Mafia Wars cheats

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Here is a list of Mafia Wars cheats, items, secrets and tips. These should work on all versions of the game. Mafia Wars is available on myspace, facebook, yahoo, iPhone and Tagged.

Here is a list of items and how to get them. Keep in mind that you may not get these items the first time. If you don’t, just keep trying until you get it by completing the corresponding job.

1. How to get the .22 Pistol (2A 0D) – Beat Up Rival Gangster (1e).

2. How to get the Butterfly Knife (2A 1D) – Collect Protection Money (2e).

3. How to get the Brass Knuckles (2A 2D) – Rough Up Dealers (2e).

4. How to get the .9mm Semi-Automatic (3A 2D) – Rob a Pimp (3e).

5. How to get the .45 Revolver (3A 2D) – Take Out a Rogue Cop (3e).

6. How to get the Tactical Shotgun (3A 2D) – Perform a Hit (3e).

7. How to get C-4 Explosives (5A 2D) – Destroy Enemy Mon Hideout (5e).

8. How to get the Stab-Proof Vest (2A 5D) – Kill a Protected Snitch (5e).

9. How to get the Automatic Rifle (4A 4D) – Bust a Made Man Out of Prison (5e).

10. How to get the Semi-Automatic Shotgun (5A 4D) – Fight a Haitian Gang (6e).

12. How to get the Armored Truck (4A 8D) – Smuggle Across The Border (7e).

13. How to get the Grenade Launcher (14A 10D) – Repel the Yakuza (13e).

14. How to get the .50 Caliber Rifle (16A 11D) – Disrupt rival smuggling ring (15e).

15. How to get the Armored Car (14A 15D) – Invade Tong-controlled Neighborhood (25e).

16. How to get the RPG Launcher (20A 12D) – Sell Guns To The Russian Mob (25e).

17. How to get Bodyguards (8A 25D) – Protect your City against a Rival Family (35e).

18. How to get Night Vision Goggles (5A 16D) – Assassinate a Political Figure (35e).

19. How to get the Napalm Attack (25A 9D) – Exterminate a Rival Family (40e).

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