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3 September 2009
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OnLive has entered closed beta.

If you haven’t tried to get in on the technological action, then you still have time! As OnLive closed beta signups are still available.

This is a major step for what could be the next revolution in home videogame console/computer gaming.

If you haven’t heard of it before, OnLive is a videogame platform announced at GDC 2009 that uses cloud computing (high end computers synchronized, rendered and stored on a remote server and delivered to you, the end user, online) to allow anyone on any computer or on a TV (using a small OnLive “MicroConsole” which simply plugs into your TV and an Ethernet Cable) to play games as if they were running a high-end computer! All you have to do is pay a subscription fee.

It will be compatible with Windows XP, Vista and any Intel-based Mac running OSX and you can even play these high-end games on a low-end machine! Thus this is a very interesting experiment and could pose a legitamate challenge to the other consoles on the market.

It’ll most likely launch next year and OnLive already has the support of Electronic Arts, Take-Two, Ubisoft, Epic Games, Atari, Codemasters, THQ, Warner Bros., 2D Boy and Eidos Interactive, who will be releasing all their biggest games for the platform.

If you are one of those lucky few who is chosen for the closed beta, be sure to post your thoughts and opinions on the service in the comment box below.


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