The Conduit 2 is something High Voltage would like to make

6 August 2009
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The Conduit for WiiHigh Voltage’s producer Joshua Olsen was recently interviewed about their new Wii-exclusive first-person shooter. In the interview he discusses The Conduit 2!

He mentions a sequel to The Conduit (click link for trailer) isn’t in development right now, but High Voltage definitely wants to continue what The Conduit started.

To quote him: “…it all depends on the fans and sales but it’s a little early for now to assume anything. Anyway, we are very interested to make a sequel to The Conduit, it’s quite a robust world and there are more stories we want to tell. The Conduit is the first part for our hero and we want to make more parts to tell more things about him. We have not started to work on a sequel.” — From Radio-Blodec podcast, via NE.

Sega’s sales statistics show that The Conduit shipped 150,000 units during its launch week from June 23-30th, in America and Europe combined.

Let’s hope this hardcore Wii game sells enough in the long run to warrant an even prettier, bigger and better sequel.


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