
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Resident Evil 5 Characters Wallpaper
Resident Evil 5 characters include Chris Redfield, Sheva, Albert Wesker, and both a classic cast of returning characters from the series past, as well as all-new ones.

The game was released on March 13th, 2009 for Xbox 360 and PS3 and just hit PC on September 15th.

When you click on each Resident Evil 5 character name’s below, where available, a window will pop up with their picture.

Here is the list of Resident Evil 5 characters that will appear in the game (SPOILER WARNING):

1. Albert Wesker
2. Allyson
3. Chris Redfield
4. Dan DeChant
5. Dave Johnson
6. Excella Gionne
7. Jill Valentine
8. Kirk Macison
9. Josh Stone
10. Mysterious Cloaked Humanoid
11. Ozwell E. Spencer
12. Reynard Fisher
13. Ricardo Irving
14. Sheva Alomar

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