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18 August 2009
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Below you will find cheats, tricks, secrets and more for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on Wii and GameCube.

How to upgrade your Quiver
To upgrade your Quiver so that you can carry more Arrows, you must play the “STAR” game. It is located in the large tent in Southeast Hyrule Castle Town.

1. Big Quiver (60 Arrows) – Beat “STAR” game lvl. 1. (Clawshot Required)
2. Giant Quiver (100 Arrows) – Beat “STAR” game lvl. 2 .(Double Clawshot Required)

How to upgrade your Bomb Bag
There are 3 bomb bags to obtain and 1 capacity upgrade that affects all 3 bags.

1. Bomb Bag 1 – Purchase from Barnes Bomb Shop in Kakariko after 2nd temple.
2. Bomb Bag 2 – Free the goron from the giant lava rock located underwater in zoras domain.
3. Bomb Bag 3 – Destroy the rock barriers for the River Canoe mini-game owner.
4. Bomb Bag Capacity Upgrade (Double) – Score 25 points or more on the River Canoe Mini-Game.

How to upgrade your Wallet (carry more money)
In order to upgrade your wallet size and thus be able to carry more money, you must catch Golden bugs for Agatha in Hyrule Castle Town.

1. Big Wallet – Give Agatha 1 Golden Bug.
2. Giant Wallet – Give Agatha all 24 Golden Bugs.

Where to Find Fairy’s
You are able to unlock fairy’s by completing rooms in the Cave of Ordeals. You can find this cave after locating the Gerudo Mesa and Cave of Ordeals in Gerudo Desert. You can unlock fairies and later Great Fairies at each spring around Hyrule. Like in past games, you can bottle the fairies and use them to restore 8 hearts. Great Fairies will give you a bottle full of Great Fairy Tears, which heal you full and temporarily boost your attack, provided you have an empty bottle and no Tears in your inventory already. Both have an infinite supply once unlocked.

1. Fairies in the Eldin Spring – Complete 30 rooms in the Cave of Ordeals.
2. Fairies in the Faron Spring – Complete 20 rooms in the Cave of Ordeals.
3. Fairies in the Lanayru Spring – Complete 40 rooms in the Cave of Ordeals.
4. Fairies in the Ordon Spring – Complete 10 rooms in the Cave of Ordeals.
5. Great Fairies in all springs – Complete 50 rooms in the Cave of Ordeals.

How to get Poe Rewards
You can unlock certain rewards for returning Poes back to Jovani.

1. 200 Rupees (talk to him again for another 200) – Bring back 60 Poe Souls to Jovani.
2. Bottle W/ Fairy Tears – Bring back 20 Poe Souls to Jovani.

How to Upgrade the Malo Mart and Get Magic Armor
After donating 1000 rupees and completing the hot springwater sidequest, donate 2000 more rupees to Malo Mart. A new Malo Mart will open in Castle Town and magic armor will be available for purchase there. The amount owed can be reduced (see Secrets section below).

How to Control a Cucco
In the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Cuccos once again take a more important role, just like they did i Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Unlike other Zelda games (where you get attacked if you hit the Cuccos), in Twilight Princess if you hit a Cucco about 8 times, you’ll be able to control it for a short period of time.

How to Find the Sinking Lure
To obtain the Sinker Lure you must first catch a Hylain Pike, Hyrule Bass, and a Ordon Catfish in the fishing hole area with the lure rod. After you have caught one of each you go to the south east corner of the water closest to the house and take out your Fishing Rod(bobber) with the coral earring hook. After that you will catch the Sinker Lure. Make sure Hena doesn’t see you use it or she will take it away.

How to Find the Frog Fishing Lure
To unlock the Frog Fishing Lure for the Fishing Hole, you must beat all eight levels of Roal Goal, a game found in the owner’s establishment. To play it, simply look at it in first person using the C button (Up on the C-Stick for GameCube). The game requires 5 rupees a play and you win 10 rupees for each round, and the frog lure for the eighth. (If you run short before you manage to get the lure, mowing the tall grass just outside (still in the fishing hole area) offers around 60 rupees.) Lure description: The must-have lure for bass.

How to Unlock the Special-Edition Rollgoal Mini-Game
If you visit the Fishing Hole in Upper Zora’s River, there’s a mini game Hena will let you play for 5 Rupees called Rollgoal. If you make it past 1-8, you’ll be rewarded with the Frog Lure. However, if you keep going and beat the entire thing, up to and including 8-8, you’ll be able to play the special-edition version of Rollgoal. You can choose any level, the cost is free, the time limit is raised to 4:00:00, and you cannot win any Rupees. Also, as an added bonus, once you beat 8-8, Hena will fill your wallet completely!


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