Panic in Monopoly City Streets online game after 1.7 million visitors in 1 week!

15 September 2009
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Monopoly: City Streets mass-online game
Panic has set in Monopoly City Streets after the game launched last week and had an astounding 1.7 million visitors in that short portion of time!

The stress caused on the free Google Maps browser-based worldwide-supercharged version of Monopoly was so much that it lead to slower servers, which in turn resulted in compromised data. So the developers are now going to “restart” the game. This includes taking it down on September 17th (two days from now) so that they can fix some of the biggest bugs in the game and other issues, including a few improvements, before bringing it back online.

To quote the developers:

“But, we’re not just restarting the game. We’ve made some improvements to the gameplay that we think address many of the concerns that you have brought to our attention while you played the game. We will provide additional details about these changes soon.

This restart does mean that everyone will be starting over with $3 million to spend and will need to register again.

Thank you all for your awesome support in the last few days. We appreciate all of the input, suggestions and most of all your patience.”

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